My Dad Smokes Newports

My Dad is a career smoker, has been smoking for 30+ years. I lost my mom to lung cancer in 2007. My Dad quit smoking for a year but went back to it after while. I had him on a cigalike a couple of years ago and it was working for him but that company went out of business and I live 4 hours away from him. So he went back to smoking. Since I DIY now I am thinking of getting him back on the wagon :slight_smile: I think the eLeaf iCare mini is perfect for him because its draw activated and coils are cheap. I want to mix him up some menthol liquid. He doesn’t like the flavors or nothing Crazy he just likes Menthol. If I can Mix him up 500ml at a time and ship it to him that will be the cheapest best thing for him… On that note I am reaching out to my ELR family for help… Recipes? devices? He is in his 50’s and he would prefer something simple. He doesn’t want to tinker like we do. That is why I was thinking the iCare kit because its hard to mess it up. I have one that I use for stealth vape. I sub ohm normally with a 3mg mix but in my iCare a have a 20mg unflavored just for the quick nic hit keeps me sane :). so Thanks in advanced for any help!!


Following with interest. I mix the following recipe for my brothers girlfriend that used to smoke Newports. I doubt it is anywhere near close to an actual Newport but she vapes it and it keeps it off the analogs. Hopefully someone that actually used to smoke them can offer some better recipes for both you and I to try:

Western Menthol (CAP) v2
3.00% Western (TFA)
2.00% Menthol (CAP)

I started off mixing each at 2.5% and she said it was too much menthol.


My mom is similar. The trick is, menthol alone isn’t going to get it done, you gotta have the tpa koolada as well. Suggest like 3% of the 10% menthol solution, and 2% koolada with at least 12mg/ml nic strength as a starting place. You should have seen her face the first time we put koolada in her juice. As far as devices, my mom tolerates an istick / subtank setup just fine, they are old but they can push a button. The biggest trick is old arthritic hands dealing with all the slippery tanks and stuck threads. My solution was vape bands to add grip where it was needed, but the icare seems equally good. Just make sure you order him more than 1, a dead battery or a broken device and he’ll be right back on the cigarettes.


You know him best, but don’t make the mistake of thinking being 50-something means we have a learning disability. Yeah vaping is dominated by folks in their 20s and 30s but there are tons older…much older. Personally I would make the drive to see him and take some equipment along. Maybe visit a vape shop and see what interests him. You never know, he may find more satisfaction from building his own clapton wire and fiddling with RTA’s and RDAs than anything else. And that’s key - staying entertained while saying no to cigs. Just my 2 pennies :slight_smile: Good luck.


I was thinking 24mg to start him out… Koolada, I haven’t worked with yet so that is going in the shopping cart… I was also a Newport smoker and before I got into sub ohm tanks every juice I used needed some kind of menthol to satisfy but once I went sub menthol was way way too strong lol

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Oh yes I agree with you 100% one of my really good friends is an older vaper in his 50s and he builds better than anyone I know. Manily uses a mec mod… With that being said my dad and I have been down that road before and he had tried plenty of my devices he doesn’t like complicated he likes plug and go and not having to think about if something is on the right setting or if he needs to trim cotton to change a wick… If my dad wanted to get into building and DIY I would be thrilled and help him every step of the way but no he is old school lol wants it simple and easy if all he had to do is fill it and push a button or take a drag and only have to unscrew a burnt coil and screw a new one in that will appeal to his taste a lot better… :slight_smile:


You just beat me to it. I was just going to say we’re not retarded (yet) :sweat_smile:


@Josephine_van_Rijn @SthrnMixer lol I quickly edited My original post lol I knew I was going to get crap for that statement lol… No offense to all my wiser generation of vapors :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re forgiven, since I’m too old to remember it and therefore can’t hold a grudge :wink::smirk:


Take a look at my menthol vape, my wife loves it!


Iv got shine experimenting to do lol thanks all! Keep them coming! I can never have too much info

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I have an I-Care and it is simple but doesn’t hit real heavy. It also powers down fast, not a lot going on in that battery. They are cheap, so buy him two. The coils last about a week. Make sure you send him a lot of coils.

Here’s my favorite menthol recipe. I always have a tank of this going. It kind of hits on everything in the palate and feels very mentholish.


The Kangertech Evod is a good option as well.


Just FYI… 40 yrs of menthol smoking… done!

But, I keep this AIO with me, so when I get nervous or anxious and need it, I have something to help…

Easy to fill… no leaking at all. Inexpensive premade coils and it puts out really nice vapor.

And it’s currently filled with my favorite menthol which I just made public:


How is the flavor out of this AIO? I still use my Ego Mega batteries with I sub tanks. The Ego tanks peed everywhere and everything tasted metallic.

This is my favorite device for getting the flavor and vapor when it comes to MTL, and (depending on coil) does a pretty decent direct lung hit as well, @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit ! I have given 3 of these to people that have since quit smoking.

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I think the AiO has good flavor and with the airflow all open it also gives a lot of vape. Tighten the airflow and you have a nice MTL device. I have three of these because of the simplicity - fill and go and what counts a lot for me: no leaking what so ever! Coils from 1.5 to .5


Thanks guys! I’ll put this on my list of mods to try. I love my current devices but they’re getting hard to find since they’re older.

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And the newest ones come in great colors too. One of them also have replaceable batteries.


You all have some elaborate mixes lol thanks for the love I have to buy most all of these flavors I don’t think I have any of them lol

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