Mixing Slump

I’m feeling very uninspired, discouraged, and pretty disappointed in some of my latest mixes. I got a bunch of flavors in and don’t even want to look at them, much less try to come up with some sort of recipe using them. I know, I know…first world problems. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So…What do you guys do when you’re in a slump or need fresh inspiration?


Been there a few times myself!
I know it’s gonna happen again, sooner or later, so I make sure my juice stock it up to snuff and just vape what I have on the shelf, totally ignoring the fact that I can even mix juice. Juice stock down? Go buy some. Vape that. Eventually, the feeling of wanting to experiment comes back to me. I start flavor testing individulal flavors and taking notes; enjoying the sensation I get from single flavor mixing. This action always pushes me to start flavor pairing. Then, I’m back in the swing of things.

Taking a break from mixing is a good thing. I know you’re looking at ALL those flavors you just got and saying “Crap! Now I’ve got to do something with all these flavors!”. Well, no you don’t. They’ll be waiting for you when you get back.


@Jimk is completely right.

Your flavours will still be there when your slump is over.

Sometimes it can really difficult to create a new recipe when you’re presented with a vast array of flavours.

Like @Jimk I found myself heading off to a B&M and buying a couple of juices, whittled down my liquids that were pre mixed.

Sometimes single flavours can really spark off a new adventure.

I recently rediscovered Plum TPA and have since made a recipe that’s quickly become my ADV.

Remember the flavour pairing you helped work on.

Rediscover what flavours pair well with others.

Work on a 2 flavour recipe, use the 2ml water and drops of flavour to build your recipe. Taste testing like you are wine tasting.

Keep your head up, don’t be afraid to buy some juice for inspiration, go back to simple 2 flavour recipes or singles.

You’ll get your groove back.



Yes! This is true. It also is a boost if you can do a custom mix for a fellow vaper. Really pumps up your confidence when you get kudos from someone else. I’m always asking my wife or my daughter, is there a different combination they would want to try. Just made a red hots mix (Hades’ Whip) for my wife that she absolutely loves; it’s a 2 flavor mix. Easy Peasy.


I was just thinking about that. My sister has a blueberry coffee that she got from her vendor that she loves. I’m pretty confident with the coffee…so far everything with the dark bean has turned out really good. :smile:


I go to food recipe sites and try to replicate desserts. The other thing i do is revisit old recipes and see if i can make them better and usually can. If that doesnt work i go to my favorite local B&M and see what the hell Chris (the owner and my teacher) is playing around with. He often has flavorings he hasnt been able to make anything decent with and passes them to me as i have more time than he does.

Getting high while hungry works too.


This is something I truly fear, a mixing slump. Unlike you guys and gals I must every week blend for my shop. If I am asked for something special, I must create it for the customer. I have been asked many times to create flavors for customers and so far have made them quite happy. Last thing I need is to get in a blending slump. I’m now shakin in my boots…


It isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world, I gotta say. I feel insanely guilty that I spent the money on the stuff and now its just sitting. And I’m worried I’m going to run out of juice if I don’t mix something soon. Sigh Maybe I’ll go sniff them all and get some inspiration that way. Or just do some juice that I know I like and forget I have all the new stuff for now. LoL. Oh well, this too shall pass. :wink:


Try organising some of your new flavours based on their pairing flavours.

Mix yourself some of your go to juice to keep you going, then sit down with the 2ml of water in some shot glasses and play around with flavour drops.

You’ll hit on something you never knew would work.

At least this way you’ll still be Vaping on your own juice while trying to come up with new flavour recipes.

You could always try the what can I make section if you’ve input all your flavours.

Then if it’s too many to work through try selecting certain flavours from your stash to search for recipes.

I’ve hit on new recipes by loosely using other recipes I found here.

Chin up @JoJo



Recipe sites has become my standard. Also food that ate recently. My latest venture was given to me by a fellow employee. Banana Pudding Cake… as I was eating it all I could think was this would make a good vape… so I broke down the flavors I tasted and rebuilt it in a new recipe. This was my inspiration.

This is what I’m creating.

0044 Banana Puddin Cake Gmix : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/170913/0044+Banana+Puddin+Cake+Gmix

1% Banana (FLV)
0.2% Banana (INAWERA)
3% Banana Cream (TPA)
3% Cake (Yellow) (FW)
2% Cookie (FA)
2% Cream Fresh (FA)
1% Custard (FA)
5% Ripe Banana (TPA)
4% Vanilla Custard v2 (CAP)
1% Vienna Cream (FA)

Flavor total: 22.2%
Remember to rate it at: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/r/1kkd



Been there plenty myself JoJo. I pretty much do what the rest of the guys do. Take a break vape my stash maybe go buy 1-2 bottles premade of my go to stuff. Then check out some food recipes. But ultimately not stressing is best. I just made 5-6 crappy 7ml each batches they all suck. I can do something with them but really I don’t have the time. It was my fault I rushed while mixing them and it must of been some bad energy! So push back do some research on your new flabors tool around and see what is commonly paired with them. Plug them all in one recipe and click on them it will lead you to the ratio page scroll down and there will be recipes for that particular flavor and see what people like using it with and % ratios.
Today I will remake my crappy batches I also remade 2 different bases and I myself will de stress and not worry ! Keep
Calm and mix on girl :blush:


I myself feel a bit slumpy can’t seem to get out of it… maybe the weather hasn’t really been the greatest or whatever… father’s day is my 1 year anniversary off the stinkys!!! I’ll use that for inspiration!!! hope I didn’t hit my plateua with temp control?


I’ll revisit those as well when I’m slumping. Just did that with a bunch of cigar based mixes; getting them tuned in much better now, after not dealing with them for so long.


yes if you can’t come up with a good idea recreate an old one ! I use that to my advantage all the time ! that’s how I get so many versions lol V1 V2 V3

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Ah shucks, I could have had a V8…lol


…don’t know if any of these young’uns know what that means!


Speaking of a slump, I’m so tired ALREADY from working on the house AC (was in the attic) that I can not get enough energy to bottle the 1200ml of juice I blended yesterday. Instead of finishing all I can do bitch about being tired and make silly jokes on ELR…lol


Are we that old? Certainly not…


Me Again :hatched_chick:
Here in the UK we have a growing number of vendors who sell concentrates of their premium juices
If I hit a slump (read string of failures) I will buy a few pre mixed concentrates and mix them for inspiration and something to vape!


Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I quit sulking and got my act together and managed to mix 50 mls up. Hopefully something will turn out. I did salted caramel cream, peanut butter banana cookies, bourbon peaches and cream, and revamped sunrise and cream with peach and blueberry. I think tomorrow I’m gonna mix up some coconut rum (my fav) in one of my pretty glass bottles. :wink: I think I managed to use a lot of the new stuff, too. So, I’m calling that a success and an end to my mixers block. Or at least a hiatus. Lol