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MY custard - How can I add fruits into this?


Hello everyone

right now the recipe for my personal custard is 10% cap vanilla custard v1, 3% cap french vanilla, 2% cap sweet cream, 2% cap marshmallow, 4-5% cap caramel, 1.5% fa cookie, 1.5% cap cake batter. i really like this custard in general but now i would like to try to add fruits into this like strawberry, banana, maybe apple who knows. im wondering maybe you guys have any tips or recommendations on how i could do it best with this recipe as im very unexperienced.

thank you


What you can do since the % is so high is make it into a one shot. Add about 10-15 % of the one shot custard base. Then add the rest with your fav SB and or banana. Thats my opinion but maybe theres some veteran mixers that could chime in and have more tips for you.
Test it out to get the exact one shot base. I’m just picking an average number.
***To make a one shot just click on the blue wrench and click one shot.


Ye the high percentage in this recipe already is exactly what im struggling with


What u can do is click on each concentrate and take a look at the median percents. Then decide to use the median or a little lower. Thats how I started. It helps to give you a base for mixing.

If your using the CAP cake batter for a denseness and mushy uncooked goodness then 0.25-0.5% works great. It’s a strong flavor so a little goes a long way


have you tried just ading fruit to the mix?
Depending on the fruit flavor, I’d first let the custard steep and then add the fruit. Some fruits will fade before your custard will be steeped (e.g most strawberries)


If the high percentages concerns you, then you can do what @Jazzy_girl suggested and make a one shot or you could also click the wrench and go to adjust total percentages and just scale it back a little, then add fruit.


ya like jazzy said make a stone / one shot , and find a percentage that works to add the fruit too , making a one shot will allow you to mix your custard at the percentage you like and at the same time it can become a custard base to add anything to , is this your recipe ??? have you tried to bring the percentages down to see if you have a close result or maybe a better one ?


You may already be set! If you have an RDA (Dripper) …load it with your Custard and try Adds from your Single Flavor Tests. No SF testers? Mix up some single flavor testers (10ml Needle bottles?) at about 5% strength. It would be ideal if these were also “steeped” but with fruits that may not be as critical for this type testing.

You need some kind of Metrics to determine %s when you actually make a New juice from your research, so Notes are critical as is a Measured process. Let’s say you load your RDA consistently each test with one half-filled eye dropper from a Brown Glass bottle …that’s about what naturally sucks up in there with one full squeeze and is around 0.5ml. Depending on what you use to add Single Flavor test liquids just try counting drops. You could get weights/drop estimates with a scale such as 10 drops from my Needle Bottle = 0.10ml (example).

You could vape your familiar custard and quickly find out what was too much Banana (example) and what was not enough. This won’t get you to an instant finished Recipe number (%), but it can get you close. It’s also a quick way to find what fruits can work together …or not …without mixing up entire batches (bottles!) of Juice. Best advice take detailed notes!


Here’s what I mostly do, I cut my custard in half of the main percentage used prior as single/stone, or use 1-4% of the stone and see if I like it. That makes it easier than trying to get fruit to blend in a 10% custard.

After I figured that out and that will only work with fully steeped custard at this point, I drop a single drop on my hand and add 2 drops of whatever fruit to see if they even fit in that custard, mix it, lick it. If strong enough I know its around 0.5% if not I up till satisfied.

Now I go back to my mixing table and actually mix 2-4 testers (10ml) at the strength I just guessed and one higher percent, one lower percent. Put em away to steep, I’ll test after 6hrs, 24hrs, 3 days and 5 days to see how the fruit blended into the mix, if the fruit needs more support, if the custard sits were I want it and so on.

After I took notes and decided on a version, next time I mix I’ll just include it right away unless its strawberry lol


I find that mixing and steeping my custards first really helps with adding a fruit.
This mix of mine really benifits from this method.


thats a very high overall percentage mate, but hey if its working then dont fix it… i would simply tune down your overall and introduce your fav fruit, or your other option would be what @Jazzy_girl suggested, which actually makes better sense. yur not having any trouble with muting issues…???


High % does not automatically mean you get muting of flavors. You have a higher risk but it’s not a general rule. Especially with custards, you’ll see it often that a lot of flavor concentrate is used. They need to steep long to get that thick smooth consistency but lots of people like it.
Take for example:

Which is also sold here:
From the reviews you see that people still add additional flavor to it, so perhaps it’s not such a crazy idea.