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@Fishaddict420 I’m testing the NF Danish right now, and was only able to give it a 5 day steep, but it’s pretty damned good already. I think I mixed it up @ 5%, and it really does taste like a danish. Some bakery/pastry, with some light cinnamon, and I’m actually getting some light cream cheese out of this. It’s actually quite good, and interesting. Somewhat sweet, but just about middle of the road, and all the elements are blended nicely with nothing overpowering. When I read someone else mention a cinnamon note to it, I wasn’t sure what to think as most danishes I’ve tried didn’t have any, but now during testing my fears were alleviated as it’s nicely done.



Let me know if this holds up after 30 days! I tried it at 4% in a mix and it blew up on the steep. But, it may have been other elements in that mix that were to blame.



The way you describe it makes me think it would be a great base for a lot of bakeries, add a little Capella cinnamon Danish Swirl and a little la cream cheese icing and you might get a balanced cinnamon roll type flavor! I think I’m gonna end up going off the deep end with these Danish/cinnamon roll flavors, my list is already like 15 flavors long lol thanks for the update!



@Fishaddict420 You should try this and let me know what you think. You mentioned adding some CDS and CCI, and the more I revisit the SF tester, it’s like it’s already IN there. Doesn’t mean you couldn’t boost it up with both of them, but this one surprised me.



It’s already on my list but it’s looking like I’m gonna have to wait till Black Friday to get more flavors at this point, all the shit in my house seems to want to break all at once lol



Ok. It’s been a month! :):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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And I’m about to mix this if yours held up at 5%

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@Plunderdrum It smoothed out just a bit, but held up very well. I’m liking your Waitin on the Bus by the looks of it.



Thanks! So, it didn’t blow up all crazy in your face. That’s great news!



@Plunderdrum I’m more than knee deep in a shit ton of new SF tests, so I’ve not had time dedicated to going back to that Danish Pastry, but that one is a powerfully good keeper.



As some of you already know, my recent batch of SF testing got pretty well screwed by the house move and associated crap.
However, I did manage to taste those two NF ciders , FWIW, though not at the intervals planned, and did I take notes? nope., meant to, but got overwhelmed by other things. Sorry!

First, I must apologise for that assertion of mine:

At this juncture , I’m entirtely willing to beliieve that this, too, is organic,as @plunderdrum said, though it certainly doesn’t say so on the bottle.

Ealier I wrote:

Now, had I found time to post the next day, i could have told you that the “chemical” smell had worn off already, to be replaced by a pleasant apple juice smell.

I didn;t get around to tasting this until four weeks had elapsed. I very much doubt it needs that long a steep, really, but, there you go, At 5% , with four weeks steep the Apple Cider does indeed taste like non-alcoholic Apple Juice, Pleasant and authentic (for an Apple Juice flavour) but not what I’d call cider at all. ( The 2% batch tasted weak, IIRC)

My son has since informed me that Americans, for some strange reason, do call apple juice “Apple Cider” so perhaps most of you guys would be neither surprised nor disappointed? But if you’re after what we Brits would call “cider” , then you definitely need to go for the other one: Cider (organic) NF

Again, this was nice @5% and tasted just like a medium-sweet British Cider, IIRC.



Only if they’re uninformed, OR if all their (usually remote) area drinks is cider, and lovingly refers to it as “juice”. :wink: (kind of like the whole “soda vs pop” thing)

TYPICALLY for the majority of us though, the two are distinctly different entities.

Apple juice has no spice.
Apple cider has a variety of spices, and often varies by area (from Tennessee, to Kentucky, to Georgia, etc)



Ah. Well , NF seem to be in the “uninformed” category! :open_mouth: That “apple cider” hadn’t the slightest hint of spice. just straight -up apple juice. Not that I was expecting spice, it was that well-rotted (i.e. alcoholic) taste (which you do get from Cider (organic)( NF))that I missed. No matter how you make it, “Cider” in Britain falls firmly into the category of alcoholic drinks!



That’s Hard Cider…

But @Sprkslfly is correct also. We do use Spiced Apple Cider low Alcohol heat it up and add a splash of our fav booze. Mostly a Holiday thing at least in the North. The south could be a whole other thing.



In the Southern US, Apple Juice is refined Apple Cider. When we buy a jug of non-alcoholuc Apple Cider at the grocer, it is dark and kind of pulpy. Apple Juice is clear amber. It (Cider) tastes like extra-awesome Apple Juice. We make Spiced Apple Cider by warming Cider on the stove and adding spices, then pour in some bourbon if we’re feeling festive!



Ooh! I think that this NF Apple Cider might be what you call “apple juice” . It’s certainly clear amber , whereas the “Cider” is dark and kinda pulpy- weeeelllll, not exactly pulpy ofc; it just gives that impression, being not quite so transparent, a proper cider colour, indeed.
One thing is clear: the Apple Cider (NF) is gonna disappoint people on both sides of the Atlantic, because it isn’t what either would expect. Which is a shame, because it’s damned good for an Apple juice!

PS . thanks to @daath’s link , i just easily checked that you don’t have that one, @Plunderdrum …umm, not unless i forgot to add it to my stash. At least it didn;t come up as one we have in common.

Point is: how about adding it to your DIYVS shopping list? would love to hear what you think of it.



I will certainly do that! I’ll get both on my next run. Btw, judging by our stash in common, I think I have some recipes for you to try. I’ll check through when I have some time for that kind of thing and send them to you.



Well, dang! I just received an order and forgot all about getting the Cider! Next time, for sure. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to trying these new-to-me NF’s:

Fig -
Cranberry -
Cake Batter -
Kiwi -
Banana -
Blueberry -
Butter Pecan -
Japanese Plum -
Tutti Frutti -
Sweet Cinnamon -

I left spaces for notes to edit later.

Anyone have experience with these?