Need help to using flavours

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I have : french vanilla,meringue,sweet cream,vanilla custard,waffle Belgian,vanilla bean ice cream,ethyl metol,Bavarian cream,vanilin,strawberry rip, strawberry and banana concentrates!
I would like to make nice strawberry eliquid! I saw lots of nice strawberry recipes but I haven’t got some concentrates what they use in their recipes for example they mostly use graham cracker or cheese cake or different concentrates !
Can you recommend any nice strawberry liquid recipe with that concentrates what I have. Sorry I have mango, papaya, honeydew melon , cantaloupe aswell.
I wish to mix them with my own idea to make my own recipes! I making nice e liquids from recipes but I wanna learn how can I use any of my flavours how can I mix them without any recepie I mean should I make always flavours total 15% or 20% ? If I use more than one flavour like 4 flavour can I make them each 5% each ?
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It’s pretty much a trial and error process when you are creating your own recipe @Ferhat. What I do is think about something I want to make and which concentrates I would need, then look at the AMQ over on the recipe side for each concentrate and build on it from there. Depending on which flavours you want to be more present/accent in the background use more/less concentrate.

Eg: If I wanted to make a melon and strawberry cream from the concentrates you’ve listed I’d say to myself:

I need a melon concentrate
I need a strawberry concentrate
I need a cream (or two or three or four)
I need … concentrate

And then start looking at flavour %

There isn’t really a definitive total % to use (AFAIK) - some concentrates are much stronger than others and your personal preference might mean you need to use more/less than I would. I prefer to use lower % to start with and then build on it from there.

Hope this hel;ps and good luck - I’m sure you will be fine!


Thank you so much lolly for your helping .
What is at mean AMQ ?
So I might wrong but this is what I understand after your text ; so lolly if I want to make something creamy strawberry total 15% flavour if I use!
Strawberry rip 6%
Bavarian cream 3%
Vanilla custard 2%
Ethyl Matilda 1%
Strawberry and banana %3
Can I do like that I mean can I use percentages how I like how I want or they have their own percentages should I use from their pages ?
Thank you

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Sorry - should have explained a bit better!! Over on the recipe side you can look at the Flavor List and find different concentrates. The AMQ is the Average Mixing Quantity used in recipes. Take Strawberry Ripe for example:

The AMQ people have used in recipes is 5.6% with a median of 5% (in a range from 0.1% tp 100%) so I would use this as a guide.

You can totally use 15% if that’s what works for you. That recipe looks good - give it a go - maybe make a small amount to start and then you can always make more when you get it to your desired strength!


find a pairing guide like
Then put a little water in a small glass and drip your flavors in it, then pretend to be a wine conosuer by sniffing your concoction, and swishing a bit of it in your mouth, If it tastes terrible it wont be a good vape. If it smells and tastes great mix 2 or 3 10ml batches at different mixes.
if something comes out good but too strong or weak there is always my calculator!


Thank you cosmic

welcome, have fun :slight_smile:

Thank you lolly
You gave me strawberry ripe example so if I use just strawberry ripe i will look ( avarage quantity)it will be max 10% but still I can use under 10% like 9-8 or 7
But if I mix with other flavours i will look ( avarage mixing quantity)I can use max 5%
But I can use also 1-2-3-4 %percantes for my taste as well ?
Did I understand correctly?
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Yes - that’s totally it - you’ve got it dude! :grinning:

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You could even use more that 10% or 5% - this is just a starting point I use - make it using whatever strength suits your needs :grinning:

Now I understand to use flavours with percentages thank you so much
What you think about this recepie :smile:


Is it too creamy

I see biscuit average mixing quantity 1% but I use 2% it might can be too strong well I will do 1%

Theres a quality answer for you right there.

Who makes ethyl matilda?grrr more stuff ive got to buy lol,sorry couldnt help myself.

Good to have you here,your defo in the right place.

I personally don’t care for biscuit higher than 1%, so if it was me I’d start lower than 2% on that one. Other than that, your recipe looks pretty good! I don’t think it will be too creamy at all. My only other pointer is to be careful with the ethyl maltol, it can mute your other flavors especially over time. Maybe make one recipe with the EM and one without so that you can compare them.

Sorry my mistake should be ethyl maltol tfa :slight_smile:

I used biscuit 1% !
Next diy I will with out ethyl maltol ! You right I just read some about that concentrate ; it can kill all other flavours says! I bought ethyl maltol as a sweetener but if you guys have better one I want to buy and try
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Hi my wife want to buy ultrasonic cleaner to me for steeping my liquids!
Is this really matter to be cold water or hot water ultrasonic cleaner
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