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Need a hot dog flavor


Cheese ! Now that’s another story all together.


Gotta be better than vapin a friggin fish. People now days. No culture. sh


Today my Mother told me my Father was 1/2 Ogre 1/2 Troll
The difference of the 2
May I call you Father ??? :thinking:@SmilingOgre. :japanese_ogre:




Who would have guessed that a thread on hotdog e-juice would veer off in such directions? :eye:


This one was a real challenge. Lot of chain vapin goin on. Quantum leap at every corner.


@SmilingOgre I can’t tell if it’s a win or not …


Was that originally posted on an April 1st?:grin:


Sounds good w/ some crispy bacon (cap) to me still need the cheese tho for our texas tommies.


@Kanamit No, it’s a real thing !!!