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Need a hot dog flavor


Just don’t grocery shop at Wallmarts or the all you can eat buffets.


Who didn’t see THIS coming ?? !!!




You did the impossible! Hat’s off my friend. Now I won’t have to raid the freezer.


NEM- Natural Extracted Meat, soak meat in VG, Vienna sausage style and store in cupboard. 3 weeks later, strain meat and vape immediately.


Honestly? I honestly did same with tuna tho.


Ok, now we are getting into the realm of gross. Good grief. Go suck a fish?


You will never until you try it. I describe it best as bay water, not a exact tuna taste since the extract is mainly the water used to can it.


Are these left overs ? From those that had Vienna (tiny) Sausages ? Minds out of the gutter,I was talking about stubby fingers. Lol
Please no Ban :hammer: j/k


We would eat these when starving, consistency of Mush. Kinda like Potted Meat or Spam.


All I can think of:


Bwahaha !!! Lmao
Oh the good old days


Aren’t you afraid that after you vape the new e-liquid you won’t be able to taste your hotdog?


Those are extraordinarily nasty little mush sticks. I remember thinking they might be a good snack when I was a little Ogre. OoooPs, nope.


Now ya got me seriously thinking about this odd topic, scary shit. The tuna didnt work so well to get the tuna taste from the extract containing it but thinking you may have better results from the hot dog juice. Save that uneaten end from next picnic unless u choose to give to the dog and soak it in some pg for a spell. Please report back for our next roll of chuckles.


Yes, that is terrifying beyond the capacity for rational thought. You’ll excuse me, I need to go grab someone for a snack and calm down.


Agreed, i’ll have to sleep on these ideas but i like cheese on my dog too :thinking:


Cheese ! Now that’s another story all together.


Gotta be better than vapin a friggin fish. People now days. No culture. sh


Today my Mother told me my Father was 1/2 Ogre 1/2 Troll
The difference of the 2
May I call you Father ??? :thinking:@SmilingOgre. :japanese_ogre: