Musicians of ELR: Share Your Sounds and Stories

Hi, everyone! I know we have a bunch of musicians in here, and we have a whole lot of music lovers (who isn’t one?), so I thought it would be interesting to have a place where we could post and listen to recordings past and present from and for our own community. Stories from the van, bus or studio are always fun, too. Let’s hear It!

I’ve been playing drums for 32 years and have some good and not so good recordings from a variety of styles and types of bands. This is one I did with an acoustic trio a couple of friends and I had going quite a few years ago, I got to have a lot of fun at the end of the tune. Such a show-off! But it’s fun :wink:


I’ve got nothing to share. But my daughter plays guitar and she’s pretty darn good if you ask me! But still just 16 so she’s got a ways to go. Just wanted to brag on my lil girlie.


That’s great, man! Glad to know you’re a supportive papa! So many musicians get their dreams squished by parents who just don’t understand. Queue - Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m all for it. Got her a strat (just a MIM though, not a big buck one) and it’s her prized possession.


Think I can call myself an ‘occasional’ drummer , played on and off for around 8 years, wouldn’t say I was that good but one of the best feelings in the world is jamming with your mates …never gets old :ok_hand:


100% agreed! You look like you know what you’re doing there! Got any old recordings?


I follow this guy on YouTube, a lot of fun to watch. Been wondering if he is @SessionDrummer


Noo…I haven’t jammed for about 3 years and anything that was recorded is prob long gone by now…and prob wasn’t that good lmao


No that doesn’t look like him, he’s got dark hair.


@TW12 That guy is a riot, and no, it is not me. I find his roto tom kit to be very, interesting …


Are you a session drummer hired gun, or do you have original music, too? Got any fun recordings to share?


No hired gun, but have done that before. I never really got into dumping all over YouTube, and have been doing more track work over the Presonus, will have to see what’s around.


Alright @Plunderdrum here’s some oldies I found, LOL. Something happened to the old drummer, OD’d, blew up ?? Had to stand in with these guys. Not really radio friendly, and singer was a stand in for the scratch tracks.
Lead guitar player had a MBA from I think Berkeley, and he had a very sick sense of time, and didn’t mind syncopation. Scratch tracks, but you’ll get the idea…


Beater Exports, with good heads and tuning LOL.

Everything sounds good on a big Mackie analog !!


I’m not a musician but I live and breath music every day. For the last 25 years I have built and tuned concert quality sound sytems in vehicles. And believe me when I tell you that a vehicle is just about the worst place possible to get great sound. The accoustics are very unforgiving. That said I love the challenge and hope that my hearing holds out for another couple decades.


Great idea for a thread, @Plunderdrum. Though it has been a while since I gigged, or even jammed with a full band for that matter, it is definitely one of the best feelings in the world…big AMEN @Steampugs. Here is my contribution, it is a cheesy promo video for a song that actually got a little regional radio play back in the early 90s. Good memories. This is Post Metal Syndrome-Seattle (On the Strength) from 1994. It showed up on youtube a few years ago. I had almost forgotten about this.


Yep, great thread! and the music came as a pleasant surprise after the modest intros! Which one of that band are you, @WitchWolf ? Don’t say the drummer.

Is there some kind of weird correllation betwen mixing and drumming? :rofl:

Sorry, I’m not musical. Wish i was. My nephew is a briliant guitarist, sings too, and is actually managing to make a living for himself , ATM, playing the club circuits here in Britain :slight_smile: .So maybe i got some musical genes, but you can’t tell!


Here’s one of my favorites. Recorded live with some video added for trade shows. Left all the bloopers and everything in so folks could hear exactly what they would get. All just too much fun. Oh and I am giving away a little too much but it’s for the music.


And this is the rest of the story…


Last one, I promise. Gotta show off our keyboard player Doc Fusician. What a nuclear physicist does in his spare time, lol.