Need a cheap dripper

I’ve never used a dripper before, but I want to get one just for testing new liquids. I’ve done some digging and there’s a lot of info out there, but I’m still kinda confused. Anyone have a suggestion on what to use that’s pretty cheap? The only hardware I’ve used is an iStick 30, kanger subtank nano, and nautilus mini.

I have a Dark Horse clone that I have had forever and still enjoy to this day. $10-$15. Although I have a feeling you will end up using it for alot more than taste testing. My tanks now do nothing more then gather dust.

Quick edit-
I would also recommend getting an Ohm Reader. Keep your builds above whatever the iStick30’s recommended min resistance is.

$10-15 sounds like a winner to me. So, I should be able to still use my iStick as long as I keep my coils at a resistance it can tolerate?

If you want flavor and clouds, I would look into a Velocity clone. It truely is awesome! It beats out my Mutation X, Dark Horse, Plume Veil and Doge. Very easy to build on and the air is fully adjustable. Took a couple of weeks but it was worth the wait.

Thanks for the link! Sorry if this is noob-ish, but I’m a complete noob when it comes to builds. So, I would make a coil, make sure the resistance is ok for my iStick, then start dripping?

If you like a flavourful vape (and less interested in dem big clouds) consider the Odin, as well. It’s cheap, as easy as it gets for building, you have options for dual or single coil (single is a lot easier to build IMO) and it looks the stuff, if you ask me :grin:

If you’re not sure whether you’ll like dripping, you could consider the Aqua 2. A bit more pricey, but you get a tank and a dripper in one. Or, if you happen to have a KFL flying around, you could order the dripper top cap for the Kayfun. Instead of a tank you just screw the dripper hull on and off you go.

I’ve been using the same single coil, single air-hole $8 IGO-W and IGO-L for years for testing purposes. They’re on sale at VapeNW right now.

Wow I had no idea they could be so cheap.

Will a cheap resistance tester do the job well? This one is $5.86:

That tester you’re looking at is the same one you get in the U.S. for $14.95-ish; they’re all made in China. Be that as it may, yes, get an ohm meter from somewhere before you start coiling your own atomizers! Safety first.

Thanks. Will that connector fit this? Looks like it’s 2 different type of connections

In short, yes. Some ohm readers come with 2 connections for different style atomizers. You want to make sure the ohm reader you get has that taller type 510 connector installed or included with the reader.

Sounds good. The drippers I was looking at all have the 510 connector so I should be ok. I had no idea quitting cigarettes for vaping would turn into a such a fun hobby. In your experience, does it take much time to get good at building coils?


Nah; took me a few days to get proficient after watching a bazillion YouTube vids and hanging out at a vape shop to get tips and tricks. That was about 2 1/2 years ago! The Vape world has come a long way since then! I’m a tinkerer anyway, so fiddling with small parts, twisting wires and messing with AC and DC current was second nature to me.

Seriously, watch a few YouTube vids on building atomizers, both tanks and drippers, and you’ll be coiling like a madman in no time flat.

WARNING!.. It can turn into an addiction! But, if it keeps you off the stinkies, it’s totally worth it!

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Keep in mind that FastTech and the other China based vendor (they’re the really low priced ones if you’re not sure when looking at a website) will take a couple weeks or more to get to your door.
For immediate satisfaction to get started, get the basics here. Oops… where are you?
That said… the Efest is highly regarded for those standard Ohm meters (some are crap) and I picked one up from Sweet-Vapes for $10. I think I got a Plume Veil rda clone there as well because the price was so good.

You’ll get a feel for a vendor’s pricing just from a few items once you see them a few places, or have paid a little too much somewhere else. :smile:
I’ve found a ton of misc. budget stuff at otherwise pricey sites like MyFreedomSmokes, MyVaporStore etc.

You really need to spend a couple of days at least just scouring the sites and taking notes. Then call the bank about that stupid low credit limit they won’t raise. :smile:

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Does your Istick read ohms? I used my MVP to read ohms until I out built it’s range.


I’m hearing good things about the velocity???

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yeah the istick does read resistance. i didnt even think about that. ill just use that then and save money on a tester.


With the built in protection it won’t let you fire a coil that’s too low anyway.

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