~ Going Out of Business Sale

I expect to see many more posts in the future, such as the one below; going out of business. :pensive:

This vendor is very well respected in the NET realm. I have to say, I never ordered anything from Diane, only because I started doing NET for myself. However, this might just be the time to enjoy some of her handy work and stash away some quality NET mixes for the future. NET juices only get better with time…:grinning:

Diane’s FB posting:

With a heavy heart and a sense of pride I have decided to close on August 1st. Unfortunately, I was never able to recover my sales volume after the credit card processing carrier dropped me due to the FDA deeming me a Tobacco Manufacturer.

I have enjoyed creating my offerings and have met so many wonderful people, even the grumpy ones. You know who you are LOL.

I have marked down all my inventory 30% and will be posting some great deals on bundles of this and that. I have boxes, postage scales, labels, bottles, beakers, Flavorings from Capella, LorAnn, The Flavor Apprentice and such. They may not have pretty pictures but I am sure you will see the savings value!

I promised everyone that I would provide my recipes free of charge so you can continue to enjoy these great flavors. If you want a particular recipe please make a note of it in the comment section of your order, or shoot me an email after August 1st and I will be happy to get it to you.

I ask that you have patience with me in updating my inventory as this is going to be interesting. If there is something that you want and you do not see, please shoot me an email and I will see if I have any left. I am selling everything on a first come first served basis, so come and get it while I still have it!

I want to thank you so very much for your support and I loved living, laughing, loving and vaping with you!



Well Damn :-1:


This is just ridiculous, let’s all join forces and blow a cloud to wrap and imprison these idiots in.

Someone let Diane know she is welcome to come and share her recipes with us fine folks or tell her to keep them close to her chest cause God knows people will be scrambling for good quality liquid if everything goes south. :wink:


As an entrepreneur this saddens me. As many of us hunker down, these are the folks on the front line. I was watching a similar TV show on weed legalization in California. Sounds great but most of the small growers will suffer similar fates due to what we know is coming next …Corporatization and the impending FDA regulation. For Vaping they did the same thing in reverse.


Sad state of affairs. I think any juice company that gets tanked by this should publish their recipe book, either as an ebook for people to buy from Amazon or just for free on ELR, just as a last FU to the FDA monster before you turn the lights off.


So sad
These are real people with real lives
Let’s just put them out of business
That is what big agencies not elected not accountable to the people do what ever they want

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This is why I learned to mix and hoard EVERYTHING I could afford vape related about a year ago.

I knew Altria was going to buy off the bigger operations, steal recipes and drive every one of these smaller businesses right off the map.

They don’t want to shut this industry down - they want to control it and make us " THEIR crack heads".


NET Vapers… This is a site to bookmark and watch carefully on a daily basis. You won’t find almost 500ml worth of NET juice for $30 anywhere. The deals happen fast and furious.

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These deals are not only for NET tobaccos but NET teas, extracts and other sundry items. Crazy good offerings. :grinning:


Sad to see all this happening , I wish someone would actually put a dollar sign on how much these closings are going to cost us all in job and tax loses!:imp:
It kinda makes you feel like a buzzard circling the sick but hopefully my purchase in some small way will help them until they can start over …I Hope!:innocent:
Didn’t know what I was buying @Kinnikinnick so I just grabbed what looked good at the time. I grabbed Boxes 8-14-16-19 I will need to do some research now! :nerd:

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Screen shot of what you got? :thinking:

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I just went back to grab it and didn’t realize these were single boxes for sale.:scream:
I will check my email ,if that doesn’t work I will wait and research after it arrives!:joy:

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FYI , if you buy any boxes write a list of what is included before you checkout!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@Kinnikinnick There really is no telling what I bought but I “think” these are included , roflmfao !:upside_down:
Strong Cigar
My Hero
Gurka Evil XO
Charlemagne pipe
Chocolate Raspberry Mouse
Earl Grey Tea

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My order came in today @Kinnikinnick , I also noticed they now have 82 blowout boxes listed for sale.
Some labels are a little hard to read but here is what I have.
Dunhill Early Morning
Drifting Snow
Pregranulated Latakia
Gaslight Pipe Tobacco
Man of War Virtue Cigar
Herbal Holiday Tea
Drew Estate
Seattle Pipe Club Potlatch
Country Squire Whiskey River
Ashton Wiggin Road
Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mouse
Davidoff Scottish Mixture
Vanilla Love
Creamy Bright Virginia Blend
Gurkha Evil XO Cigar
Indonesia Sumatra
Drew Estate 7th Avenue Blonde
Gurkha Crest Cigar
BKR504 Cherry Cordial Pipe Tobacco
Organic Asian Tea

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Wow! You are set for some awesome NET vaping! :grinning: But, there is a downside to vaping NET… I find it extremely difficult to enjoy a synthetic (anything) vape after I’ve been vaping NET for a while. The true flavor in NET, to me, far exceeds anything else. :grinning: Wick changes and coil burns be damned, but it’s totally worth it every time I do it.

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I’m going to be making a list of the ones which you purchased for you to shoot me a tiny review. I already have a few of these on a wish list for making NET. :wink:

The review can be thus…

A. This NET is awesome! :grinning:
B. This NET is shit! :rage:


Do you usually have a certain starting percentage when doing a single flavor test?
Get your list ready and I will start with those this weekend.
I know I am going to jump into the Gurkha Evil XO and Crest,Country Squire Whiskey River and the Drew Estate 7th Avenue Blonde ASAP.

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I’m kind of a 5%, right off the bat, tester. Typically do that in 3ml to 5ml of base, 40p/60v and no nicotine. It usually gives me a good idea of which way I need to go. :wink:

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Here’s my list! :wink: Take your time…I’m in no hurry.

Dunhill Early Morning

Gaslight Pipe Tobacco

Seattle Pipe Club Potlatch

Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River

Davidoff Scottish Mixture

Gurkha Evil XO Cigar
Indonesia Sumatra

Drew Estate 7th Avenue Blonde

Right now, I’m putting NET batches in the steep closet and enjoying what NET I have on hand. I’m going through and culling certain bottles of my synthetic tobacco stash, which I know for a fact, I’ll never use again. :smirk:

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@Kinnikinnick , I went back to see what all blow out boxes were left and noticed they have a buy four and get the fifth box for free just by using the code FREEBOX.
I couldn’t stand it any longer and have five more boxes headed my way I got pics of the contents of each box this time at least.
The last package I got from Diane also included some candy, a nice glass Erlenmeyer flask as well as the wonderful labels!