When you make a new Recipe, here on this Recipe-Database, the standard for 1ml is on 35 drops!
I know is not the best to mix with drops, but if i do so in the past, i count 20-25drops/ml !
The most Aromabottles i use, are from CAP, FA, TPA and FW!
Do you think 35drops/ml is the better count for mixing than 25drops/ml?

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I’ve noticed that on average for me most drops are either 0.2 or 0.3 grams per drop. It does really depend on what type of tip is on the bottle that I am using. Most of my flavors are converted over to 30ml plastic bottles with tips. However, I do have a few that I still have to use plastic droppers to dip out the flavoring so that is different. I don’t really remember what the weight of those drops are because I don’t really use it very often. If you are worried about being consistent with your mixes you should consider buying a scale. You can get one for $20-$40 on amazon. It will save you a lot of time.

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@Zugmaschine the “drops” method fails because of different types/sizes of tips. It might work better if you used eye droppers from your 30 ml bottles (example) or just the plastic disposable pipettes …but you would still need to know how much those weighed and be very diligent in how you dripped drops (*slow!). One drop from a CAP 13 ml is easily 2-3 drops from a 10 ml FA/TFA. Since scales are easily purchased for under $30 most of us have happily moved on to mixing by weight. Even if you don’t have unlimited funds (to buy a scale), the justification comes from not pouring completed mixes down the drain and the massive amount of time saved. More importantly exact measurement is crucial for DIY Juice making …and sharing. Getting a scale is the most effective money saver (and time saver!) I ever did (no syringes/needles …minimal cleanup)

Once you are more familiar mixing by weight you also get a clearer sense of who-drips-what (brands/sizes) and can find your self making notes/adjustments to test batches with just drops …like “I added 10 drops of Marshmallow”, and you still read recipes that display as mg ending with “can add 1 drop Liquid Stevia per 10ml”


I agree with @juice_junkie_lover & @BoDarc Scales all the way, its the best and easiest way to mix, make sure you get some that are 0.01 of a gram


This is a good question though, and one we discuss regularly. You can learn more than you would ever want to know :wink: by searching “mixing by weight” in the Search tool in the upper right


Yup. A second vote for mixing by weight. Drops can sometimes not be very accurate when trying to have results that can be repeatable.


That scales for round 30USD, you talking from:
Are they exactly enough for sometimes so small amount of Flavour?

Small scales go up to 500 Grams which easily handles 250ml mixing (weight of container is additional) the scales need to measure down to 0.01 grams (milligrams) The specification should be clear on any item for sale (500G .01g) You can switch your juice calculator (eJuice Me Up sotfware or the ELR calculator on this site) to display weight instead of drops. 500 grams is the max for these small scales but you can also get (very!) accurate results on a 10ml test bottle or regular 30ml bottle. Actually this is the real secret of scaling up small test batches to accurate (consistent!) larger batches


i still mix by drops - it’s just that i don’t have the time to learn a different method and buy a scale.
the different tips caused issues for me for many early mixes, but now i learned couple of tricks to help come closer to accurate % mixes using drops

1 - i calibrate the droppers i will use for a mix - my pipette is 20 drops per ml (fill it with 2mls, then drop and count into a container, then take half of the count) - my glass droppers (that comes with HiLIQ flavors, or in empty juice bottles) are 30 drop/ml - if i use a new dropper i will re-calibrate

2 - i will use the same dropper for all flavors - wash thoroughly between flavors. so if there’s a measurement shift, it applies consistently across all of the flavors - then for the large components (PG/VG/base) i’ll use ml volume (also calibrated to be sure)

these 2 simple tricks added to my mixing protocol helped so much improve the resulting mixes. some of the initial mixes i made were so yucky due to wrong measures - no more of that…
hope this helps,

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Please note, some scale not detect small drop less than 0.3 although they are .01 measure.


After reading all of your Coomments, i will buy a scale!
Thanks for your answers.


I think that is a question of the price …?

Thats such a small amount that it wont make a difference…

I Like this Scale @Zugmaschine


Good video to watch … Calibration at 1:51


Yes some expensive lab scale is different

heres my question if the recipe calls for .15grms and your at .14 do you stop or add a drop , what is the + /.- when it begins to matter am i safe if im +.02gms or -.02gms

I stop, thats so close, that you wouldnt even notice that 0.01 in the final mix.

I have made 4 batches of Bombies nana cream and messed up 2 (too much VG (about 1 gram) in one and too much strawberry (about 0.5 grams in the other) and they all tasted exactly the same.

Unless your using Cinnamon (please dont its too poweful!) or some other extremely strong batch ruining concentrate your leniance can be quite high.


If you add several drops and your scale does not move …blow on it. when it recovers the proper weight will display.


:stuck_out_tongue: I did that a few days ago. read it as .1% when it was .01% in a 10ml (no I wasn’t thinking at the time)

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