Muted ejuice and please dont tell me its "vaper's tongue" - i vow to make updates till the problem resolved

I am a typical DIY vapers. Nothing special about me nor I made any special recipes. Now, I am facing some kind of problem with my juice. This is the recipe :

Sweet Strawberry CAP - 7.5%
Peanut Butter CAP - 2.5%
NY Cheesecake CAP - 2.0%
Vanilla Custard CAP - 3.0%
Sweet Cream CAP - 2.0%
Butter Cream CAP 1.0% (18% flavoring)
Sucralose - 2.5%
PG - 30%
VG - 70%
Nic - 9mg

I am in the middle of an attempt to quit both smoking and vaping. but the problem i am facing right now is its good, shake and vape. and maybe last for around 3-4 days. then on the fifth day onwards, its shitty. as in vaping a full smoke, without any throat hits nor tastes. I dont understand why. and as per topic, please dont tell me its vaper tongue. I already give a bunch of other people tasted it as safety measure before I open this thread, and they said it sucks too.

I know, i should just make small batch for myself everytime i want to vape it since its good as a fresh product. But i want to make larger batch so I dont have to make a new one everytime. but just to reward my curiosity, why. Why. and why.

I am a lil bit frustrated now. I read it somewhere in this forum about similar issue, but considering the rule of thumb is if its good at shake and vape, steeping will only do it better. even if steeping do destroy the flavors, i dont think it should be this fast right?

Another thing is, which keep me up all night, the golden question ;

Some pro diyers here make a statement about how over flavoring will do the opposite. Is this what happening right now? Is 18% too much? or is he talking about the numbers of flavors? Say you can make a mix with only 3 flavors max. or you can only mix flavors up to 15% max. which one?

is 7% strawberry killed itself over time? or maybe after a good time of steeping, the creamy mix started to blend together and kills the strawberry?

I am sorry for my stupid questions. I am a newbie, a frustrated angry newbie. please bare with me. =’(’’’’’


I don’t know about over flavouring since that differs from person to person, I do know that a lot of people use two different kinds of strawberry to get a better effect. Usually they will use strawberry ripe with the sweet strawberry, but I’m not much of a strawberry person myself. As for steeping, 5 days of steeping is way to short for the custards and creams, they really need two to four weeks at least to come into their own. I hope someone else chimes in to help you with your strawberry problem.

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Hi @iamherebecauseofum , If I was to use that recipe the steep time would be 3 weeks, does it taste sweet or just unpleasant? I have tried a few shake & vape recipes but don’t like the taste until at least 1 week, I just prefer to wait.

So sorry you are having trouble!! Keep at it. The flavors you’re using are pretty good, and I don’t think you’re over flavoring. As Josephine said, I would consider using a mixture of strawberries, especially TPA’s Strawberry Ripe, as that seems to be the best way to go for that flavor. It could be totally psychological, but I swear there are some juices that are good shake and vape, total junk for a week or two, and then get better again after that. Give it some time and see if that helps. If not, try upping the flavor that feels like it’s getting muted by 1% or so. Also, I haven’t tried Cap’s PB, but TPA and Flavorah go toe-to-toe for me for best peanut butter flavor, and the mix of the two seems to give me the best results.

Hope that helps a little. Let us know if you try anything that helps or doesn’t.


yeap. so thats what I am trying to say, is it, after a few weeks the custard and creams actually kills the strawberry taste? anyone have any experience with this?

hey @John_Lewis as per now, it taste seriously just unpleasant. its not a bit peanut butter but no strawberry or some sort. but just tasted rubbish. i am practically vaping water for god sake. and yes I am still waiting for the strawberry to make the greatest comeback hahaha

@JoJo I seriously smiled when I read this :slightly_smiling:

> It could be totally psychological, but I swear there are some juices that are good shake and vape, total junk for a week or two, and then get better again after that.

no sarcasm. because I am really happy if its true. I really really really hope the taste will make a comeback after a few weeks. but then, how bout the nicotine? I cant feel any throat hit too now.

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for everyone who keep reading this thread, i vow to make updates for this particular juice. Since i know how much the forums helped me in the past, but some of them ends with no solution even when they are facing similar problems with mine. I hope this thread will make everything clear.

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They shouldn’t, they’re supposed to blend and complement each other. I’ve read a lot of complaints about strawberry lacking taste and the same advice is always given; use more than one strawberry flavour. I hope it works out for you. Maybe you could look up some strawberry custard recipes on the site to get an idea what other people use so you have some pointers.


If you’re after more throat hit, there’s this stuff called Flash from Flavour Art that can help. As far as the strawberry goes, I really, really suggest getting another strawberry. Sweet Strawberry is good as a mixer, but I really don’t think it works well by itself. But, like you said, sometimes there’s not an answer. It may just be a recipe that you have to vape fast or decide to find a new one.


okay noted. For my next batch, I’ll mix some with strawberry ripe TPA or actually use only strawberry ripe. anyway, is there by any chance the missing strawberry will make a comeback? or since its gone now, its gone forever? based on your experience, what will happen?

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erm. I might not look for solutions for the problem, but I am just wondering what happen to the nicotine in my current ejuice. I know for the fact its 70% vg might smoother the throat hit, yet, from a good tight throat hit to zero. thats the question. what actually happen there. by the way, I will state this much earlier. I keep them all in cool dark places. shaked daily.

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Everybody hit up the using of two different strawberrys. No one mentioned strawberry FA (good base strawberry to add that 2nd SB to).

The other part. How much do you vape/smoke in a day? Are you vaping only this mix?

If you are vaping like me (every hour just like I did smoking a pack a cig everday) and only vaping one flavor/recipie the flavor may go away because your tastebuds/flavor palate/whatever can just plain get tired. If this is the case try switching flavors.

For me lemon flavoring for me gets tired after a tank of 3-4 mls. So I vape 2.5 mls of my lemon mix and switch to something else. When I go back I fall in love with lemon Sicily every time. When you get good at switching flavors the process isn’t so time consuming. And if you were to stick with vaping have a few tanks on hand.

It’s funny to people when I open my work drawer to grab a pen and people see three tanks and 5 bottles of juice…but all day everyday the tastes are fresh’i.e. fresh. I thought I would never do that, but I guess I was wrong. Lol

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erm. you might need to pay attention on the first posts. on the third paragraph, you described something similar with the vapers tongue symptoms. which, I already told everyone how I let the others vape them, vapers, non vapers, smokers, non smokers and it tasted the same to all of them which is plain ol’ rubbish.

If you add a second strawberry to this mix it might just bring out the other one too. Left as it is it might be gone for good, IDK

hrm. I am thinking the same thing. i dont think a loss flavor, in this case, my strawberry will ever make a comeback. but there is no harm in waiting. anyway, is it wise to add strawberry flavoring now, of all time? since its already steeped for at least 7-9 days now. and if i do add strawberry ripe to the juice now, how long do I need to wait next?

no pressure sir. this is just a question which you are not bound to give the correct answer. we are all speaking from experience here so things might varied from one to another.

IMHO 2.5% sweetener is about 1.5% too much. I don’t think it will mute the flavors unless you are using Ethyl Maltol as a sweetener. I’m not a huge fan of Cap flavors. They are pretty good, but to my palate, there are better out there. Some of the flavors may have EM in them.


It appears that you have a heavy balance of custard and creams, compared to your main flavor note, Sweet Strawberry…Shake-n-vape may render your strawberry OK, for the time being…but that Capella Sweet Strawberry IS a fairly weak flavor to begin with (typical standalone % for that strawberry is around 15% and higher)…While a few days go by, the Custard and Creams are beginning to blossom in the mix…perhaps muting your low % Sweet Strawberry…So for starters, you may think about increasing your Strawberry to about 10%-12%, if not higher, and lowering your Custard/Creams a tad…The volatile components in Fruits tend to evaporate away over time, and along with them, goes some flavor molecules, as well…meanwhile, the Custard/Cream notes are becoming stronger…Essentially, you don’t have a stable mix…A small amount of Raspberry may help sharpen that Strawberry a bit, but still, I believe that you may be pleased with an increase in your Strawberry…I did a test standalone mix with Cap Sweet Strawberry at 17%…Steeped a week…tasted OK, but powdery (not my favorite)…2 weeks in, the powdery flavor went away, but the Strawberry was definitely lighter… I like others suggestion of combining another brand Strawberry with your current, as well…I am curious as to what kind of devices you are vaping on…I am in the process of experimenting with Standalones almost exclusively (with a few multi-flavor experiments)…but primarily Standalones in order to get a feel for how they work on their own…providing me insight on how they may work in blended recipes…You just got to keep experimenting…the world will turn for you… :slightly_smiling:


I agree that custard seems to grow stronger while strawberry tends to mellow during a steep.

And sucralose is POTENT! I find 0.2% noticeable and 1% is BIG. But that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Anyone think a bit of citric acid or LA Tart and Sour might help pop the strawberry?

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Just FYI… Shisha Stawberry (INW) is my fav strawberry right now. Tastes great with Straw Ripe (TPA) or Sweet Straw (CAP), or both.