My Juice Is Destroying My Tank Coils

Hi guys, I’m kinda new to DIY so im not sure if this is a dumb question or not but… :sweat_smile:I’ve been having this issue lately and just cant figure out how to fix it. My juice that i make is destroying tank coils, and i just cant figure out what it is. :disappointed: For Example, I mixed up a batch of juice that wasn’t over powerfully sweet, just a single flavor juice at about 8% flavoring and mixed it to about 60/40 VG/PG. after about 2 days my coil in my tank is basically rendered useless. :slight_frown: and its not just the one tank, it has happened in my wife’s tank and my co-workers aswell. Also, Whenever i put my Higher VG juice on my RDA the coils also seem to just gunk right up, Do you think it would be my VG/PG ratio? I know that sweeter juices tend to gunk up coils more but it was just a single flavor mix. Could it be the brand of my VG or PG? any input would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Sucralose normally does this but I’ve never heard of a specific VG or PG do it, try a whole new batch with completely different flavours and see if it happens, try and narrow it down to whichever flavour is causing it.
which flavours are you using?

Mostly TFA Brand, I have noticed that by adding (TFA) Super Sweet (Basically Sucralose) does speed up the gunking process on RDA’s but i have recently removed that flavor from my arsenal. Is TFA known for having flavors that gunk up coils? Do you know any flavorings that are notorious for gunking coils, like a “Do not vape list”?

Yellow Cake (FW) gunks coils if used in high %. Come to think of it, if used period.

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well…tbh, I just see coil gunking as a necessary evil as I have a real sweet tooth and can’t use Stevia, I just burn the coils off and rewick when it gets bad, I haven’t really noticed my flavours doing it exclusively :confused:

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well thanks for the input, i think ill just have to keep investigating :sweat_smile:

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sorry I wasn’t more help dude lol :+1:

Need a sample of what your recipe is…

This Is one of the recipes i’m having issues with

it’s marked as private dude :+1:

LOL Try that now

lol, no worries man, I haven’t tried Blue Ice but it’s Flavour west and they (to me) always seem sweeter than most, If I had to hazard a guess I’d say your issue lies there.

Ive Had the same issue in other juices as well though.

show me :+1:

Here’s Another one


I don’t use Fruit Circles or Green Apple, so I am not a good sounding board, BUT…
I read a bunch of notes and descriptions of them, and one thing kept popping up on both of them…
the words candy and candyish. Maybe therein lies a problem with possibly hidden sucralose.
I don’t know, but all of the reviewers can’t be imagining the sweet undertone.

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Based from my experiance. Yes. Some flavors do gunk up coils faster.

Try cocoa FA. Yes. It’s a cool and wick kill’a.

I see that you have FW in one of your mixes. Not that I can speak from experiance for the mint you are using. But other FW flavors may contain fructose or other enhancers. I think already mentioned was yellow cake FW. Blood orange and etco cooler FW both gunk up my coils pretty quick.

Well it sounds like im gonna have to go through my flavor inventory, thank you so so much

Thanks for the tips, ill be sure to use FW flavors with caution