My thoughts on the Vaptio N1 Pro Mod

Pugsley did an excellent review of the Vaptio N1 Pro mod, and I thank him. I received mine 2 days ago and thought I’d put my feelings about the mod out there also. Got really interested in the mod when Vaptio had their giveaway, decided I really wanted one, and when the winner was not me (lol) I decided to order one from their website. It felt kind of risky, being a very new site and new company and all. There is a vender in the UK selling these, but none in the States I could find. But the payment through paypal went through without trouble. I ordered mine around 10/24 and it finally arrived 11/15, about 20 days. It ships from China.
I ordered the white with gold accent, just the mod, no tank. It was packed well and in very nice condition on arrival. It fired up right away and has been working flawlessly since. I’m actually extremely pleased with it. I’ve been using it exclusively now for 2 days and absolutely no problem so far (let’s see what I have to say in 3 months).
Several things I’d like to mention. The color display is beautiful, extremely crisp and for me easy to read, looks much nicer in person than on the videos I’d seen. I don’t use temp control so I can’t comment on that function, power mode works very well.
The 510, no problems and threading is good. I don’t have any tanks or mods wider than 25mm, so everything I’ve put on here looks good. I have a stainless Aromamizer Supreme V2 on it now and it looks really nice. I will say that smaller or narrower types of rdas or tanks (say 22mm or compact rdas) look a little dwarfed on this mod. But all my larger tanks and rdtas sit proudly. Tall tanks look really good on this. And I will say that with two batteries, its just not as large looking as it looks in the vids…its really not a large mod until you put the 3rd battery door on.
The weight…its a heavier mod, yeah. Feels the same weight approximately with 2 batteries as does my original Wismec Reauleaux with 3 batteries. Not something you could carry around in your shirt pocket no, but in the car or on the desk its totally fine. But, if all you have are light mods, this would feel pretty heavy.
The paint finish seems very nice, but only having it a short time I can’t vouch for the durability.
The battery door…there are two metal latches or hooks at the top of the cover that need to be in place before you can close the door, and the door does need a firm push to close, but it latches securely and isn’t going to pop open on you. Just take your time when closing it. The bottom button works well and it opens easily when pressed.
So would I recommend it…if it continues to function as well as it does right now, yes I really would. I really like the looks of this thing, very stylin. Feels really good in the hand. So I decided to order the Frogman tank as well… I did and I’ll be interested to see how that performs. Apparently you can use other manufacturers coils in it, such as the baby beast coils.
Communication: I received tracking confirmation 2 days after purchasing the tank. There is a flat $5 shipping fee, no expedited options available. But the letter was very polite and they informed me it would be approximately 20 days before I receive the tank. Ships from China via PostNL (nederland post). Tracking was good via 17track for the mod, it sat in US Customs for a day and a half and then continued its journey to me.
So that’s been my experience with the mod. I like it lots, and for me, the wait was worth it.


I’m excited to try it when it gets here. :grinning: I’m hoping it comes in the next few weeks, fingers crossed. I’m actually excited to try the Frogman Tank, I haven’t used a tank (or RTA) since the Moonshot, and haven’t used something that took pre-made coils since, hmm the Subtank Mini I think… long time ago. Thanks for the info!


I’m glad someone with experience with NL Post has posted something. I had never even heard of it until winning the giveaway. I had always used Epacket, as a default when ordering from China, which was quick for me, but I’m sure it depends on where you live. Mine has been at ‘Ready for Shipment’ since 11/7, but seeing as it’s economical, it’s obviously the way to go for some companies.

Awww, Silhouette, you know, it couldn’t have gone to a nicer person! And yeah, that tank will be interesting to try…it’s been awhile for me as well to try a premade coil tank. I think we’re both in for a nice surprise, from what I’ve seen of the reviews on it.


Thanks for sharing! :+1::grin:

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No Problemo!

Nice write up @Cosmic, thanks for the shout too :wink:🖒 mine still sits on my bedside table and gets used most nights, its a really good mod, solid and reliable and because I dont carry it around anywhere it still looks good as new :ok_hand::wink: thanks for sharing your thoughts :grin:

We all look forward to your cool reviews Pugs, they are a legend on here for sure.


you’re too kind man…not sure everyone share’s that sentiment on here lmao, but it sure is nice to hear that you like my claptrap :wink: thank you!

I’ll add my observations here too since others have done such a fine job reviewing the N1. I have been using mine for about a week.

First, the whole shipping thing was a little odd. I got a confirmation email right away saying it would ship 2-3 days after payment and I would be sent a tracking number. Paypal sent me a a confirmation instantly after the purchase saying it had paid Vaptio. I waited a week and had still not received any email so I contacted support. They were very polite and told me my order had been paid and sent out. I waited about another week and asked for a tracking number. They responded and asked about my order number even though it was in the chain email. After one more email I got the tracking number but only after the package had reached the US. It came into New Jersey and the Vaptio box had a sticker from a UK Distributor. It reached me in just under a month and the responses from support were always polite and within one day.

So to the mod. I only use wattage so I won’t make any uneducated observations on temp control. I hate that in power mode there is no amperage display. I like to know everything going on out of curiosity and for safety issues. In dual battery mode it delivers good strong current. I have several mods, Sigeli, Laisimo and Fuchai that are very weak in comparison to most mods. This is right up there and does well all the way until the batteries are done. Even the last vape is strong.

In triple battery mode it does really well. Comparing it to my Fuchai Duo-3 and my Cuboid 200, the Vaptio wins no contest. Stronger vape, consistent power delivery and much better battery life. I tested it against the others using my Vandy Vape Triple 28 and Ijoy Exo v12 both using 3 coils. So a 28mm tank hangs over the platform but not the mod itself The 510 deck thing is just bizzare. You have a huge mod but the raised deck around the 510 isn’t that big. Add to it all that your tank doesn’t screw down flush to the deck and its just bad looking.

Right now my two favorite value priced mods are the Dovpo Trigger and Vapecige Creator IM200. The Vaptio would be third in that value price range. That said, I got the Vaptio for $37.20 at half price. I would pay that much for it, but no way would I pay full price for it,