Muted By the Surgeon General on Twitter

I’m not sure why I consider this a badge of honor but this happened today. I sent this tweet

muted%20tweet%20after%20this and he replied with



I’m in the car, Michelle… but that… is worthy of framing. I’d share it everywhere too. :crazy_face:


LOL to think he took time out of his day to Mute me was AWESOME


And told you lmao!! Classic :tada:


Lmao that is gold - I wish there was an ELR badge for “Banned by the Surgeon General” I would give it to you in a heartbeat.

Hopeful that he will be reverted in rank and one day become the Surgeon Private


That’s awesome :fire::fire:


Can you create that category?


No unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it) only admins can create a badge.


@daath! Pretty please! :smiling_imp:


Why are people happy or get excited with these things? I find it sad… piece of shit politicians and gov officials.
They just shut down everybody with a different opinion, view or someone showing the facts in their face and then they start thinking everybody they hear agrees with them.


I agree what else could it be other than profiting from deadly cigarette sales. I mean come on… they are suppose to serve us in the office given to them.

Good for you @authormichellehughes

All they say is they have issue’s with stating that vaping is safer than smoking. Well…

What about the countless lives saved from home fires due to falling asleep with lit cigarettes?

What about the countless lives saved from dropping a lit cigarette in your lap while driving and swerving into oncoming traffic or butting a car along-side-you off the road, because the amber of the cigarette is burning your thigh or crotch.

It’s time the authorities face the truth that there’s always been an epidemic of teen smokers. Just turns out in modern times they choose to vape and not smoke.

It’s always been the same story with prohibition. Look at alcohol prohibition, there were many cases where because it was illegal some unscrupulous moonshiners mixed in isopropyl alcohol with the ethanol alcohol and countless people went BLIND from drinking Rubbing/Isopropyl alcohol

I fear that their education (doctors included) is on par with the mindless masses. An education format (if you dare call it education) where they sit in front of a teacher (authority figure) remember what the teacher tells you and barf-up the same answers they gave you and get a passing grade with no critical thinking skills learned.

And that exactly how the masses are reacting to vaping. They just barf-up what the politician or authority figure says and believe that they are correct.

The current world education spectrum is a joke. It basically amounts to trained monkeys remembering, repeating and responding-as-told, with NO critical thinking skills involved. Gosh forbid they hurt their mind thinking for themselves.


The thing is, being “muted” only prevents him from seeing what she says. He can mute all of us and keep the illusion that we aren’t there but everyone else who sees the tweet we’re commenting on will still see everything we say.

Correct me if I’m wrong @authormichellehughes, I still see your tweet but I’m relatively new to the Twitterdom.


Well put…


Some (doctors) give me a glimmer of hope though. Of course this first “vape death” in Belgium made national news and even though the reporting was typical click-bait journalism, there was one doctor who stressed that people should avoid mixing cannabis products with their e-liquids.
Of course the mindless reporters only heard what they wanted to hear “avoid vaping” and unscrupulously repeated it over and over again. Still, it kinda made me feel good that there are a few people that do know what they’re talking about and are not afraid to do so.


So he muted you but is your original tweet calling him out for owning tobacco stock still visible? I’m not a tweetster.

:+1: :+1: for calling him out. Nothing any of us say individually is going to open their minds or change their position. Only $$ or who they sleep with politically matter to them. The threat of losing a political alley or an office position is the only thing that can get their attention once they have an agenda. They are in the belief that there are more non-vaping “concerned parents” then vapers to cast a ballot. They are probably right about that so they will follow their agenda. It felt good to see you got his goat. :goat:


My tweet is still available. I agree though, Jim. I guess the reason it tickled me is that he cared enough about what I said to mute me. I’ve been pretty active on twitter since 2009 and have a decent following of 13,000 people.


Oooorah @authormichellehughes. Badge of Honor !!!


Oh yes, put it in a NICE frame !!!


Hits me like the little prick is going “na ne nan ne nah nah, I can’t hear you”. Typical politician. Shove his head just a little further up his ass. You get the win @authormichellehughes in my books.


Michelle, I don’t tweet, but did find your account, and scrolled until I got dizzy, wanted a screenshot but couldn’t find it. Did stumble onto this>