Need help choosing a flavour maker!

Hello guys! Im quite new to the whole DIY liquid thing! On the flip side vaping has helped me keep off the smokes so im truly greatful for that! However i recently dabbled in making my own juices and i tried some capella flavours. The ones i used were the following

Pink Lemonade - I made various batches of strengths between 6 and 25% and it just doesnt taste like anything! even after a week steeping

Juicy Lemond - Same trial and error again but not really a solid strong lemon flavour coming through

The orange flavour - Same as pink lemoade, no flavor whatsoever!

So the question asking guys is… Cappella just not that grat for fruit flavours? What i really want is STRONG and SWEET flavours…that’s whats keeping me off the smokes, so should i perhaps change brand of flavourings? Im still keen to dabble with sweet and fruity flavours.

My local vape shop have the following flavour makers in stock, and i would be super greatful if someone could point me to the brand with the best most potent fruity flavours (i may decide to mix bakery stuff in time so feel free to comment on that)


Here’s the list

Big Mouth
DIY Monster
Flavour Brew
Flavour Art (i know this to be a good one but they have like 4 flavours so its off the list esstially)
Flavour West
Mix Tape
Nu Fruit
Pancake Factory
Psycho Flavours
Pukka Juice
TPA - The Perfumers Apprentice NOT the flavour apprentice

Feel free to cast your votes! Thaks again!


Order online from places like Bull City Flavors, Nic River, Ecig Express, etc. or purchase straight from the manufacturers. Better selection. Probably better prices.


Hi there ! I live in a rural part of the countryside so i have no physical address so my only option is to go to the storel thanks


Also i might add that i live in Spain and NOT the US :D:D


Can’t you have packages delivered at work, by a friend or family in the area?
Online shopping allows you to really get what you want instead of having to rely on a local shop’s stock.
A lot of DIYers in Europe buy their stuff from UK shops like,, and


Which 4 do they have from fa?

As for orange. Do they have orange cream cap? Vanilla custard tpa (tfa is the same thing)? Which options do you have for a vanilla?


too bad you can not get a hold of Flavorah… really missing out there…

Check the UK shops online, and I am sure you can figure out how to get your packages delivered to you, surely a shop close to a town where you live.


i work from home, there is absolutely no way of buying online. but i would like some options for cappella alternatives


so you are not close to a town, that maybe a shop could hold a package for you?


Every brand has better and worse concentrates. Capella has some really good flavors and some are not so great, just like FA, TFA and all the others. You should do some flavor research before buying concentrates, check up on flavor notes from others (here in the forum, on the recipe side and the www).
Either you search for specific flavors and create your own recipes, or you search for existing recipes and buy the required flavors.


ldeally id like someone to just give me some suggestions from that list.


Like I said,

Giving you a blanket recommendation for 1 brand would not do you justice. What I can highly recommend is that you spend some time reading the forum and start in the e-liquids>beginners section. There’s a wealth of information there that will get you on the right track.


Answer my above questions and I’ll have an answer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::monkey:


They are both the same.


If I went by notes here on Flavorah… from what I have seen… I would be way over flavoring too, and very judgmental. :stuck_out_tongue:


capella has some great fruit flavors like mango and golden pineapple

IMO the most potent fruit flavors I have ever used are from Inawera
I can use these in drops per 30ml like shisha raspberry, peach, cactus
so 30 ml will last me a lifetime

TPA and TFA are the same company btw

There must be a way to for you to order online though because that selection is not good at all, most I have never even heard of

Either ship it to a friends address or have it mailed to a post office for pick up?


Oh yes!
You are new!
Where do we start?
Capella is one of the most overall respected flavor lines in the industry. Its not the flavors.
Assuming that you have access to internet, you should try to watch some you tube videos (like DIYORDIE) about mixing, over-flavoring, flavor notes like highs, lows, bases, and learn this site and the abbreviations and navigating recipes.
Then find some flavors you want to try, simple mixes. Like strawberry and vanilla. Not many flavors taste great alone. Think about going to your pantry and pulling put just one ingredient, like pasta for instance. Nobody likes just noodles. Butter is terrible by itself. Basil is wonderful but you don’t eat a bowl of basil.
But noodles with butter (or olive oil) and basil with some salt and pepper, pretty good.
One thing you might want to do is go to forums and search “one recipe you love from another mixer”, or some such, and find a recipe that sounds good, and see if you can get those flavors.
You might need to find an American friend that can ship to you. I dunno.


If I may ask : what do you vape on? RTA, RDA, pod system, older tanks?
I’m only familiar with FA, Capella, FW, and TPA /TFA (they’re the same BTW)
From your list, I would choose Capella and TPA/TFA, however, they have sone good ones and some bad ones, and some others in the middle.
TPA/TFA for me have a better flavours in their line up, but :

  1. their concentration is not consistent, some are very strong like blackberry, some are not as strong like their blueberries, so I would have to suggest you do your single flavour test.
  2. Some of their flavours are straight up bad (ahemraisinahem) so please read up first the flavour notes on the recipe side.
    Good luck in your DIY journey, @Chris111
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Hey i use a pod system (e leaf tance) on 0.6 coil. Which i know to be a maker of great flavour because i used elements pink lemonade and that was out of this world flavour!


I see you like lemon mixes. If you want good lemonade from the flavor house you listed, I would suggest you get FW lemonade. Their Lemon Meringue Pie is good too. Capella Lemon Meringue Pie? some people also swore on that one. Capella Italian Lemon Sicily is considered as a good Lemon base flavor too. TPA/TFA lemons are not considered as good, though.

However, mixing for pod system would be different than mixing for an open system. You would have to use more flavors. Some said 50% more, some says double.

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