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Need a hot dog flavor


After I eat a hot dog with mustard, catsup, and relish, relish is really key, the next 15 to 20 minutes of vaping is greatly enhanced in terms of flavor. So, I conclude that I need that flavor in a vape. Kinda like using ginger between different sushi entrees. I’ll check back tomorrow for the answer.


NEDW-naturally extracted dill weed. A must have in any relish component vape.


OMG! Only you could actually find an answer to such a question. Bravo my friend. I didn’t think it could be done.


In further retrospect I think it should be called NEWD-naturally extracted weed of dill.

Think of the implications. Would you like me to send you some NEWDs? :smiley:


Um, I’ll pass for the moment. People will probably talk. :rofl:



Description: Crunch, salty, sour, pickle flavor

Personally I like dill relish. But a true hotdog relish is sweet? Maybe a Relish Stone is order.


Summoning @Bob_Bitchen :tada:



I always knew there was something weird about you…

Sweet relish. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:
Obviously one of “Satan’s condiments”… :rofl: :wink:


I guess I could say I really relish this thread, but that would be undeniably lame. So I won’t.


Damn. Now I’m craving a polish sausage on a sandwich roll. Thanks you guys…




shit now I am too gonna go make an Italian sausage on French bread!


Just did a test. The sweet relish alone helps but it is not the same as the whole recipe. Oh my. Off to look for a hot dog flavor.


I blame @Bob_Bitchen


Read ingredients for a homemade hot dog and get spices in flavor form from OOO. Should be able to get close. As for the real meat flavor, just extract flavor from dog hair.


Hair of the dog! Great idea! I think I have a couple in the freezer.


Dog hairs, or the entire…nevemind…don’t answer that :rofl:


I look at it as a community service. We don’t have problems with barking dogs in the neighborhood.