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Nature's Flavors Reviews


No worries about the wait. I appreciate the response. Hope you had a great vacation!

I think it comes down to 3 types that are available and vape-able. Extracts, Organic Extracts and Organic Extracts without Diacetyl. I don’t think anyone is using the regular Extracts, so we can put that aside. So, just the 2 types.

I’m going to input mine as "flavor name (brand)"
Should we notate the nonDiacetyl somehow?

Curious because R113 only uses the non-Diacetyl Organic and I currently only use regular Organic.
If I were to try to make an R113 recipe with my version of his flavors, I can imagine the outcome would be quite different.

This is a very low priority issue, not needing a quick response. Thanks for everything!

…is that a dead horse over there? think I’ll go hit it a few times :wink:



If the only difference is diacetyl-free or not, that is what we should be communicating :smiley: Not sure how, maybe: “Flavor name (diacetyl-free) (brand)”?



Dig it, Thanks!



Panettone (NF)… Niiiice! I haven’t done an SF test, but, this is a very unique and Christmas-time-approved flavor.

Panettone is the Italian version of a fruitcake, but more of dessert bread, baked with raisins and dried/candied orange and lemon peel.

This is the recipe I’ve tried it in. At 8 days steep, the brighter orange, apple and lemon flavors from the 1st 3 days are getting a warm, spiced dessert feel. The creams still need some time, but it’s shaping up very well, and seems like it can only get better. I highly recommend the Panettone!

Edit: the raisin is super nice in this flavor, it showed up on day 7 test. I think this Panettone would mix well for a nifty holiday bread pudding recipe!



Has anybody tried Fresh Baked Bread (NF)? I have it, but haven’t used it yet. Looking for a potency check if anyone has it. I haven’t mixed any fresh breads, so any tips on how other breads tend to work might be helpful, too. Thanks!



See if you can toast that bread. I really want some toast…right now. Thanks. Oh, smear some NF butter and strawberry jam on too



I’ll see what I can do!



1 month steep on the Apple Bourbon Panettone is a hit! 3-4 weeks steep may put this off the list for Christmas this year if you don’t have the flavors, but it will be nice all Winter long. I’m really excited about this one, 1st draft turned out great!



I contacted NF a long time ago when HIC recommended their Caramel Cream and Butterscotch. I was confused as to which ones to buy so I’m glad you’ve got this thread started here. I purchased directly from their website and it wasn’t easy, imo.

I’d like to know if you’re using their recommended percentages because I didn’t have luck with the Caramel. I’m still a newb and could use some help. Also, I’m concerned about the shelf life; any comments on that?

Btw, I understand that the Ginger is great. Also, the bottles are huge in comparison, I guess because of their base ingredients?



Pumpkin NF needs to be around the .5% mark. Doesn’t smell strong but it sure is after a steep



Good to know. I’m getting the feeling that some of these need a long steep. I had the same experience with the caramel. Didn’t smell strong from the bottle so I over did it with my mix. For me, this a whole new ball game. Thx for your input.



It really is a whole new ball game. Most of them are strong AF except fr their pineapple, cherry, cherry Bordeaux. Those need quite a bit more…like in the 7-9% range



Please share your experience with this. Doing an order direct from NF and this caught my eye

Also NF cheesecake, your thoughts?



I haven’t tried Caramel Cream or Butterscotch yet. I can vouch for a few that have turned into must-haves for me, though:

Brown Sugar
Burnt Sugar
Coconut Cream
Fresh Baked Bread
Banana Nut
Lemon - Top Notes
Milk Chocolate
Peanut Butter

I haven’t SF tested, but I’ve had good to great results with all of these. Edit: I got all of these from diyvaporsupply
I’m glad this thread is here, too. I didn’t start it, but it’s been very useful!



Neither of them really impressed me, sadly. I still think LA versions of each are still better.



What percentage(s) did you run trials at?



3% for each.



Thank you everyone for sharing your results Might have to give in and try a couple of these :slight_smile:



I made a nice pina colada last year in bulk, zero nic, on 30 July 17. I was running out of liquids that were made and steeped. I pulled the Pina colada, made with a large portion of NF, looked at the date and said why not? Added nic for a 120ml bottle and tried it. Wow! It’s still just as good as it was when it was made. Most liquids steeping this long lose their flavor but this did not.
NF has the potency that’s for sure.



On NF direct, have you noticed that 2 oz is only a couple dollars more than a 1 ounce? A great deal! Also seems NF this year is a lot more potent flavor wise than last year. Smelling more flavor aroma than alcohol which very well could affect previous mixes. Notice anything different on your end?