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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend? (2019)


My lady friend has told me a million times to watch it (along with 90% of anyone I know), but I can’t seem to pull the trigger on it.


What did you think? :sunglasses:


@ecigexpress I’m pretty hard to impress, but I liked it. Some of the dialogue was ???, and I think since they were supposedly somewhat elite, their tactical presentation seemed less than what you would expect, but a great story and good watch.


They did a great job illustrating the greed!


There is some super dark TV entertainment online, but I just finished watching Season 3 of Van Helsing and they WIN …just wrong …just wrong. I liked it :smirk: but definitely not for the GentleFolk or kids



ya…its a very dark sided show…but its good


Thank you!!! I went looking for C.J. Cherryh when she was mentioned earlier in this thread, but she’s got SO many books/series, and i had no idea where to start. I’ll check out the Ealdwood stories, first. Big fan of mythology and fae, here. Then I’ll check out the Alliance/Union stuff @adary mentioned because that looks like a big ole’ series.


" A Serbian film " and " blood sucking freaks " if ya want to watch something dark n nasty. :flushed::smiling_imp:


Van helsing is SOOOO much better when Van Helsing isn’t in it! :rofl:


Love, Death & Robots


Started watching The Widow on Prime. Very well made although similar to the series Lost, they spend a lot of time doing flashbacks and take a long time with character development. I’m on episode 5 and ready for the next one so yeah, I’d recommend this one.


@SthrnMixer ^^^^ That’s all you had to say …


If only she would wear that vampire costume in every show she does…


@SessionDrummer if you like Sci Fi and animation, David Fincher (Fight Club, Girl with Dragon Tattoo Re-make) put together an amazing animated anthology series called Love, Death, + Robots.
Definitely not for kids and pretty NSFW , but amazing storytelling.


Without a doubt!

OMG - she makes me feel all funny inside in Underworld.


I like to umbrella academy. Also I watch the show called pen15. The Orville season 2 is pretty good.