My observations about Nicotine

My observations tell me i WAS NOT addicted to nicotine, i was addicted to something else.

I went the whole day tuesday without a vape, I was addicted to something else thats in cigarettes, heres one of my theories:

In the olden days people used to inject poison because it would get them high, what if the carcinogenics in ciggies is what we craved, it makes sense imo

My other theory is that we are told:

"Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These cigarette ingredients include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. "

So what stops the companys putting one other compound in? Little bit of Heroin? Cocaine? would anyone notice?

Arsenic is actually one of the poisons people used to take to get high… :confused:


That is correct sir!


Yup. There was at one time an additive called or abbreviated as WTA’s. It’s something that can be added to help with the withdrawals. It’s some of the other missing chemicals

I’ve never used it but was tempted at the start of vaping. I know of one bnm shop that carried it at one point.


WTA’s - Whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquid is different. It does not use nicotine purified from tobacco, but rather it uses the entire alkaloid content purified from tobacco. Instead of an e-liquid just containing nicotine as it’s active ingredient, a whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquid’s active ingredient list is around 90+% nicotine, and around 10% all the other alkaloids present in tobacco.

Alkaloids present in Tobacco -

Putting this in your e liquid is a huge step backwards imo, get as far away from tobacco as you can and stay away, our end goal should be to supply the lungs with its gas of choice… Oxygen!


They put in some shit that’s also in antidepressants and tickles the pleasure centre in your brain.
I had a bad flu in the beginning of the year and my throat felt like I’d been gargling with broken glass, I didn’t vape for a week with no problems at all. Now in my smoking days it didn’t matter what my throat felt like, I would force the smoke down.


Yep, me too, i had tonsillitis god knows how many times but still needed to smoke!

Worst thing ever…


MAOI’s. Not to mention the way nicotine is actually used by BT and the other chemicals they use to enhance its addictiveness.


Because the cigarettes have analgesic in the filters. No way you could smoke a whole pack a day if there wasn’t pain killer in there… that’s part of their “trade secrets”… it’s also why you get a really sore throat when you switch from smoking to vaping.


I have to agree with everyone’s posts. I believe that it is the nicotine we’re addicted to and that’s why we successfully quit using vape. Yet cigs have something that makes the nicotine that more addictive. Almost like the difference between orally ingesting cocaine and smoking rocks. There’s just a huge difference between the two.


I dont think it is the nicotine…


But i disagree bc than why was i able to use vape to quit smoking. I’ve tried a lot of other methods yet was only successful when nicotine was involved. I’m in no way saying there’s not a huge difference but i believe there’s something in cigs that make nicotine more addictive.

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Oh nicotine is very addictive I wonder however if vaping it as opposed to smoking gives us less of the poor qualities that cause the addiction. Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that the cig companies add any and everything they can get away with to keep us hooked on their product. After all they are in cahoots with big pharm and the medical industry. they can get all sorts of things. from them


I would say nicotine is addictive. But I can also say that my 1.5 mg nic is my much better for me than what I was getting from a cig.

That being said, I do crave nicotine. When I travel for work it’s just way better now. I can spend a whole day traveling without my vape and not be going crazy. As compared to my cig days, at my layover I go back through security to have a cig…the tsa always would look at me funny and I would say sorry needed a cig and give the head nod…keep in mind being an airline employee comes with perks like using the quick lanes so it’s a touch faster at checkpoints.

Even better I can spend a whole day with my nonsmoking family, play with my newphews, and be normal without smoking. (I never vape or smoked in front of my newphews…so the cycle can end with me I hope).

Why can’t I easily read this?
Well, it’s the small print of what is in cigarettes.[And not all of them]
But you can click the pic to enlarge it.


Man alive I have 20/20 vision and even enlarged reading that would give me a migraine im sure… just insane that all that is packed in a cig.


Sooooo many factors here people…

“In my experience its not the nicotine” - If i can go a day without one craving and my wife had her vape pen with her so its not like i couldnt vape, where is the addiction?

I think MY addiction was to the carcinogenics, the thick tar filled smoke clogging my lungs…
If you have a panic attack they tell you to breathe in / out of a paper bag, your filling your lungs with carbon dioxide to balance your PH levels.

The human body has two main mechanisms for controlling pH, one involves the kidneys, the other involves breathing

Like almost everything within the human body, your pH needs to be in a very narrow range to maintain the many chemically mediated processes within it, like cellular metabolism, cardiac and other organ functions. The normal range for pH in humans is 7.35 to 7.45, with a pH of 7.4 considered average.

What if cigarettes are designed to lower / raise those PH levels to the point where you become convinced that smoking is “fixing” anything you feel, along with your habitual preference, thats a deadly combination…


For me vaping helped me with one thing that none of the other cessation products could, the hand to mouth fixation. Also, i have always liked the whole smoke to the lungs thing, aint sure why that is but i like it.

Nicotine in many cigarette brands is in a freebase form. From what i remember they add powdered nicotine. This releases its effects more quickly but at the same time it diminishes quicker as well, it also makes the effects more powerful. The way one ingests a drug has a lot to do with its potency, in most cases.

These are just a few of the factors, there are just so many because of all the extra chemicals BT added, the list is unreal long.


Some of that [ingredients] would drug you so you never had a migraine…

This is a list from…when you could get it online…

An easier to read list is on the wikipedia page:

Interesting enough, cigarettes contain sugars and two different acetaldehyde compounds, which is what sugar puts off when it is burned, a major factor in hangovers, and one of the things that stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain (supposedly). I’m not a chemist by any stretch of the imagination so I don’t know what these particular acetaldehydes are, but it just adds to the already addictive nature.

Add to that the fact that all those chemicals are just the physical side of addiction. There’s a mental/emotional/psychological side to any addiction that can be just as powerful if not more so.

Big tobacco is bad news.


You are absolutely correct