My flavor stash - "What can I make" function?

Hello Everyone,

I was really excited to discover the My flavor stash “What can I make” function on here… however it appears not to be working.

Has it been down long? Does anyone know when it will be live again?



See this link What can I make been down since yesterday. Any alternatives?

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Another merge (or two) please!


Sometimes a simple search answers questions.

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Hi everyone! I just have a quick question and I didn’t want to create a new topic for it…

Is anyone having trouble with the “What Can I Make?” feature? It is working for me, but not properly…It pulls up over 3000 recipes that I can make, but when I check the box to hide single flavor recipes it does nothing. It refreshes the page like it should to come back without the SFR’s, but it just keeps them…

Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about…there are five SFR’s on the very first page of my search…

The only thing I can suggest offhand is try clearing your browser cache.

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