My aromas loses flavor

Hi there.

I notice my aroma bottles lose their potency rapidly. Especially the Inawera ones just die. And they are only about 2-3 months old.

What am i doing wrong?

I approach this issue by putting my mixed e-liquids that aren’t being used heavily in the refrigerator. It really helps to keep the flavors from fading over time.


yikes…I hadn’t even thought about needing to refrigerate if sealed. Lifesaver…thank you! I bought some of my flavs in 4oz sizes…gonna have them a while…

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@Walt_RealFlavors posted about this sort of. He didn’t really allude to the results of improper storage but I feel it safe to say that @bradslinux is probably spot on with storage suggestions. Personally I have never taken that many extra steps. I have my small dispensing bottles at my station but I do keep larger storage bottles in the fridge (4 oz mostly) and haven’t had a problem. But that said, I do have some of the smaller dispensing bottles that have been at room temperature for a couple years. The ones that get the less use of course. I’ve not noticed any drop in potency when I do use them. That said, my office has no sunlight that remotely shines on or near my storage racks. Also the temperature in my office is usually between 68-72F. I live in SC so we do get substantial humidity but my office is also air conditioned so the humidity level is somewhat regulated. Hope this helps.

Contact the supplier and ask them what temp does the flavor do the best at. Some like it colder, some warmer. If that flavor likes the cold and you always have it at room temperature then you may see parts of it evaporating or vaporizing.

This mostly just depends on what is inside of it. There are so many different things that can cause this but the supplier should be able to tell you exactly why. (They would know what exactly is in)

Went in doubt keep cool dark place. NEVER freeze!


At 3 months if they aren’t sealed, yep - the vape changes. The fridge can help. I actually have recipes that lose flavor when the tank is almost at the bottom and then immediately taste better when the tank is filled back up to the top. I don’t know what is chemically taking place but I have a feeling the “flavor” molecule is smaller than the VG molecule and I’m burning off the flavor in the tank before the VG. (But I cant prove it because I’m not a chemist lol) Chocolate Mint is the worst for doing this. It taste like straight VG at the end of the tank.

I totally agree. When I get down to the last little bit in my tank, if I am vaping slowly, it starts to have no distinguishable taste. A full tank always seems to have brighter flavor and bigger clouds.

I think I am going to institute a “>1oz policy”, meaning anything more than 30mL’s (approx. 1oz) goes into the fridge. I already put the vastly larger portion of my NIC in the freezer, keeping around 20mL on hand but in the Curing Cave where it’s nice and dark.

My only other major storage rule is, always in glass dropper bottles or Volumetric Glass Flasks,…never plastic. I am afraid the vinyl plastic has compounds that tend to sweat, thus corrupting the flavor. That’s just a theory of mine though, having seen different types of plastics sweat before,

OMG, you have a Curling Cave? How cool is that?! It does taste better in glass, I agree. (But those unicorn bottles come in darn handy for traveling and moving around)

I made my fav recipes to store in 120ML glass bottles and then travel and test new recipes with unicorn bottles.

what the heck is a unicorn bottle? lol…I am wracking my brain trying to see what type of bottle would illicit that moniker…


They fit in a purse, they don’t leak and they fill a tank faster than a banker robber. I love the stupid things.

ahh torpedos. I like unicorns better…done! I have gotten some use out of them too…they travel great in my little re-purposed satchel I use for my box, batteries, coils and juice. I have started to go all the way lately, though, and just use a backpack and then I can carry my charger and literally everything I use for vaping…as I used to ride a motorcycle, I always had a backpack on me anyway.As far as Vaping, I never thought things would go this far…like I am a traveling advocate…lol.

My husband and I just committed to being seasonal campers for the summer so I bought a little travel bag with a bunch of pockets in it to make something akin to what you have.

The Amtrak employees use drippers and keep those unicorn bottles and mods/no leak type rda’s right in their pockets while they are working. I was surprised they were carrying those around actually. I just bought 3 rda’s and some coil from fasttech for trying recipes. I was using those 1.8 ohm metal tube atty’s and cleaning them. I resisted changing to drippers because I did not want to build but I’m going to try it.

It’s going to take a while for those rda’s to get here but I’m kind of looking forward to it. I have the wrapping tools but I cheated and bought the pre-wrapped coils lol

See…I am a little conflicted. I JUST switched to box mods from cigar VV’s using tanks with premade coils. Like an Aspire set up…just Eleaf’s version. THEN I move to Eleaf’s box (100w VV/VW no TC) as well as a bevvy of tanks…trying to find Zen and the Art of Juice Making. Now however these new RDTA’s are showing up and…I almost don’t want to learn anything but those…where you have the taste and lower cost of rebuildables but with the convenience of a tank. No more drip drip necessary.

AND THEN comes along these weird ceramic coil jobs where you do things COMPLETELY differently than you would with teh wires and cotton.

I am kind of excited about learning to wrap coils and wick the cotton…even to the point of setting up “Skype Dates” with folks from these very forums to have a little “wrap party”…lol…(someone is in for a rough time trying to teach me…I am thick as a brick sometimes) LOL…

GASP you bought pre-wrapped coils? There is a market for this? I can sit home and wrap coils for people all day? Holy shit, I am quitting my job right now…

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They have 4-5 types of clapton’s and even ss coils pre-wrapped with the ohm level pre-determined by the wrap, you dont even have to think anymore, you just put them on the base, cut the wire and test it.

no thought required? I am so there…

No thinking is painful! (And time consuming) The ceramics look really cool, but I’m going to wait to see if people are really getting the 6 months they say they are supposed to last. I’m not quite buying that story yet.

well be careful…checkout the link I have and the post in the “Health and Advocacy” forum thread. There are concerns about a checmical in the ceramic and big news is about to pop ACCORDING TO 3RD PARTY INFORMATION* this is not me saying this, this is just me researching and reporting back potentially unqualified information.

It would not surprise me if there’s something in it that shouldn’t be inhaled. I tried the Vaporesso ceramic coils and it felt bad and awful in my lungs. Just sayin…