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Nature's Flavors Reviews


if you’ve seen the vapemail thread, you’ll know that i now have 62 NF flavours to test out, thanks to help from @NChris Don’t hold your breath! this is gonna take me some considerable time, especially seeing as I anticipate an unplanned and unwanted house move soon :frowning:
Haven’t even entered them all in my stash, yet.
But since my son is here I thought I’d let him choose which one I SFT first. He reckoned coffee.

Hmm, I have Coffee(Organic) NF, and Espresso (NF)
I think I’d better do both, same time to see how they differ (if they differ)

I;m also gonna SFT Apple Cider (Organic) (NF)because Chris is especially curious about that one.

Any hints, guidance, or guesses as to what% to try with these particilar flavours? (i’ll go for two different strengths of each flavour) and what kind of steep time to expect before they start tasting good? (kinda hoping they’ll be ready, or at least halfway impressive, before son goes home, but i doubt it)

Might add some more to the list soon, but NF SFTs are far from the only thing on my mixing “to do” list, right now, so I’m cautious re,. making promises.
A lot of these flavours (eg Butter!) I’m just gonna use , without doing an SFT first. I know that’s slightly naughty, but needs must!



My last order was about 8months ago and have not ordered regularly enough to compare batch to batch. I assume with extracts though you will have slight variance from batch to batch. I am always satisfied with the potency of NF flavors, first thing i did was dillute the NF brown sugar :wink:



@jay210 I happened across some NF’s a while back and haven’t had time to add them to my stash, or test yet. I’m psyched you scored a big batch, maybe it will motivate me, and I’m excited to hear what you think.



I’m still dipping my toes into “the NF world”… But I’d suggest three testers each.
2 drops, 6 drops, and 0.5%
Simply because the ones I’ve gotten have been very strong.

Time-wise, I’d say between 2 and 3 weeks in most cases. Though coffee in many brands can take up to a month IME.

Take the above with a grain of salt, but that’s how I’d approach them, judging by the handful of NF I’ve tested so far.



No experience here. But, they sound like they’re potent to me.

Let me know when you have them all entered and I’ll see if I have any recommendations. This is exciting! Lots of winners you’ll have, I’m certain.



Most applications should start with .25% to 1% by total weight of application and work their way up. Per:

I suggest using 2% but mix a blank unflavored base, if it vapes but is too strong mix equal parts unflavored base and the 2% SF mix to reduce it to 1%, and have no additional steep time. You can repeat the process to go from 1% to 0.5%. So be sure to note the empty bottle tare weight and mix unflavored base.
The only NF i have mixed with is Malt, it worked at 2% in a mix after 45 day steep. But i have a dulled sense of taste.



Thanks for the help, guys! :heart:

I might go with this, but I’m averse to measuring in drops, and besides, you didn’t specify the bottle size!
Could you translate that to % , please?



@jay210 @sprksfly



Interesting texhnique.

Actually, i’m not covinced that diluting a mix doesn’t require additional steep time. i can think of instances where it does. eg Mf flavours pirchased in 10% dilution shouldn’t need any additional steep time should they? but they do. In fact, They need just as long a steep as the pure MF in my experience., and to my great surprise. I thought that pre-steeping would cut it down a bit at least!

That’s not to doubt your experience, I hasten to add, I’m just thinking that in the event that we want to nail down the steep time as well as the %, then that technique throws in a confounding variable.



I agree you do still need to steep, but you will get a better idea in less time than starting all from scratch. If it tastes chemical and you dilute it in half and the chemical taste goes away it’s worth a mix at your new start %. At that point the steep time will be greatly reduced but not eliminated.
But buying/using a diluted flavor, then mixing that into a nicotine base solution starts the steeping process as the base mixes with the nicotine base. Because typically diluted flavors will be diluted with just PG.



10ml plastic bottle from DIYVS… (virtually identical to a stock 13ml Capella bottle tip)
Sorry I can’t be more specific. I need to find some more 1ml syringes.



thanks :slight_smile: but i really want to know what size steep bottle you’re assuming? could make a huge difference, couldn’t it?



Ask at your local walmart pharmacy. They give me free ones on request, with choice of sizes. They are cheap and you have to cover the numbers with scotch tape or they wipe off. If they ask you what they are for say “to deliver cough medicine for my child” and not “I measure my DIY nicotine”.



I do not notice a difference in steep times between 10 ml all the way to 250ml containers, I know some have said they do but not me.



I was adressing @Sprkslfly
" 6 drops per tester" could represent an enormously wide range of concentations , depending on size of tester bottle. The latter is much more crucial than size of drop (though size of drop is admittedly a pretty big factor) Why the heck is is this question such hard work for me? :laughing:

I sometimes use 10ml bottles for SF tests. i sometimes use 30 ml bottle. I know that some people use 5ml bottles. Which size bottle does he envisage the suggested 2/ 6 drops will be going in to?

Oh! nevermind, I’ll make my own mind up , This is getting way too tortuous now! :rofl:



I almost answered this one to save you the time, but I saw that you were already typing. :hugs:



Sprks uses 15ml tester bottles. Hopefully this saves him some time!

"30 (or so) 15ml bottles just doesn’t cut it .

I’m tired of feeling behind on things, and can’t wait to get the 40 bottles in! I expect there to be leaps and bounds in “trimming the fat” on the shelves in the coming months! Not to mention the fact that their 15ml bottles actually hold 15ml of liquid, and have room to off-gass in the neck! /happy dance"



I thought you were only taking about drop size (since you mentioned how it converts to %).

Steep bottles (in my case) are always either 15ml or 30ml glass. The time between the two is negligible IME.

I have (occasionally) seen a need for slightly increased time when using 60 or 120ml bottles, but that seems to be highly flavor/brand dependant as usual, so I can’t honestly say. (Not enough time under my belt mixing big batches yet.)



Another good suggestion I got from here two years ago was “a layer of clear nail polish”. :wink:

My problem is wally world seems to be clamping down on syringes in the metro StL area. I used to be able to freely buy them at both Walgreens and wally world. They don’t give away Leuer tipped 1ml (only the slip tip, which I hate), and anything else requires a scrip. =/

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Ok finally. A clear understanding. lol

My SFT’s are always 15ml!
Sorry for the confusion.