Monkfruit / Stevia mix

Hi guys!
Just found this on amazon. What do You think? Anyone tried?


@ozo what do you think of this

hmmmmm, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Bensoate and Succinic Acid may be questionable

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I wouldn’t use it for vaping.
Succinic acid is dicarboxylic, water soluble, melts about 360F , and boils about 450F
It’s used in medical, foods, perfumes, and to make lacquers.
It occurs naturally in animal and plant tissues, and in baltic amber.
It’s also used in treatment for menopause.

Sodium benzoate is a toxic chemical…'nuff said.

Potassium sorbate is a potassium salt, used as a preservative.


P.S. Yes, they mis-spelled benSoate on purpose.


1stly … why ? so that you may be tricked into thinking it may be different ?
So It may show up on less automated “word searches” ?
and 2ndly

£27.33 !!!

Phucque THAT

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is that a good thing? a not so good thing? or just a not necessarily good nor bad, but you told us just as information thing?

Honestly I just a see a list of chemicals, and have no idea what I am looking at, so I am glad we have you to translate for us


Yes, all of the above.

dicarboxylic versus monocarboxylic

dicarboxylic acid [ HO2C−R−CO2H ] where R can be aromatic or aliphatic


Organic compounds in which carbon atoms form open chains (alkynes) , as opposed to a benzene ring.

I was eyes wide open until I strolled further down. Thanks for keeping us safe @ozo.

Pyure is such a perfect sweetener I wonder why I’d be lured by other sweeteners. I need to learn to keep with what’s working.


The best bet is to just buy quality organic stevia leaf powder…plain, no additives…
then mix it yourself.

Mix it with either PG or VG or both [approximately 1 teaspoon per 30ml…
then, depending on your use, make a batch with organic apple cider [10 drops/30ml] …
and organic lime or lemon juice [10 drops/30ml] for use with fruits…
keep it plain for use with all other mixes.
If you want Monk Fruit in it, add some, who’s gonna stop you? [5 drops/30ml to start] I never have, but…

The shelf life is long, no refrigeration needed, just keep it with your concentrates…cool dark area. Most of the time, mine lives on my desk [no direct sunlight]…in blue cobalt glass.


Not everything can be vaped!!
Educate yourselves please people…


ty for the response

ive tried pyure and it is a good sweetener but i get an after taste that reminds me of sweet and low in the pink packs ive used it max 1 pct , i love using meringue and or marshmallow but sometimes a vape needs that extra sweet vape im thinking of going down to .25 pct with the pyure mixed with mm and or meringue , or would thatblow of pct be pointless???

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Over on that side of the pond…shit be hard to get…sometimes.

This is the closest I can find, to what I use. I only see organic stevia powder listed for ingredients…please check further.

An alternative is always something like 5-10 of you get together and order from the states…or I will even help by putting a box together and sending it.

Any problems with customs and stevia powder?

I can always ask the guy I buy mine from if he ships to the UK.

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Which Pyure…Pyure is only a product name, and they have many configurations.
You mean Pyure LS ?

I can’t imagine using Pyure Liquid Stevia at 1%

I use my stevia stone at 0.25% or less.

I use the stevia stone along with Marshmallow and or Meringue.


Here we go again…lol. We keep trying to start with the initials and still end up breaking it down. One day with constant repetition we will get used to things :wink:

Maybe we should start dropping the Pyure and start using just the Stevia LS or P?


I am so tipping point of dropping any/all replies…period.
Just be like the rest of the 85,000 members here…
and just read…not participate.
Burnt the fuk out.

Just an FYI , while I have your attention MR…
if you sent a package, I never received one.

Right now, I am thinking total incognito.

this isnt the original bottle just label , i rarely use it at that percent usually .5 with fa mm.5

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justbto be clear what is LS and P i am assuming liquid stevia and powder , i use the name PYURE because its the big print across label but LS or P would be just as simple