My very first video review! please tell me what you think



this thing took me a good few hours to put together and now i hate it :frowning: i think it’s maybe a bit too long and drags a bit but if my Vaping broskis could spend the 20 mins to watch and let me know exactly what you think.

Please follow the link and check out my instagram too


p.s i hope you don’t mind that i gave you and the website a shout out in the video and description box

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Nice first video :smile: Of course I don’t mind - by all means pimp the site and the forum! :smile:

Most japanese cotton has those “specks” in there. It’s normal. Any off taste is most likely a dodgy coil or a problem with wicking or air flow…


thanks dude :thumbsup:

spose i should have researched that first haha
but as for the video its ok? I’m not embarrassing myself too much haha?

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I think it was good - I could definitely tell you were excited about the tank :wink:
Some might think frown at the language - a lot of “fucking” going on - I don’t particularly mind though :smile:


noted for the future videos haha.

i did think i efed and jefed a bit much


Good first review Logan.

I agree with @daath that there is a lot of F*cks but you can definately tell you’re super excited about it and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get so excited over black O rings lol.

Well done.

One thing you may want to consider is try keeping your reviews sub +15mins.

Most reviews these days are around 10mins but very well done.

Look forward to more of the same.

You may well be my second sub on YouTube when I get chance, my first ever and only sub at present is @robthevaper

Loving the excited approach!!!



Oh, another note: Maybe normalize audio in post production - volume was a bit low :smile:


Thanks very much bud!

That’s the plan for future vids 10-12 mins

No sweary swears

And louder volume haha

Cheers guys I’m going to rattle two videos today now haha

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Looks OK, but IMHO very long…


I love how we’re reviewing a review!!! Ha-ha
I’m w the guys on the f-bombs… I swear like a sailor!!! But maybe not so much in a post… and so what a little more research first??? Length any longer may b considered a vlog??? No biggie!!!
Good job!!!


Thanks very much guys all had been taken in and will be adapted in my next vid now to get some subs and like haha.

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I tend to get a bit of a “buckwheat” sort of taste from new Japanese cotton wicks. It isn’t at all overpowering and not even unpleasant, but it is there for the first few hits. I got a bit of a taste from organic cotton balls too though, and it was far harsher than the bit of taste I get from Japanese cotton.

I’ve seen reviewers who have been at it for a while do far worse. You came off as comfortable and easy to relate to. You got a little rushed in your speech in a couple spots, but I think that was just nerves and it is to be expected. All in all, a fine effort. I’ll be watching for more from you.


Nice one dude . I can tell your super psyched about that sub tank ! I can’t wait until you get your hands on a goblin or lemo . To be honest I tried my friends sub tank and was unimpressed because I’ve been spoiled by other tanks I’ve tried . I would rate the sub tank with my orchid v6 which is strictly rebuildable but that is just my opinion. I’m not trying to say its a bad tank cause it’s not it’s a great tank and is built well I’m just saying it’s 50 bucks to my 12 dollar orchid! But I’m a bang for your buck vaper!

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I’ve got my lemo drop on right now I was thinking of doing a twisted build on it and a quick review about how yes it’s been on the market a while but it’s tried and test and a great wee tank for the price!

Thanks very much dude kind words!

I’m currently uploading a quick how to on a ghetto Clapton coil!

Our boy @NewDrip has allowed me to record it for the world to see All 10 views haha

I also purchased a tobecca atty v3 clone today
I plan to do a dual Clapton in it for a build and a review video in the one (under 10mins of course )

Also gonna be smashing up a video on how to do twisted wire builds for the lemo drop

I have a zample box arriving tomorrow which I will also be doing unboxings and review on

So many plans so little time Around my 60-70hour a week job haha


Right on dude , looking forward to more great reviews !

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It’s 3 am here in Scotland so I’m just hitting the sack.

My Clapton tool vid is uploading as we speak. Approx 35mins left! This vids only 8 mins and no swearies haha

Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think give me something to wake up to haha :+1:

I’m nearing my data limit, but I will definitely watch when I get home.