VaperVersaries ! Let's celebrate your quit date. :)

It’s my VaperVersary!! Yay!
Since Jan 10, 2015:
365 days smoke free,
9,130 down,
$2,510.75 and 38 days saved!


gratz, happy vaperversary ! many more to come :0)


:tada: Congrats, Alisa! :tada:


Way to go. Keep it up.


Congrats @alisa. Shout it out proud!
I celebrated my 1-year 12/24/15. It’s unbelievable to me still.


Congrats!! I’m right behind you, 1/16!


Congrats @Alisa and many more to come


Congrats never go back. I’m at 489 days saving £9,291
That’s $13,491 Premium stinkies are very expensive in the UK


Congrats @Alisa! Happy VaperVesarie!:clap::clap:
My quit date was 1/05/2012!


Nice going.

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Congrats to everyone!

Mine i no longer remember, its been several years now. I celebrate it every time i walk up and down the stairs, ride a bike or jog on the treadmill.


Congrats to everyone.
Stopped smoking 1/1/15. First full year smoke free and looking forward to many more. Even after 1 year smoke free i can feel a massive difference both in health and the pocket. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash::dash::dash:


Congrats Alisa and to every one.


Congrats!!! I won’t have my VaperVersary until August 7th. That day will forever be embedded into my mind because it’s the day I got released from the hospital with a COPD diagnosis. Almost thirty years of smoking two packs a day was bound to catch up to me, and it did. I can happily say though that I am breathing again… normally after only these few months vaping. I haven’t touched a cigarette since that day when a friend on a cell phone talked to the lady at my brick and mortar shop and hooked me up with 30 w istick and an aerotank v2 with some Cowboy eliquid. It seems like much longer than it was LOL


I quit smoking cigs about three months ago, maybe December 1,2015 (not really sure) but I had to try it a couple times since (drug addict, clean date 3/5/86) the taste was horrible so I couldn’t even finish the damn thing. I consider my stop smoking as of January 1st New Years Resolution (sounds good) all due to vaping. Started with a pen, but a friend served up an iStick 50w mini and I never went back. Started smoking regularly at age 16 and I just turned 58, that’s over 40 years at 2 packs a day for the last 10 years of it, Emphysema had nothing on me, couldn’t breath, hiking into my favorite hunting grounds proved to be impossible the last two years…Kansas laws forbid a handicapped vehicle in ‘walk-in only’ areas so my sticker did me no good for hunting. Dragging my deer took 1 1/2 hours for a 500 yard drag.

Since I started vaping, all the money I used to spend on smokes now go for flavor ingredients, so it evens out for now, but in the long run, my $400.00 a month costs at the smoke shop will be cut to about 50.00 a month in DIY mixing. My newest addiction is my Madd Scientist Lab in my shop, mixing and coming up with new ideas for a favorite all day vape. Don’t know that I’ll ever find it, but I’m having fun trying. My i Sick seldom leaves my palm, and my lungs are well on their way to recovery. I pray I never have to do any more research for the tobacco companies, I think I’ve done my time…once again it’s One Step At A Time.


Congrats on getting off the stinkies everybody!

My wife and I started vaping on 6/18/2011 and haven’t looked back since. As of today, that’s 1697 days without a cigarette!!!


Today marks 1 year off the death sticks and on to vaping for
me. A year ago today my friend/brother/bandmate handed me his old Kanger EVOD
with a ProTank 3 along with three 30ml bottles of different DIY juices he made
just for me. Whenever I was low on juice…he was ready with more. A few months later he taught me how to make my first juice on ELR. That same day he taught me how to make my first round wire coil. Now I give him claptons, aliens, fused, twisted etc… and he says he created a monster …lol…He saved my life. I tell him every time I see him.

Regrets are very rare for me. I take responsibility for every action I have made and make as my dad taught me from very young. 25 years of destroying and disrespecting my body, my mind and the loved ones around me with cigarettes is truly my greatest regret of all. In those 25 years I tried patches, lozenges, gums and going cold turkey with little to no success. Anyone reading this knows the anguish and false hope those ridiculous products offer. Thanks to my dear friend, loved ones and this absolutely wonderful community here on ELR I am actually nicotine free now as well.

And speaking of ELR….please allow me to get a little mushy here. I joined the forum in late January, early February of this year after a few months of just being on the recipe side. First forum I have ever joined. By
no means am I a social media person outside of band and work stuff. I cannot stand FB, twitter, IG etc to be honest. When I joined the forum side of ELR I was honestly expecting petty arguments, abusive comments, no help for new members etc. What I did find is a family of caring individuals who chose to live and help others live. Thank you to everyone on ELR for being the saints that you are :wink:

Year 1 is done…on to the next year.

P.S…. I just found out I won a giveaway prize from @heaven_gifts today….so sinners can go to heaven…lol


Congratulstions again, MisterSinner . Thank you for sharing. Made my morning! <3


Wow, what a wonderful story! Congratulations on being smoke free for a year!

Congrats on winning your prize from @Heaven_Gifts too!


Big hugs all around :blush: thanks!

Thank you! First time in 25yrs I am able to say that lol