My Thoughts on the DNA 200 Chip

Well to start, I would say I approached the DNA 200 with fear of the unknown. I put waaaaayyy to much thought into setting it up and learning all that I could. I waited days before I even put a tank on the mod. Reading and reading trying to gain knowledge was overkill. I think my experiences with the EXCube2 made me very paranoid about doing something wrong.

Now for the good news… The DNA 200 is the most awesome mod I ever used. I don’t know where to begin. It’s like when I found Ti wire to be superior to all wires I ever used. Everything I put on this mod tastes better. It fires so true. You get exactly what set it to do. No more guess work or tweaking to find your zone. Just create your profiles (Ti for me) and vape. I can see now why DNA users are so dedicated.

When you get your DNA 200 mods don’t do like me… If you’re using Ti, go to Steam Engine > Wire Wizard, then create and load your Ti csv file in a profile and get started. If you vape Ni200 it’s ready to go straight out of the box. I’m certain you will enjoy your DNA 200 mod. Don’t worry about trying to learn it all upfront… it will come to you. I’m no expert, but if you have a question about getting started I will help you out, or point you in a direction where you can get answers to your questions.


Been waiting for you to say something about them. I figured when you ordered a second one that you liked them, but was waiting for the actual feedback. Thanks for sharing!


I just ordered a VT200 with a spare battery - just so I have a DNA200 while I wait for my Reuleaux ;D


I see you couldn’t take it anymore… :anguished: I’m sure you will be happy with your purchase. I was considering a Sig 200 or Snow Wolf v2… not anymore. I’ll only buy DNA for now on. I’m a believer now.


I’ve been wanting a DNA200 mod since they came out, I was even going to build one.

The price point of $120+ is what has stopped me from purchasing it. Hmmmmm


I can beat $120 with free shipping… I just ordered my third DNA200 until the Cloudmaker comes out. This one is $64 for me once I applied my $56 EXCube2 refund.

$119 with discount code TURBO


this is a reason to wish for singularity!!! lol​:astonished::astonished:


I also average 72 hr work weeks.

What are you getting for battery life on it? Did you get the third just so you can make it through a workday? :grinning:
Or is it just so you can have them each setup differently?

I collect vape gear. I vape sparingly at work so it has been getting me through a 12hr shift.

You can set up to 8 profiles and a host of other options I’ve yet to learn. It’s like 8 EXCubes in one mod. But it runs to perfection.

I’m not knocking that… I average about 65 but I’m salary and send my disabled daughter to a private school… takes a bit of my 65 hours just for the school…

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I’m currently an xCube user so appreciate the comparison. I’ve been debating on the Hcigar or holding out for a Reuleaux. I don’t have funds for both so the deciding factor for me is battery life. I assume software should function near identically in both mods since chips and base software are the same.

You say you use it sparingly throughout a 12 hour workday. So, in all seriousness, is the battery life really good? Or is the pleasure of vaping on this device just soooo good that you accept the battery life limitations? If it’s the latter I’ll just hold out for general availability of the Reuleaux. I’ve read a lot of your posts and respect your opinion very much or I wouldn’t ask so frankly.

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I liked the reviews and such that I saw on the DNA 200 but personally I am waiting for the reuleaux to come out

I can think of no better endorsement than from our resident Pro Vapes. So mine should be here tomorrow. But…I’m thinking of taking an old Sigelie 100w I have and making a DNA200 mod out of it by replacing the board with a DNA one. I saw them somewhere for $75… then I’ll have 2 :slight_smile: Sounds like fun!

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Well, I have joined the club…

And, its been brought to my attention that there is an RC store right down the road that sells 1300 mah lipos for $20…
In stock, on hand, out the door…might have to check that out…


Camparison is that its a little better than 1 18650 battery. Depending on how you use it, it will last all day at medium to low watts. I vape at around 80w and it has gotten me though the day on both days I’ve used it.

IMO its more efficient than the other TC MODS I own. I can use it at lower watts and it has the same vape that it has at higher watts on my other tc moda.

I’m vaping at 80w and 450F. I use my other TC mods 90 to 120w and 450 to 600F.

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Thanks! That’s the part I was looking for. I come close to draining a 2x18650 mod each work day. I’m not in an environment where I can really plug in for a quick charge either. I should probably hold out for the 3x18650 Reuleaux then. I’m not in need of a new mod at the moment, but the DNA 200 stuff really interests me.


Damn this thread …damn it all to hell !!!


Here’s what I did. Please let me know if I’m right. Also, I don’t see anywhere to enter dual coils so is this not necessary?

It all looks right to me. I was told the most important part of creating a CSV is the material and the gauge… The build doesn’t matter unless you’re using different types of material. Just remember to give it a name that reminds you of the wire type and gauge. Don’t give it a long name also. The name will show up in the profile you associate it with.