Sweetener Blend SB-800

I apologize @BigDisplay (and everyone else) for putting out wrong information.

Just so I’m clear in my understanding…
Does Chemnovatic sell Molinberry direct to the public?

I remembered the lady* talking about working with them, but had the distinct impression that it was a wholly separate company.

(still catching up on the thread, but I’m still under the impression that it’s like Nicotine_River was with their flavor house (that they work with). Two separate companies, just a joint agreement. Again though, please correct me if I’m wrong.)

*Edited to add:
“the lady” refers to Marcelina Gęca, the interviewee.


What I found when I went to Chemnovatic website, they do not sell direct 2 public only B2B, they redirect you to the retail site which is Molinberry. To find MSDS sheets on Molinberry Flavors you have to go back to Chemnovatic, which is listed as the supplier;

As far as the Sweetener Blend SB-800,
Looks like it’s not available (yet?) to public, and there is no MSDS listed Yet. Looks like it’s PG, EM, flavorings
(they do also have a Sweetener SB-65 which is EM on data sheet)




Good find @fidalgo_vapes :ok_hand:

What we own & distribute?

Sobucky is co-owner of Molinberry multipurpose concentrate flavors

Visit the website: www.molinberry.com

Sobucky is official business partner with Chemnovatic Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. - chemical company based in Poland, specializes in nicotine processing for all kind of industries, manufacturer of Molinberry.


You guys didn’t see this I posted 16 days ago on my Virgin Vanilla topic, when we was talking about Vanillin :v:t2:


This still does not mean that Chemnovatic is the other “silent owner” to me (although they could be)… In reality, the cards seem to be being held intentionally “close to the vest”. :wink:

Regardless, I get why folks think I could be wrong (and again, I very well could be). I’m only one of about 300 people curious enough about such things so far. :laughing:
What can I say? When I saw that the owners had a(n) [implied] relationship with Inawera previously, I was interested enough to "plug in the little ‘nugget of information’ (about company history). Not that I have perfect recall or anything… I wish! lol

Anyways, Pippa’s interview was shared here by @Benoz last March…

And while it’s a long watch, that’s one of two that I’ve watched that included/discussed MB company history.

The other interview with Marcelina Gęca was in April 2017 (two years before Pippa’s interview) and the company history is much more concise, and at the beginning of the video.

I may be alone in my impression of the situation, but the above videos are why I hold the position I currently have.


Nope, I started wondering about this 16 days ago :rofl:
I took some more pics right now, just to show what they got


@BigDisplay I’m curious to read up on your experiences with this sweetener.
I’m having a hard time combining the claims with the evidence however. Sucralose gives me that sugar lips sensation but EM doesn’t really add much sweetness in my experience. It plays with and alters flavors and has a bad muting effect.
Chemnovatic’s marketing sounds like they’ve invented a totally new sweetener that has all the advantages from sucralose and none of the disadvantages… it would be a game changer IF you can believe them.


But now, right now I will write a mail for my personal salesman, then i will come back here with his answer :thinking:

Now we must have the truth out, crazy DIY ecig folks here :rofl::rofl: and easy, easy, I’m one of the crazy curious folks to :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t know if Chemnovatic is the “owner” of Molinberry, (and never really stated that, although seems now they are “partners”? In some way)

I have found that Chemnovatic flavors are sold retail through Molinberry with Molinberry labels, probably may see more of these “partnerships” in the future with other brands,


Ethyl Maltol, EM

Mutagen, masks bitter / off notes. Adds some sweetness, use maybe at 1% or lower in combination with sweetener.
Higher percentages will get cotton candy flavor

“Maltol, ethyl maltol, and diacetyl are representatives of the 1,2-dicarbonyl class of chemicals. The total daily human doses of mutagenic 1,2-dicarbonyl compounds are likely to be much greater than estimates based on known levels of maltol, ethyl maltol, and diacetyl. Other 1,2-dicarbonyl compounds such as intermediates in enzymatic and nonenzymatic browning reactions in foods are weakly mutagenic in the Ames test. No conclusive evidence showing the carcinogenic activities of these substances has been presented.”

“Maltol, ethyl maltol (Figure 5.12), and diacetyl are weak mutagens. However, relatively large amounts of the substances are present in the diet. The usual levels of maltol added to baked goods, ice creams, and candy are approximately 110 ppm. Levels on the order of 80 ppm are added to certain beverages. Ethyl maltol, a more potent flavor enhancer than maltol, is generally used in concentrations of about 20 ppm in these foods.”

“Masking is the addition of flavors to minimize the detectability of off-flavors. The methods include: taste modifying by providing other sensations, taste suppression by competing with bitter receptors (blocking), or accentuating other flavors (taste enhancing) (Gascon, 2011).

Sweetness often is enough to mask bitter flavors, since bitter and sweet receptors are similar in structure. However, just adding more sucrose may not be the answer, Maltol, vanillin, and MCP all smell “sweet,” that is, they possess aromas that are associated with sweet foods (think ice cream, sweet bakery items, and maple syrup). Added to a food with a bitter component, the sweet aroma will trick the mind into ignoring the bitter component as it is not congruent with the sweet taste and aroma.”<<<

“Maltol is often added as a sweetness enhancer, but it also enhances and modifies savory flavors, adds mouthfeel, increases creaminess and dairy notes and decreases bitterness.”


I will for sure telling about it, when I had test it.

I just send a mail where I tell about a bunch of curious diy freaks in here and I’m sure we soon will die if they don’t clarify who owns who and why :joy::joy:

So we will soon get an answer, hopefully something useful for us :sunglasses:


And it’s for sure a gamechanger if their text is true, I’m sure it is.
I was really surprised when I see it 2 days ago, took me 2 seconds, then it was in the basket.

I have bought nicotine in some years now (99+%) in this store, I really like their Nico a lot.


How ‘bout asking for the MSDS or data sheet on the product, they don’t seem to have that one listed yet🧐


I do this right away now :v:t2:


Marketing: 1
BigDisplay willpower: 0


Done… :shushing_face:


They got this to, I don’t know about this to.
But SB-800 sounds much more interesting.


Look the price for 1 liter :scream:


Their Vanillin 100 have a good price to.
I really love this one, I could nearly drink it.