My first public recipe!

I’ve been mixing for a month now and finally have a recipe I’d like to share.
Oddly enough, this is from about 22 recipes I produced in a wild frenzy to get started, and 21 of them are basically garbage. But this one…
I wanted to make a pipe tobacco reminiscent of my dad’s pipe smoking phase back in the 70’s, undoubtedly an attempt as a church going man to cease smoking cigarettes and appear more socially acceptable.
I wanted to capture the notes I remembered, deep berry flavors and tobacco, not combusted tobacco but the flavors I smelled when I would sneak to his stash and take whiffs of his tobacco pouch full of nutty and rich fruity notes.
I mixed this seperately with both apricot and black cherry, leaving the other flavors the same.
I prefer the black cherry.
I liked this when I tasted it at 5 days in, but as time went on, the blueberry held its own and the tobacco notes only became more rich and deep.
I think what I’m enjoying is the black honey with its light smokey essence
I thought I might like it with less black cherry, and wanted to add some Vanilla Shisha from Inawera once I discovered it, and once added an SFT of caramel cream (to a tank) from LNW that was nice, and have several versions on the steep, but have come to realize that this is a delicious tobacco base that can go many directions and will be a staple in my arsenal of flavors.
If I come up with something better I will share, and I welcome any and all who would like to tinker with this and share, but this is the first recipe I came up with on my own for which I am truly proud.

I think if you were to pull the black cherry and insert your favorite flavor at the same % it could prove successful.
But please try this.

And let me know what you think.


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