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Thank you brother!
(great memory and search usage!)

You “win” ELR for the day IMO! LMAO



Might look at:
Suggest using lacquer, varnish or clear nail polish and no tape except if you plan never to wash them .



I’m finally mixing some SF tests. Taking a break from all that shaking , ATM . I’ve decided to do them 2% and 5%, might both be too high for the really concentrated ones, but 3 different % would be way too much, given the number of flavours I want to test.
So far I’ve done :
Apple Cider (NF) @ 2% and 5%
Cider (Organic) (NF) @ 5% (for comparison)
Coffee (Organic) (NF) @ 2% and 5%
all mixed in 100VG (might add some DW, if necessary, to thin it for tasting)

I was wondering if there would be any real difference beteen the Apple Cider and the Cider? (what else is cider made from but apples ?) but right off, i can say that the Organic “Cider” is considerably darker in colour- a proper cider colour, indeed; whereas the non-organic " Apple Cider" is colourless .
Upon sniffing the bottles, the “Cider” smells very appetising, whereas the “Apple Cider” has an unpleasant chemical smell, to my senses (must say, i’ve sometimes detected unpleasant chemical smells where nobody else has though). The 2% smells weak, but early days, yet!
Might risk tasting tomorrow!
Next (hopefully tonight) I want to mix the organic Espresso, for comparison with the Coffee.

I have a question for @Plunderdrum: not sure if I’m, gonna SF test it, but I definitely want to use the Fresh Baked Bread.Interestingly, it smells just like the RFSC Fresh Baked Bread, but i’m hoping it will taste better! So, anyway, what % do you recommend? and can you recommend a % for the butter too? (yep, I’m making myself a sandwich :grinning:)



Fresh Baked Bread NF is much more pleasant than RFSC! My favorite recipe using FBB NF uses it at 1.5%. It is very realistic, but does have a hint way in the background of Cinnamon. It’s more of a rustic homemade bread than a cheap white bread from a major brand.

The RFSC, woah… I tried it in the same recipe as the NF, just swapped brands, left it at 1.5% to see how it compared, and it was soooooo yeasty! Like a warm yeast roll with too much yeast. I’m hoping will be better at <1% maybe adding it in at a drop or 2 per 30ml to give some depth the the sandwich I made.

Here is the recipe for reference, I’ve posted it before, but want you to see how I used it. I like it very much. It’s a good 30 day steep. Hope this helps!



.5-1%… 1% is for a full prominant butter flavor. I haven’t tried it higher than that, but it’s all I’ve needed.



Great. :smile: Thanks!
I really love the Kandi Hed Buttery Butter, but it’s really dilute. I’'m hoping this one will taste just as good, but at much lower % . So far, so good!
As for that RFSC FBB, yeah, you have to go way below 1% with that. Can’t say exactly how low , cos i never got around to tasting my last batch of tests for that. Needed the bottles more than i needed to faff around with that flavour anymore :laughing: I’m rather glad to hear that the NF tastes good @ 1.5% . I’ve been trying to mix a decent sandwich for soooooo long.



I fell asleep before I got back to mixing :blush: so my two different NF coffees will now be staggered by a few hours . Oh Well.

I’ve just got back to laboriously filling in my flavour stash. It’s laborious because I will keep using the “Quick find in stash” box by mistake. Then I stare in disbelief at the 2-3 suggestions, then I type in the whole, long text string in full, then I correct my typos. Then I realise my mistake,and copy-and-paste into the right box. Then I get totally exasperated with myself! Then I instantly do the exact same thing with the next flavour :rofl:. I must be getting to be a very old dog, hmm? :blush:

Inbetween , mind, i couldn’t resist checking for flavour notes…which are usually absent, ofc.

How about some notes on the Custard (Organic) (NF), guys? I know that loads of you have this flavour because the system told me! :thinking: hmm, alright, then I mean think that probably loads of you …etc.

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Gotta thank @Sprkslfly for his incedibly detailed flavour notes , over on the other side, on Apple, Red (Organic) (NF) …or should that be Red Apple (Organic) (NF)? to match all the Green Apple entries? :thinking:

Frankly, I do prefer Sparky’s syntax , cos it makes it easier to find all the apples in your stash, doesn’t it?
But I guess that either way, we need an official ruling on this? , @daath ? (sorry to drag you back into this thread, yet again )

Anyway, I’m gonna record Sparky’s entry for posterity, below (just in case he has a brainstorm and deletes that flavour, and those great notes along with it)

Preferred accent: ~0.5%
(not a standalone flavor)

Absolutely incredible flavor, but VERY potent!!!
A little goes a LONG ways with this one!!

A very authentic red apple, down to the red skin! This is predominately what makes this flavor though IMO. Most of the red apples I’ve tried get the body down (varying in sweet juicy center) but they miss the “red” factor (in many cases) almost completely. I’m not a huge apple fan (eating them raw) so take that into account, but, when I want an apple pie, it’s not so much that I want the skin in there, but there’s an inherent “something” that’s just missing in most flavors. THIS IS WHAT’S MISSING!!!

I’ve tried Country Apple (Pur) and it’s good, and before this, was the closest thing to getting that “red apple” flavor that I was looking for (strange I know, because it was supposed to be primarily a “filling” thing the way I’d understood it before. [Liquid Amber (FA) is said by some to yield a ‘cooked’ aspect for fruits. That was quite a ways off the mark IMO, but I obviously still need more time working with that one…]

Personally, the filling part (the spices, etc) for me is accomplished better by using Apple Filling (FLV). These two, along with Apple Pie (TFA) makes the core of the recipe I’ve long been working on for my “Sprk’s Apple Pie”!! (Not yet released, as it’s still being refined.)

Preferred single flavor mix: 0.5%

(flavour notes by @Sprkslfly )

Just one question, @Sprkslfly : what kind of steep time are we looking at for this one?



This must have changed in the interim?

That “Apple cider” extract is definitely not organic. and the difference between that and their Organic Cider is extreme! (and, yes, both came from DIYVS) .

At this point, I already feel like sticking my neck out and saying, given a choice, go for the Organic version of NF every time. These are deifinitely two different animals.

Must say, I read up on "natural flavourings " at one point in time, and was shocked to learn that what manafacturers can legally call “natural flavourings” and what mosty of us would think of "natural " are not the same thing at all! To get a genuinely natural product, it looks like you have to go as far as “organic”

On a side note, my entering -NF-into-stash project has hit yet another stumbling block *sighs * I have quite a number of flavours that are not listed as organic on the DIYVS sales invoice , but it turns out that at least one of those (Espresso) actually is organic, according to the label. I only noticed that because i pulled ithat one out for an SFT. So now I have to pull all these buggers out, check the labels, and modify my entries accordingly, don’t I? *big, heavy sigh * On the bright side, mind, I have more organic flavours than i thought! :grinning:

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OK, on checking the bottles, I can only find two flavours that are not labelled as organic. These are the aforementioned Apple Cider (NF) and the Basil (NF). Looks like everything else that i purchased is organic- assuming that the labels are to be trusted over the invoice?
But wait! These two are listed as organic in the sales invoice, so we have another contradiction

Has anybody else noticed these discepencies? Has anybody asked DIYVS about it?

I expect that most of us buy our NF from DIYVS? And ,. probably, most of us use the sales invoice for reference when entering .

I’ve just been looking at one particular flavour Bordeaux Cherry. I bought that one because I’ve read a couple of enthusiastic recommendations on here (not that I can seriously claim to need another cherry :laughing: ). And yeah, it looks like quite a few members have that one. But hey! seems it 's organic (from the label) , so I entered the Organic version in my stash, and now I appear the sole possessor of that flavour!

Well, I suspect that we’ve all got the exact same thing, in fact. and it’s probably organic, since that’s what it says on the bottle, though, awkwardly NF do that flavour in both the “natural” and the "Organic " ranges ( I just checked their site)

Do DIYVS have a presence on this forum? If so can they please confirm that the following flavours , from them, are Organic as per the label? (but not as per the invoice)

Bordeaux Cherry (NF)
Brandy (NF)
Cany Cane (NF)
Chestnut (NF)
Cotton Candy Vanilla (NF)
Cream Cheese (NF)
Ginger (NF)
Espresso (NF)
Spearmint (NF)
Walnut (NF)
Also , can they clarify whether the Basil and Apple Cider are organic or not?

Was @Plunderdrum maybe right all along when he said that NF from DIYVS is all organic?

In any case, we have yet another ghasly syntax mess , don’t we? Sorry, @daath :frowning:



I’ll get to them… :wink:
At some point “soon”-ish!
Ty though!



By “traditional” (throw it in storage) methods… About 3 weeks give or take.

Also worth noting, 0.5% was a very potent standalone! It does smooth out over time though.

In a mix, I’d recommend starting with only a couple 3 drops or so per 30ml. Bump it as needed from there.



I’m very curious about these flavors. Please keep us posted :slight_smile:

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That’s the idea ;). But it’s gonna take me months to SF test the lot .
Meantime I’m looking for all the pointers I can find.
I’m thinking of SF testing the cherries next, Bordeaux Cherry is said to be really weak, so i’;ll save myself some frustration by not going below 5% with that one, What about Black Cherry, though? Does anybody know if that’s a weak one, too?



DIYVS’ main flavor designer, Jim, assured me that the NF they carry are all Organic Extracts. This was via email correspondence in July 2017.



Have you tested that Danish pastry yet? I’m about to go on a cinnamon roll shopping spree lol should I consider it?

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@Fishaddict420 LOL I haven’t even got to that one yet, but it DOES smell really good. I was actually referred to that flavor from a lady with a juice company. I’ll mix up a tested when I get home tonight.

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Mixed a tester up @Fishaddict420



I’m excited! For some reason I really like going with companies that are less known, the bakery bonanza and cinnamon swirl pastry from flavor revolution are already on my list, as is bakers touch by liquid barn. I’m probably gonna create a thread asking for help/opinions but I still need to check pre existing recipes on the recipe side of elr. I thought I didn’t like cinnamon vapes when I first started vaping cause I got one from vape wild and it tore my throat up, but then when I realized their nic is harsh I started retrying flavor profiles I had sworn off because of them, turns out I love a good cinnamon roll lol



Just ordered NF Black Raspberry with a few other goodies. There seems to be Zero info on this one in the Database. Tried the incorrect spellings/syntax, too. I’ll be sure to leave some notes!