Mutation X MT RTA: How do I explain just how incredible this tank is?

I received the mutation x mt-rta in the mail today, it cost me under $30 for the tank and I paid a few dollars extra for faster delivery…
My biggest concern when I built on it, was I hoped I put/stuffed enough cotton in the giant 4.5mm by 3mm wicking ports/juice channels!
I put 22g Ti in this thing, 6 spaced wraps on a 3mm ID…wow! Super huge slabs of cotton! And I was worried it wouldn’t be enough! After juicing it up and hitting it a few times, I immediately went to the website I purchased it from to buy 2 more of these fine pieces of work, but they are sold out…I WILL be buying more of these!! At only $30!!
I cant express enough how awesome this tank is!! The flavor is so very intense!!
Run, don’t walk, and get one!!

This thing has absolutely no problem juicing up 80/20 juice quickly!! Look at the size of those bubbles!!
Yes, I am super super impressed with this tank!!


Promising :smile: I think I’ll get this, if/when it comes to Europe!


well…crap! I gotta take money out of the xmas present fund now. Oh well…


Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely order one of these. After my disappointing buying escapades lately I need a winner. It all sounds great… Thanks again.

I found some In Stock… Mutation X MT RTA - by Indulgence $29.99 free shipping

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Thanks for the heads up. It’s all you said and more. This tank has great flavor and vapor. Those huge juice ports make for some easy wicking. I have my ipv3 li on max settings and this tank is keeping up like a champ. This tank does drink some juice though. Thank god I make my own juice. Airflow is great with a single coil option. The tip does get hot, I had switched it out.


I been looking at it real hard any problems with spit back I just got a Goliath v2 no problem with spit back rifling in the chime takes care of that but miss 4 screw build deck and if I stop using titanium I will need larger deck
And I like the way they did the huge juice well on Mutation

I’ve got to say that I am really digging this tank. I am 9 wraps of 4x30ga twisted and spaced on 2.5mm ID, but now that I read 3mm will fit, that is next. My biggest problem is that hemp makes clogging these huge juice channels difficult. I finally got it to work well, but it is not optimal, no giant bubbles like @Whiterose0818 I think I may actually try some new Japanese cotton that i got to see how it works and if I can stand the taste. I must say, this is the first atty with this post layout that I really enjoyed building. It was a breeze.

I built this tank and the Advken Ohmega both for the first time today and I think the Mutation is a better tank. I dont like how high you have to build your coils off the Ohmega deck and how close those coils are then to your lips. The mutation gets hot and the drip tip is small, but the Ohmega will damned near burn you. I’ll play with the latter some more, but for now the Mutation is getting my love and I know I dont even have it running at full potential.


If you build his build and vape identical to @Whiterose0818… you’ll get the giant bubbles too. Sounds like you’re sipping juice instead of gulping. I’ve seen the giant bubbles because this thing wicks like no other tank on the market.
I left one tank out that wicks as good if not better… The Billow v2 without the coil barrel.

I use a plastic drip tip for it.

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This is funny here I was just yesterday thinking about pm pro vape about his thoughts on the x Mt got a order going in tonight to MFS for some nic before it is too late and just about the time I talked my self in to holding offor then bang this thread lights up again THANKS and they are on sale but if I don’t get the washing machine fixed me and my juice will be living on my boat hopefully this winter will not be to bad in FL


Well off to a bad start all ready going to put titanium build in it 3 coils never got one to not snap off at screw .OK coil Goddess not here tonight try 26 GA kanthal shit still can not get coil tight enough to snap off extra wire and coil not move tighten and snap goes the coil not at all like my mutation RDA absolutely the worst Deck to build I have ever run across after all I have read wondering if I got a clone I named it JAWS

I guess I got lucky as well as mine doesn’t snap wires.The wire cutting is usually an easy fix though .Remove the screws and file the bottom of the screws flat .I have a small set of diamond files that work great for this but any file will work , even sandpaper in a pinch.
I love the flavor from this tank and it is an easy deck to build on but I still prefer the Aromamizer and the TFV4 by a small degree.Plus the air adjust ring fits perfectly in the deck on the Wismec allowing it to drop below the bottom of the tank.


Well late last night got a kanthal 24 GA build on it came out .28 so used it for awhile . got up early this morning cleaned up some 26 titanium and twisted got it in there no problem but I messed up one of the coils going to try again .I use the blue screw driver that came with it for center titanium it came out sloppy so huge coil .I believe I over cotton it also the joys of getting use too something new

hopefully I can get a lot better build this time

Uh…um…uh, do you have a coil jig?

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No I use home made pin jig the coil goddess returned tonight got a pair of nice twisted titanium 26 GA .12 coils I was in to big of a hurry. and after the second coil snapped off I snapped at that point coils start looking like above mess. They looked pretty good before installing .so I looked at a build pro vape did noticed ground coming off the bottom that made a big difference I normally come off the top on RDA ground side to many good reviews on these tanks .I was enjoying the flavor but just not what I expected so out to get some more Japanese organic cotton could not find any at target stopped at local B&M got some cotton bacon v2 US cotton it will not be my last . well now it is got flavor real good .plus as mentioned above dull up the shape screws helped big time thanks to everyone


What builds do you like in your x Mt RTA I am getting frustrated so far with what I come up with and how the hell dose one fill this thing and not dump juice all over I close the air flow I fill the tank and flip over as I screw the top cap on to let air out next Niagara Falls 75 vg un tell i vape it one time then sucking up juice now good to go need help

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I have been using a six wrap Ti 22 ga. on a 3.0 inside diameter, I use the cotton bacon v2 for wicking and roll the wick tight and I leave it long enough to hit the bottom of the juice channel.
I also fill and start to turn the tank upside down while screwing in the top and as soon as the top goes on ,I immediately vape it or else I have the juice leaking as well.I learned this trick from a review and I will see if I can find it.That issue is what keeps it from becoming my number one tank.

Mike did that video I believe you are talking about I was just hoping there might have been another trick I do not lose very much but hate the mess at this point not something I will take out of the house much .

just put a kanthal build in it 2.75 center .48 ohms 26 GA enjoy it 3.9 volts or 31 watts hit it at 40 watts 4.2 volts as much as I do not want to stepping away from titanium on my dual coil RTA for now at least till I get some 22 GA I cleaned the 26 up real good before starting to build but poor flavor still all my build were twisted might have something to do with it thanks for the info

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I just remembered that I am now using 24 ga Ti on a 3.0 inside.I tried using the standard .22 ga but I could not get it to fit with a 3.0.I then went with a 22 ga. Ti on a 2.5 inside diameter, the flavor was awesome but it leaked every time I filled it.That is when I found the Mike vapes video.I think you need a 3.0 in order to get enough wick in the juice channels.
I am getting a .10 ohms and have the Vapershark Dna set for Ti @450 degrees and 51.0 watts.I also have it set for a 90 watt 1 second burst.
I so far have been very happy with this build and have not experienced any leaks when topping off the tank.
Thanks for the heads up on the 24 I believe I got the leaking under control still getting the hang of it. it is quickly becoming my favorite tank been playing with the air control made a big difference on flavor now .when you add juice your tank stays dry ? I understand how the vacuum works some what on stopping the juice from just running out But pull the top cap off to fill loses vacuum is my take on it any how did a video of what I found so far thanks for the help Brian

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Nice video.
I have the same experience with my 26g ti so I switched to 24G Ss316l. Much better flavor imho. Now I am going to get 24 and 22g to and see how that goes.

About the airflow I have a bellus tank that behaves the same way… I reduce it to 1/4 and the flavor is much better.