My struggle with Strawberry 🍓

Hello, dear vaper and shaker,

my name is Franky Jr. and I quit smoking at the 29.05.2019 3:20 PM, since that time I am a
passionate vaper.

I started with a Joyetech eGo AIO Pro C, but very quickly I realized it’s all about taste. So I bought a Smok X-Priv with TFV12 Prince Tank. It continued with the RBA coil for the Prince and now I am at Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Mesh Atomizer. I think that was a very fast journey.
But I’m happy with both tanks, but my favorite is clearly the Profile Unity Mesh RTA.
It’s really just about the taste.

Now for the topic, I had bought a few flavors but was not satisfied with the results. I thought it was so easy, take strawberry flavor and menthol and liquid and that was it. Far far from reality. :wink:
My favorite treats are mango, strawberry, vanilla, and apricot, I could bathe in vanilla ice cream with dark berry mixture.
My favorite liquids are Mango Apricot by Mango Infinite, it is a hell of a taste and then I have Checkmate White King and White Knight and Bang Juice Tropenhazard.
I’ve been able to recreate Bang Juice Tropical Hazzard, I’ve published the recipe.

But my struggle is now to do anything with strawberry, maybe yogurt, vanilla or apricot and a bit of lemon ??? All attempts do not even survive the leak test, up to here.
The liquid is too hot, almost a peppery note some times.

The insights of the day for me, if you lick it and it does not taste, rinse it down the drain.
No need to vape it at all.
It’s really just about the taste.

Maybe I can find some recommendations here.

Thank you for your efforts and would be glad to receive your answers,

Sincerely regards,

Franky Jr.


Hi Franky,
the peppery taste could be a side effect of some vanilla flavours. Especially vanilla bean ice cream has a black pepper taste for some people, me included.
Strawberry is often a bit of a problem when you use it all the time. I love my variations of strawberry fog but most of the time I can barely taste the strawberry. It is all Graham cracker and vanilla. Only in the morning or after vaping something else I can taste the strawberry. So get it all in a rotation to keep your sense of taste from getting used too much to something. This doesn’t happen with all flavours but with some.


Welcome Franky_Jr. It would help to know what brand flavors and percentages you’re using along with the recipe you’re attempting.

On the recipe side of this site have you created a Private Flavor Stash yet?


You might be strawberry blind like me, it’s actually pretty common
I have tried 4 different strawberries and I get no strawberry flavour
Yet I can taste strawberry if I tongue sample my liquid
even tried Inawera shisha and it tastes like wax to me
Everyone has different sensitivities to flavours

There might be a strawberry out there you can taste
but if you can’t it goes great in sprite


Might try adding a little Rasperry to pop the Strawberry. Good luck to you! Welcome!


@Franky_Jr try this …

Disclaimer – This is not my stone, constructed by @fidalgo_vapes !!!


Thanks for the answer, of course, I have created a priv. flavor stash and it is public.
My priv. flavor stash

I have it e.g. tried with Shisha Strawberry by VAT and Strawberry by MyAroma, anything between
2-8% and slight menthol, it all tasted like shi…
In milk, the taste is OK, but both flavors do not smell like strawberry for me.
As an example, to me, the VAT Shisha Mango smells like ripe mango, but VAT Forest Mix Berries not,
and the VAT Strawberry is even worse.


Yes, I saw your stash. Not familiar with the majority of those manufacturers.


Thanks warkwarth,
a very interesting approach that with blindness, I have 3 strawberry aromas in my stash and
1 Forest Mix Berries VAT and Blueberry Quickfruit Flavors, neither I smell or taste any of these
berries aroma. All taste chemically artificial to me.


Some possibly interesting information found (regarding chemical components found within strawberries):

(2014): Metabolic profiling indicates an accumulation of sugars, organic acids, and fatty acids as well as the consumption of amino acids during fruit development. Subsequently alkanes, alcohols, aldehydes, anthocyanins, ketones, esters, and furanones increase during fruit ripening. Many of these chemical classes serve as precursors to volatile synthesis, thus facilitating a metabolic flux through biosynthetic pathways for increased and diverse volatile emissions in ripe strawberry fruit, predominantly furans, acids, esters, lactones, and terpenes. Over 350 volatile compounds have been identified across Fragaria, however within a single fruit, far fewer compounds are detectable and even less contribute to aroma perception.

Mutual volatiles across studies include butanoic acid, methyl ester; butanoic acid, ethyl ester; hexanoic acid, methyl ester; hexanoic acid, ethyl ester; 1,6-octadien-3-ol, 3,7-dimethyl- (linalool); butanoic acid, 2-methyl-; and 3(2 H )-furanone, 4-methoxy-2,5-dimethyl-, the current consensus of integral strawberry aroma compounds.


(2015): how do scientists know which molecules are responsible for taste and smell? More than 350 molecules have been identified in the vapour from strawberries - and around 20 to 30 of those are important to their flavour. … Unlike raspberries, there is no single molecule with a “strawberry smell”. So what we smell is a blend - these molecules together give the smell sensation we know as “strawberry”. Chemists made up a model strawberry juice containing what they thought were the most important odorants, at the same concentration found in the original juice extract. Sensory testers agreed that this model closely matched the real extract.

to the characterisation of basic sensory impressions of strawberries. One of these was a sweet caramel-like scent … Another impression was a fruity scent, due to the esters, which are responsible for the aroma of many other fruit, including banana and pineapple. They can make up 90% of the aroma molecules from a strawberry. It’s important that the contribution of the esters are balanced - too much gamma-decalactone for example, and the strawberries will start to taste like peaches. The analysis also pinpointed a green note due to (Z)-3-hexenal responsible for the smell of “cut grass”.


“Model Strawberry Juice” referenced directly above (published 1997):

Calculation of odor activity values (ratio of concentration to odor threshold), on the basis of odor thresholds in water, revealed especially the six compounds ( Z )-3-hexenal (green), 4-hydroxy-2,5-dimethyl-3(2 H )-furanone (caramel-like, sweet), methyl butanoate (fruity), ethyl butanoate (fruity), methyl 2-methylpropanoate (fruity), and 2,3-butanedione (buttery) as the key flavor compounds in the typical strawberry-like odor of the juice.


Hey Franky.
Don’t literally dump them down the drain. Some flavors need to steep for a month. In fact, most need a week or two, but vanilla, custards, tobaccos, and the accompanying flavors you put them with need time to blossom.
As someone above stated, adding some raspberry at a small percentage can turn up the treble on strawberry.
Learn this site and how to search and navigate recipes, find a well-rated recipe from an experienced mixer, and copy it outright.
When you get success under your belt and some experience of your own, it will come around.


Private recipe sneak peek lmao , ty for the share ill take responsibility for that one… :wink:


This is a stone?

that’s pretty high for Alpine… but if it works for others… good! :slight_smile:


Yes it is a stone smoky …one ive been working on fir awhile …


Hi Good Fellas, I am back,
I apologize for my late reply to all the great information. The weekend is always connected with work in our shared apartment, I’m the chef and I’ve done a lot of sports, Formula 1 and drinking beer. :sunglasses: :partying_face:
I like the recipe by SessionDrummer, maybe it is the kind of aroma you use, Shisha Mango by VAT is
perfect, Strawberry not. I think it needs a lot of practice and experience to find the best Aroma of hundreds of manufacturers.
Very interesting is also the contribution of Raven Nightly, I also read about chocolate pudding flavor, it is partly from the sexual perfume of otters or beaver won and strawberry flavor for the most part from a mushroom culture.


Thanks to Chef Johnny,

I’ve already tried it with maturity, but what does not taste on the first day, is not better even after 10 days. The first mixture must taste already when licking, what I am doing since today, I mix the flavors in 50 ml of milk, which corresponds, in my opinion, 5 ml of liquid and then I stir well to wait a bit and then try. I’ve already gone further with this trick than ever before with strawberry and vanilla or menthol.
I have taken three varieties of strawberry flavor 4 drops, 2 drops, 2 drops and then 2 drops of vanilla and 1 drop of apricot and 1 drop of super sweet. It was not bad, I liked it.

The milk idea I find somehow good because the food flavors actually made for it. You can use water instead, but for me, water is good for shower, laundry, and coffee.


oh my… you tried the flavors in real milk???

Whipped cream is my go too, and of course, how much you add, it will be just that strong…


Sorry I’m a beginner and actually very proud of the idea, if I may allow myself to say that.
I think that food flavorings are used much longer than we all are old.

And yes full milk and at room temperature, really dangerous. :rofl:


I just hate drinking plain milk and can not imagine flavorings and milk… but if you like it… go for it :slight_smile:

nothing against a newbie… we all have our quirks!.


I have quirks and I drink and now things :innocent: