Need advice moving from uwell crown to an RTA

Hey Team, Sorry for yet another request for advice on an rta. Many thanks for responses in advance. I am struggling on which RTA to buy as my first and possible only RTA purchase. I would love to by only one, and not have to buy another one for a year. I am not really a mod hoarder or tank hoarder. I have watched a ton of videos and reviews but trust my community more.

What do I roll with now. Uwell Crown, love the 0.25 and 0.5 ss coils. My preference is the 0.5ohm coil. Love the flavor and performance of the coils. I know that it is a subohm tank, but I still do MTL on the tank…I want great flavor, but I like the increased amount of vapor from a subohm tank.

I plan to build my coils between the 0.3 to 0.8ohms. Kanthal or SS316. I do not plan to venture in super sub’ohmy builds like 0.1-0.25

I have three choices available to me.

Mutation X MT-RTA (will get the two post as well)
Smok TF-RTA G2
GeekVape Griffin Two Post RTA

Three areas of concern I am looking for comments…
Flavor? Good or Great
Easy to wick? Good or great
Durability? are the threads on the tank and screws…and o-rings and ect holding up.

Also, recommendations for acouple sites? I have used vaperdna…which i love, but I may want to try another site that is more geared to stocking wire and ect. Plan to only buy in the usa.

RBA head for the Crown tank perhaps? Just sayin’… I have several for my Crown tanks, but have only used pre-built coil heads so far. Love, love, love the Crown tank. Wanting to try a Rafale, but not sure I want to have to invest in yet another coil head system. I’m dealing with too many as it is.

People love the Mutation X, but I don’t own one.

Heard good things about the SMOK G2, and don’t own one of those either, but it’s on my “to acquire soon” list, 'cause I love my TFV4s. They do suck juice fast though, those TFV4s; but the flavor and clouds… Oh my! The SMOK G2 and G4 RBA heads look like they would be easy to build on, and wick - at least from product photos I’ve seen.

USA vendor for supplies… Code 3 Vapor, based in Oklahoma City. Everything gets to me usually in 3 days. Nice rewards program too. Shop and choose products carefully there. Great prices on many things, some things you can find less expensive elsewhere. Customer service is awesome.

Another great outfit I’ve dealt with stateside is California based, good prices, and also excellent customer service.

One last RTA suggestion, which is also on my “to acquire soon” list - the SteamCrave Aromamizer.

Happy hunting!

Your going to hear 2 sides of the fence on the Griffin, some people love it, some people think it isn’t very good in the flavor department. I have both the 22mm and the 25mm (the 25mm just recently purchased). I like both of these tanks, of the 2 I would suggest the 25mm… the 22mm tank glass walls are very close to the edge of the chimney housing so (if nothing else) it seems the juice has a hard time (or more accurately the bubbles escaping from the wicking area) coming up. The 25mm doesn’t have that issue, the 25mm is a larger tank (obviously), I’m running duel clapton coils at .5 in both tanks using kanthal and 25-30 watts generally and like the flavor I’m getting from both of these tanks with no wicking or leaking issues to date.

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I second the vote for the aromamizer simply because it’s such an easy tank to build and wick and it doesn’t leak. It might not be the BEST in terms of flavor but it’s up there. If I could only have one tank, it is the one I’d buy.

A good place to look for stuff and compare prices is but keep in mind they don’t have all the vendors. You can always search the forum here for a vendor if you come across one you aren’t sure about. Chances are someone has used them and posted something. Also, keep your eye on the good deals thread. People post lots of good coupons, sales, etc. there. I can’t help with wire. I get my SS316 from Amazon and my Ti from Fasttech.

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@Chrispdx I am in the same ballpark of MTL requirements and agree with @ZeroedIn and @JoJo on the Aromamizer…Just got the Original at VapeNW…Simple from start to finish with only 5 parts for cleaning…excellent build deck and simple AirFlow control that is variable from the outside of the tank…It is a rubber airflow ring that fits on the outside…The Aromamizer V2 is a step up with the AirFlow control being permanently installed…Well built, great flavor and fully adjustable, as I enjoy playing with airflow while I vape…Gonna pull the trigger on the V2 here shortly …and it is an inexpensive purchase…and given the looming regulations, not gonna wait too long…

Another for the aromamizer but i would say get the v2 or the supreme.
One of the eaiser rta’s to build on. Great quality. :yum:

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Looks like I’m gonna order the aromizer supreme 25mm along with the Siegel 213w. Uggg. And everything needed to build coils.

Kinda cringing at the cost. Mod+batteries+rta+rda (uwell raffle X)+building kit (coil master v2)+wire+cotton…maybe some bandaids and tissues to dry my eyes. Looks like it will be.

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Look at all the money you are saving from not buying cartons of cigs… :slight_smile:

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Lol, yeah I’ve been spending it on flavoring and slowly and quietly becoming a flavor hoarder.

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That $6 bottle of flavor goes a lot farther than a $6 pack of smokes though! :+1:

True dat. But there are always so many more flavors to buy. Lol.

Welp. Tanks ELR team. Just submitted my Order.

I watched hours of videos last night on rta’s and y’all confirmed what I was thinking. So very much appreciated…love unbiased opinions.

Maybe by this time next weekend I will be building my first coils and of course mixing up new juices to accommodate my changes to vape habits using an rda and rta.


Good news, @Chrispdx. It’s not hard to do at all, and kind of fun too. After a little while and your wallet recuperates, I’d recommend picking up an inexpensive mechanical mod or two, like a Noisy Cricket. Things are going to be getting pretty dicey and hard to come by in the near future, and if your Sigelei mod goes tango uniform, you’ll still be able to vape. Good luck on your journey.

I’ll probablly buy acouple cheeper mods in three months. I’m sure pioneer 4u will come out with the ipvd4 by then…no wait and also the ipvd5…which will finally have tc for stainless steal. I must say my ipvd2 75 tc mod is still going strong.

…Tango Uniform~! Lima Oscar Lima

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