My Vaping Story

Good Morning all

Firstly I will start with introducing myself,
I am Jonathan, (Jon) or as some of my RC Friends call me Curby

Been smoking for a number of years, i guess it was all down to peer preasure, and all my member of the family smoked aswell. Which didnt help either

I have a servera Inertentive ADHD, living in Wigston, Leicester, UK
have two boys 9&7 both with Special Needs, I feel sorry for the missus having to deal with all three of us LOL Bless her heart…

When i first started to quid, I used one of those little e-cig pen’s, which was ok i guess,. but wanted something bigger and better. Next step up was a Orbital VW Battery with a Aero Tank, carnt think of the correct name for the Tank. that was for a while .Still not cutting it for me so next on the list was a Kanger Nano subtank, that was fine for a few months, Then moved onto a Aspire Pegasus TC MOD. Great loved it. was getting my liquids form the local E-cigwizard shop from me, My All time favorite was the Vulture Punch from Button Junkie, £16 for a 30ml…
which i was getting through within two days…
I then started getting my liquids from a friend who was making them up,
i was saving a fair bit, £5 for a 30ml… great, but even that was getting exspensive for me

Then became a Aspire Tester for their new products, and got my hands on the all new, all singing Odyssey MINI kit (GoLD Edition) great, but TBH I am very dissapointed with it.
uses nautilus coils, wicking holes for me are WAY to small. I am just Not getting the flavor from it…So thats now stuck on the shelf gathering dust.
Possible to be SOLD to fund towards another MOD…
I am not a massive fan of BIG MASSIVE CLOUDS OF VAPE, But I do like to have a play once in a while with new ratio’s to produce big clouds…then get bored of it again LOL…

So I did some research into making my own, I knew that the biggest hit on the bank balance was getting the first kit, then ordered my first DIY KIT, Glad I did…made a few errors doing so, oh well…
live and learn.
Just ordered a another load of flavors from Darkstar Vapour
Done some reading of the mixture for this vulture punch, i think i will have a attempt at doing it …
may be all good, or may go all wrong… who knows…
will keep you all posted …

Well thats a little about me lol…


That’s awesome! Congrats on making the switch. :smiley: I’m looking forward to hearing what you come up with for the Vulture Punch. It sounds really interesting.

If you feel like it, why don’t you add your story to the thread here:


I began my DIY in pursuit of cloning a commercial favorite. In the process I learned so much. DIY is just how I live now. And congratulations on getting off the stinkies!


Hi ya, thanks for the kind message,

would you be so kind as to share any good mixes that you have done,
I currently have one or two in for steeping as we speak, it smells delightfull, lets hope it lives up to the taste as well as it smells…

only time will tell, I amtring to find a recipe for the Button Junkie Vulture Punch,
i am found one called sucker punch, but not sure what that is a clone of !!

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Well, not sure if you know that this is the forum of a great calculator at You can find all my public recipes there as well as my entire flavor stash (almost). Most people use the same names on both sites, but a few including the friggin owner of the site @daath/Lars use different names on the two sites.

My palate is pretty specific as I prefer fruits, flowers, and tobaccos and generally do not care for bakery, desert, custard, or cream foreword vapes. So you may well not care for my stuff. My original clone was of Uncle Junk’s John Wayne, which is a caramelized tobacco. You can use a different, bought vanilla, I would recommend Vanilla Tahity (FA) as it is very versatile and common in many recipes.

Uncle Junks John Wayne Clone

Ingredient %
Butterscotch (TPA) 1.5
Coconut (TPA) 0.5
DX Hazelnut (TPA) 0.25
English Toffee (TPA) 0.5
Homemade Papua Vanilla 3
Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) 2
RY4 Double (TPA) 1.5
Salted Caramel (FW) 1.5
Smooth (TPA) 5
Toasted Almond (TPA) 0.25

Flavor total: 16%

Remember to rate it at!
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Wow I have to admit that is certainly a concoction i may try when i get some more flavors, depending that the vendor stocks them, Yeah I have had a look some at some fantastic mixes I want to try. But My supply of flavors are very limited at the minute, Since I had a relapse of smoking, I placed my vapers on the shelve and my stock went deep in the cupboard.

So Now i am back on the vapers, and back to mixing again i am tring to stock on some mixes, flavors etc …

fel free to add me as a friend if it is possible on here, still tring to find my feet. and navigate myself around the forum

TPA gets a lot of crap around here, but I started ordering directly from there. You can get a small sample of each flavor for like $1. It was a great way to get started.

…and I think you’ll find we’re all friends. This is the weirdest forum I’ve ever been on in that respect. Not a bunch of juvenile posturing, just adult conversation and genuine helpful and honest advice. Disagreements are ridiculously civil. Best site on the net, not that I get around.

Welcome aboard. Post if you head back to the stinkies or even think about it and we can jump in with suggestions. People here WILL help you and DO understand.


Thanks alot all… i am greatfull… I am truly going to put my heart in it this time 100%
now my wonderful Inlaws brought my Uwell Crown Tank for repairing their Computer for them…
little token of appreciation from it goes along way with me … just their way of saying thank you

My first pot in ELR! I figured this would be the best place to start and give a run down of “my story”.
For intro purposes, not that it truly matters considering we are all on the internet, I am a 49 year old male. Smoked for 33 years. This past summer, (starting this past May), I developed a realty bad cough. I actually thought it to be nothing more then a summer cold. After a month or so of this continued cough, literally to the point that I couldn’t hold a conversation, I decided to have it checked out. First clinic I visited diagnosed me as having “sinusitis”. Gave me a few meds and sent me along my merry way. Another month passes, cough still persist! I visit a second doctor (different) and was diagnosed as having “allergies”. Was given a few shots and some steroid packs to take. However, this time I was told that if it didn’t clear in a few weeks, they would like me to have some chest x-rays. Obviously, we can see where this is going…
Few weeks later, coughing as bad as ever, I go and have the x-rays done. Next day I am called by physician that requested them from my latest visit. Turns out I have one of the early stages of a lung disease (COPD). Dr. tells me I have two options…quit smoking or basically continue to get worse where my quality of life will be affected degrading as we move on.
It’s sad how sometimes it takes a call like that to get our attention lol. Needless to say, that was a little over six weeks ago. Minutes after that call, the remaining pack of cigs I had hit the garbage can. My wife, who is older then myself (and also a smoker) kind of gave me that crazy look as if to say, “well I’m not quitting too”. lol Now I don’t want to make her out to be a bad person, as she isn’t. I think it was just the suddenness of it all.
I went to a local vape shop and said, hook me up! After all, I am not going to lie and say that I didn’t enjoy a certain satisfaction from smoking. I was hoping that vaping would replace that satisfaction.
I absolutely love my little pro-color by smok. Vapor is satisfying and WOW, how I never heard about the flavoring before just somehow amazes me. Three weeks into it, my wife “hits” my little pro-color. (If she ever reads this, I apologize honey) But, I almost wrecked the truck laughing as she choked on the immense flavor and huge vapor hit she took. It really was a great day as later that day, I bought her the little AL-85.
We are both now cigarette free (her for just over three weeks, and me over 6).
Then I found out about mixing which brought me to ELR (those premium juices sold in B&M’s can hit the pocket book almost as bad as cigs).
Glad to be here and appreciate all of the info you all have shared. I continue to look forward to the interactions and hopefully I can give back some to this community.
Paul Demary
aka msclcar1
(Muscle car)


Great to have you here! And congrats to both of you for giving up the cigs! :grin:

Hello peeps. I quit Feb. Of 2016. My employer at the time would let you vape while working. I fault the coughing n dramatic change of nicotine consumption and after a month or so I was able to raise my nic. % after my lungs had healed. I had no more constant coughing phlem up, no more nasty cig smell on me and absolutely everything I own! And an overall increase of my health. I now vape mostly mech mods with rda’s. It’s really turned into a great hobby for me. I enjoy tinkering with my builds and have a huge collection of limitless ar V2, geekvape ageis, evic pro se’s, eleaf ikonn 220, sig 213 n dna 75 vw mods to my mechs that i truly love and r my adv including my rouge’s ,broadsides, arc mods V2, 2 trishul’s, couple ronnin’s and a few clones like my mongrel V2 , my 11 11 styled vaperszcloud and countless others .I love my rda’s, rdta’s etc… Best of all, I have now been diy juice for over a year now n infuenced several friends and my fiancee has been smoke free for a year now. I can’t say enough how appreciative I am for the receipes and the app itself for mixing and integrated flavor stash with amounts now being updated as I mix, the $ per mix and the ease of use of the calculator and endless info from past n present posts, anywho. I thank y’all helping me on my journey to a better way of life and desire for that perfect tasting juice I hope to find along the way !!!:peace_symbol:


Hi I’m new to the forum and hope my post here is in the right place.
I’m from the U.S. and am 50 years and 8 days old:-)
My first experience with vaping or e-cigs was somewhere between 1994-1996 with one of the first cartimizers (I know I spelled that wrong) anyhow back then the batteries weren’t there and died after only three weeks and seeing they didn’t take off in popularity neither were replacement cartridges readily available.
I got back into using them starting with a kit somewhat like the very first I owned then moved up to pen style Kanger Tech,and then to mod boxes which was where I needed to be or wanted to be.
Besides the health effects I have been sick of the nasty yellowing of the paint on my home and sticky feel of everything from smoking cigarettes,I was a chain smoker for years.
Now I’ve even gotten my 70+ year old father set up with 2 good mod boxes and tanks though he is only interested in or able to handle vaping spearmint it has been a task getting him set to the right PG VG mix that won’t choke him and now I’ll be making DIY e-liquid for him and myself.
I’m happy to have found this forum and have learned quite a bit so far…