Molinberry interview

Hi all just thought i would post this for any one interested in getting to know the flavour company molinberry a little more. @Pippa did a short interview with marcelina who started molinberry with her husband after working with INW. Molinberry have some great flavours and definitely worth picking up. It seems molinberry is really starting to target the diy community more and its great to see.


Nostalgia, they were the first flavours I got when I got into DIY in 2015. I bought one of those starter kits like a lot of people do when they just start out.
I was lucky with the Molinberry flavours, I’ve heard about some really bad shit in those starter kits.
I still remember how surprised I was when I tasted the American Bubblegum, it really did taste like bubblegum.
I found out pretty quickly that all these non tobacco flavours are not really my thing and Molinberry hasn’t got a very wide range of tobacco’s so I moved on to Flavorah and NET’s but they are definitely worth mentioning and trying.
It has always surprised me they didn’t get more attention in the community.
Thanks for posting :+1:


Yer the bubble gum is good @Pippa mixed the American bubble gum , tpa grape juice and some sweetener my god it was exactly like hubba bubba


Glamour Chocolate is the hands down best chocolate. Just wish Bull City carried Molinberry.