My juice seems a bit harsh. help?

im really new to mixing and my juice is decent but seem a bit harsh im using TPA flavors am i doing something wrong?

for an example

3mg nic
30/70 pg/vg
10% berry mix (TPA)
2% koolada (TPA)

liquid barn vg and pg and liquid barn usa nic 48 mg pg base

shake an vape

real simple mix i thought it would be just fine… but i dont know just seems a bit harsh

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I think the first choice is to max the vg and see where its at, i’d also consider making the koolada 1% and the flavor 9%, that would let you get to 20/80. The real trick would be to get either some really strong pg nic solution (100mg/ml) or get vg nic solution to push the pg down.


thanks man i will try that! i have realized i did make the mistake of ordering my nic should of went with 100mg vg


This is definitely one of the more common things people seem to say when they’re new. Here are a few tips:

  • PG is harsher than VG. In general PG = Throat Hit and VG = Vapor
  • Nicotine needs to be shaken or it can get hot spots, leading to your finished liquid being higher nic than you intended, and therefore harsh.
  • Juice typically needs to steep. Shake and vape juices are much more likely to be harsh than those that have had time to age and the flavor mellow a bit.
  • 2% koolada is pretty intense. The average for koolada in mixes is 1%.
  • Things like Pyure, Ethyl Maltol/Cotton Candy (they’re the same thing), MTS Vape Wizard, and Smooth can all help round out harsh edges. All but the Pyure should be used sparingly and as a last resort.

Here’s some threads with more info:


Give it a day or two and keep testing. Some of the harshness may go away after a day or so.

As for koolada. That’s a “everybody” is different. Personally, because it sticks way out I like using is at 1-2 little butty drops per 15ml. But that’s just me.

But anyways, if your juice doesn’t settle down after a few days you could just add a cream. My persoanlly fav that should really affect the flavor would be 0.25-0.75 fresh cream FA if you got it.


thank you!

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Add 4% Distilled Water.


In addition to the great info above, and just for quick reference:

You may want to see if your flavor has alcohol in it. This can sometimes lend “SnV’s” to “seem a bit harsh” since the alcohol hasn’t been properly aired out yet.

IMO, in order to be a “true SnV” there shouldn’t be any alcohol in the flavor choice(s).

But, there’s a wide berth in what folks consider to be a SnV. Some consider it to be anything that doesn’t take a week (or more) to ‘cure’/steep. (So 12-24hrs+/- is a “good to go” SnV to them)

Others consider it more literally (like I generally tend to do) where SnV means that, the instant you shake it, you can vape it with no ‘negative’ effects (ie: peppery, harsh, etc). All depends on perspective I guess. :wink:


@JoJo Tell em what I do. PG =Palate (throat, taste) VG = Vapor Clouds…

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It would be extremely useful if you posted your actual recipe from the calculator here on ELR.

10% on berry mix seems a little high imo and i like koolada at 1%

Try this:

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ok thanks i will try this later tonight…i did end up ordering vg based nic but it will take about a week to get here

i dont know if this sounds crazy but i got a new mod the “vapor shark dna 40” and my mixes do not seems any where near as harsh. i was using the kanger tech nano before…this mod seems to be a lot better so far… by the way thanks for all the help everyone!

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i think i was getting a lot of spit back because my other mod acted weird with my tank and had to loosing it to get it to work… not a problem with this new mod.