Muted flavours

Need help… Im a newbie at diy juices I’ve made 6 different flavours and used 5 out of 6 recipes I’ve found on here (thanks for those recipes) but it seems like all my flavours are muted… Ive done a lot of research on steeping so i get the jest of it… Ive even done the crock pot method and still muted… Just a bit of flavouring… But when I used to buy e juice from a shop there was so much flavour… Should I be uping my percentages… Even though I’m following recipes on this site… I dont get it… Is there something I’m doing wrong… If so can someone please help me!,

What recipes and how are you measuring scale or drops?

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Maybe link to the recipes? Also, is your build reasonably fresh? If TC, play with your temps. Different juices like different temps. Airflow too.


You can link your recpies or just type them out. Maybe just do one.

In general. There could be a chance you have too much flavoring. With DIY sometime more makes things worse. The other key is maybe one flavor or profile based on what you are using isn’t going to work. For me it was FA cherry. It was bad news.

Type out one recipie here and you’ll get 5 replies pretty quick. And I’m sure all with be good.

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Heat only degrades flavor and nic, never slow cook your juices. That method is only for the impatient. If your mixing the recipe correctly, mix it up good, cap it, and put it away. Check on it in 2 weeks and see what happend.

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Castlelong is my all time favourite juice so the recipe was

Nic strength 48 mg
Coconut extra 3%
Kentucky bourbon 3%
Toasted Almond 3%
Acetyl pyrazine 3%
Vanillin 2%
Brown sugar extra 1%
Madagascar vanilla bourbon 1.5%
Vanilla ice cream 1.5%

I tweaked it a bit… Did a 4 hour steep in crock pot with shaking every hour let it sit for 24 hours in dark place and still a little muted… Sorry for taking so long to reply… Had a few beers

Also the temp of crock pot was in between 120…140 Degrees

Crock pot probably killed the flavor. I’m a flavor chaser, I want to taste amazing flavors, that’s why I don’t slow cook my juice. just shake it up and put it away. This is not a hobby for the impatient.


I’m also measuring them with a syringe

Thanks DanHank it is hard as newbie cause I want to taste what I created lol but if that’s what I have to do then so be it… I appreciate all the feed back…

So with a recipe like castlelong are we talking about a 2 week steep or more?

I had to learn the hard way to. So many people abuse the term shake and vape, I think they all watched to much talladega nights and want to be Ricky Bobby, it was Shake and bake not vape lol. Watch Wayne on youtube. the chanel is diy or die. He is very good at mixing and thinks like I do about steeping. He says 99.9% need 2 weeks in a dark place to steep and .1% is ok to vape right away. It would help you to watch all of his videos, they helped me.


Thank you… I will watch those… Its just i even tried even whipping up a raspberry with vanilla ice cream and after 2 days still lacking in flavour… But your probably right… All it takes is time and im being to impatient

They acetyl pyrazine could be to high. I know enhancers can mute. I use AP at 1%, watch his videos he explains about enhancers as well.

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Weird though cause I followed a recipe on here and there was at least 10 people saying it was the the best clone out there… I’ve tried the real castlelong and it was amazing… If i can can come close to cloning it i would be a happy man!

Hmmm. Welp. Yeah as mentioned above AP may be a bit high. Also, is that vanilla or vanillin like the additive? With so many additives they could be fighting each other. Also, maybe you added to much vanillin…which can mute flavors.

Also is the ending nic strength, in the bottle you mixed up, 48mg? That may be a bit high unless your a three to four pack of cigs a day.

As for the crock pot steep. Yup. Youve seen it. Some will say it’s horrible and others will say it works just fine. If you do alittle research you will see people on both sides of the fence. most will say it’s not good for spices and tobacco flavors. It may also not be super good for AP and or vanillin. All will say time is good.

Lastly, are the flavor concentrates above FA, cap, tfa, and or? Did you use the exact flavor companies as to what the recipie listed? Percents can very between flavor companies…for example 6% vanilla cap is 0.5-1.0% vanilla FA (numbers are just an example, please don’t use as a sub)

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wouldn’t 3% be pushing fritos more?

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What is your VG content? Are you cutting your VG before you mix with vodka or water? If you use high VG you have to break down that vegetable molecule with some kind of alcohol if you want to get those flavors permeating the VG. VG is a stubborn substance that resists absorbing flavor. If you use 1% Vodka (Use good vodka not dollar store stuff) and a tiny bit of distilled water (2% to 3%) you can vape it faster than a couple weeks, but you still need to wait a few days. Distilled water is just as good of flavor carrier in my book as PG but some here would not agree with me. I personally take the lid off in the cupboard for a couple of days because a chemist told me they need 24-48 hours to gas off the alcohol and residual chemical reactions from the reaction of the flavors and VG coming together. You can heat it it to speed the steep time (cooking blends flavors like in a casserole in an oven) but dont heat it for long and not very high. These guys are right, the best flavor in liquid comes with time but if you need it fast, that’s what I do.

Yes I am following the recipe with all TPA as it says except for the toasted almond im using Cap… And im also mixing at 50/50…and the ending nic is 12 mg not 48 mg lol… But I’ve also mixed up a raspberry vanilla bean ice cream… a banana chocolate… Milk n honey… All seem to be muted… And a gambit clone… Gambit actually tastes really good except some flavours are lost like caramel for instance… Tastes more like apples in whipped Cream but not super flavourful…

Hopefully a cap expert will chime in soon. I typically mix all FA flavors and add touches of cap and tpa to add notes of a flavor profile.

I think think recpie is a good starting place except for the AP. Sometimes you here ppl just adding acouple drops per 10ml of finished juice.

I bet this trick will get an expert in here. @Amy2 and @daath Are two of my fav mixers. They normally chime in before me. :innocent: There are 10 more regular mixers. But let’s not summon everyone.

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