Need help with a good ry4 d recipe

Hay guys just started mixing it ordered like 100 bottle of all dif flavors I’m trying to make a tabacco mix that’s tastes like the one i buy at my vape shop but with no luck it kinda tastes like a sweet Carmel i tried ry4 at 10%all the way up to 15 % i tried putting everything in from TPA carnal an cotton candy an Bavarian cream graham cracker clear last night I even tried to put a little toasted marshmallow in it but it’s still doesn’t really taste good and I can’t even really taste the RY4 All the flavors kind of mask the RY4 I can barely taste all life for now I’m not putting him in the same bottle I did one with just cotton candy to make it sweet and caramel and another one then I tried itI put a little graham cracker clear and Bavarian cream but nothing seems to taste right had it all free bottles for bottles steeping for about a week now everybody says the RY4 double has a caramel note I can’t even taste the caramel note I taste a littleBet of one of them blue cigarettes that you get from Wawa when I first started vaping I’m also using an Aspire Nautilus Nautilus 2 tank I’ll just don’t really taste any flavors and I’m usingThe recommended percents from the Flavor Apprentice and Capella’s body has some tips or a good recipe I want something with like a sweet caramel taste with a tobacco I also got Virginia but it tastes real peppery when I tried it by itself and I also got some desert ship didn’t really taste like a cigarette either just really need some help spend a lot of money on flavors and can’t make one good mix LOL


My favorite RY4 mix is @RocketPuppy’s:

RocketPuppy's RY4

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 0.20
Caramel (FA) 0.50
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 0.50
RY4 Double (TPA) 5.00
Vienna Cream (FA) 0.50

Flavor total: 6.7%

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I also really like @Kinnikinnick’s:

The Bees Knees

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 1.50
Black Honey (TPA) 2.50
Caramel (FA) 2.00
Cream Whipped (FA) 3.00
Honey (FA) 3.00
RY4 Double (TPA) 8.00

Flavor total: 20%

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Thanks I’ll give it a try maybe I’m just putting too much flavor in my total flavor percentage I try to keep around 20%I kind of like a lot of flavor I just don’t understand why I can’t taste to RY4 I made a 10 mL bottle at 15%just to see how strong it would be and I still really don’t taste the sweetCaramel everybody’s talking about I don’t have any AP maybe that’s what I’m missing

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Where did you buy your flavors from, and have you given it a chance to steep yet?

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I got them at nic river a little mix of the flavor apprentice and Capella’s and just a couple flavor art that I thought was tasty I just went down the website and ordered everything I thought tasted good and I’ve seen in a lot of recipes I tried to stick with the flavor apprentice and Capella’s mainly

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Give it a few days to steep and try it again.

I wouldn’t go by what TPA/Cap suggest. Those suggestions are for food. Look up the flavor in the ELR database and use the “Median Mixing %” instead. Also, make sure you’re entering the flavors correctly so that you’re viewing the right one. They should be entered as Flavor Name (Company). For example, RY4 Double (TPA). Then, make sure you are choosing the most popular one (highest green number).


Ok maybe I’m putting in to much I try to use other peoples recipes and tweak them a little bit just so I know what percentages to use but the comments are like this juice is awesome when I make it it just tastes like shit I don’t really taste anything anyway thanks for the help I guess that’s all part of starting out trying to taste all theFlavors and get the percentages I like wish I knew what my vape shops ingredients were probably a trade secret and they won’t tell me LOL anyway thanks for the replies

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If you’re just switching from retail to DIY, make sure you have a sucralose based sweetener. Most retailers put quite a bit of sweetener (2-5%) in their juices and if that is what someone is used to, anything they make without it isn’t going to taste right. Over time, most people lower their sweetener amount or just stop using it completely.

Unfortunately, lots of trial and error is kind of the name of the game. It couldn’t hurt to ask the vape shop for the recipe or even just the brands of flavors they use. The same flavor in different brands can have wildly different tastes and strengths.

Keep in mind that a lot of the more popular recipes on the site are created by veteran DIYers who don’t vape retail juices that often (or ever) so they’re used to the way DIY juice tastes and not the way retail juice tastes. 90% of the people here who have been mixing for awhile and then try a retail juice wind up saying it’s too sweet and they have recipes they like better.

Don’t give up and you’ll find what you like eventually. Once you do, it’s very gratifying and definitely more cost effective.


I was actually looking for the exact same thing, first time I start experimenting with RY4 Double. Thanks for the tips @JoJo


I’ve tried this one as a first recipe

It still needs steeping another week and a bit but right off a SNV it seems it has potential.


I just can’t taste any ry4 in any of my mix’s I went up to 20% in a single mix an now I taste it maybe it’s getting muted by something I usually go 10-13%

You can over-use a flavor to the point where it starts being muted (I haven’t experienced it but that’s what the better mixers all say).

Try a drop of the concentrate on your hand and taste it (try it with different flavors). You can easily identify a flavor that’s gone bad and loses potency or even all taste.
And it does happen (luckily not too often) that you buy such a bottle that is already bad when it arrives.

If it’s potent in concentrate form, then at around 8% of RY4 D you should taste it very well straight off a shake and vape. Most people find it a bit harsh (from what I read) and recommend minimum a 2 week steeping time for the flavor to settle.

I’m useing TPA double I started at 10 then went to 13 then to 15 after that I figured I’ll do a 20% to see what it really taste like on the other mix’s I put in some gram clear I tried bava cream, Carmel I tried putting in some cotton candy even dulce de leche I have like 5 bottles of RY4 mixed an they all taste like shit theredef not what I’m looking for I’m getting light headed just trying them all lol

Ry4 D 8%
Salted Caramel FW 4%
Dulce De Leche TPA 2%
Fresh Cream 2%


RY4 D between 5% to 8% seems to be a trend.


Is it possible to replace the DDL with a sweet cream, cream fresh or whipped cream in this recipe? I keep forgetting to order this flavor…

@Jacktay1200 I like a tobacco with a little sweetness as well. This is just my opinion, but your flavor percentages sound rather high. Personally, I try and keep my flavor percentage at 5, maybe 6% tops, total flavoring. Lets back it up a step though. What is your VG / PG percentage? PG is the flavor carrier, of the pair. If you’re running a very high VG percentage, you may try dropping the VG and raising the PG.

Just a thought.

Keep at it, you’ll get it.

Yeah maybe I’m just putting to much in I’m using 30 pg 70 VG an Im using the flavor Apprentice an Capella’s I was doin 50/50 but I noticed every mix I seen 30/70 Iv only given them all about a week steep time tho I just don’t see them getting better

Your 70/30 ratio should be enough to carry flavor… all my juices are a minimum of 70% VG and I have no issues with flavor.

If you’re using a tank, using too much PG may cause leaking.

It’s quite possible that a juice won’t show much sign of improvement in the first week. That being said, if you don’t have any flavor after a week, it’s not suddenly going to appear in week 3 or 4.

What tank or dripper are you using?