Need help with TCR

Hello and thank you in advance.
Ive always used wattage mode and kanthall coils but figured I’d give TCR a try.
Wondering what temp i should be running at with 316L ss?
I’ve played with it a bit and either its just not enough or i go up too much and get a burnt tasting hit anyway.
Is 0 .0093 the number to set it at?
Also no matter what tank or dripper I try Ive never seen any of my mods ask if it is a new coil,not once if tried unscrewing them and firing,taking out the batteries,changing tangs with completely different resistances and nothing…ever
The mods I’m trying it on are the cuboid 150,rx2/3 and the fuchai 213
coils are 316L fused claptons at .16ohms.

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I’m not sure about the Cuboid or rx, but the Fuchai won’t properly do temp control and is not upgradable from everything I’ve heard.

As far as what temp that is entirely what is a comfortable vape for you. I vape between 420F and 460F.

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This was posted a while back.
Also there is a YouTube by the name of Daniel djlvapes (spellering error) that has his own separate site recommending tcr vapes based on mods as well

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leave your coil to get room temperature and lock it…
for 316L SS i would say 200-220C (don’t know how much is this in F)
i would suggest to set wattage at 50-60W (in SS TC mode)
Cuboid will not ask you for a new coil or not (i don’t own a fuchai so i don’t know how this one works)…
you’re ready to go sir :slight_smile:

What you’ve heard about the fuchai is true @TheTinMan1
I tried it first and it went nuts,instead of ramping down it just gave me one of the worst burnt hits I’ve ever had.
I started at a low temp and it didn’t seem too matter,straight 100w of pure burnt cotton flavour…yum
Thats what I’m trying to avoid by trying TCR.
So the SS coils went right onto the rx.
But still its just not what i want>
Its running at 84.9w which sets automatically i asume too ohms you’ve installed.
The vape is just not nearly what expected being so used to wattage,it seems slow to ramp up and really a cool vape,just a bit too cool still.
So I’m wondering if theres a temp to not go past to not get that cotton burning?

@Mohok How do i set the wattage in TCR?

Joyetech has their own settings for their device.

TCR Chart

This is kind of cheating their device, but you can set the SS-316 TCR into the 3 memories M1=80, M2=140 and M3=200.
This gives you light, medium and hard draw.

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@CosmicTruth Thats what i figured

I usually set the temp at less than 420F as i heard a rumor that is the cotton burning point.

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I just tried that hard draw setting and…awesome
Might go to medium tho
Do you know how to lock the ohms on the rx?

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Nope Sorry
(in exactly 10 chars)

Holding the fire and up buttons is only letting me turn the logo on/off and set the preheat

A little googling and I’ve got it figured out.
How to change watts in TCR.
How to lock resistance>
I might be all set here

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Celsius to Fahrenheit


Fahrenheit to Celsius (Swap Units)
220℃= 428.0000℉

My H-Priv won’t even fire at 200 just tried it

not all mods have this mod… as i said i don’t know how Fuchai works at all… i don’t own it…
when you’re in TC SS mode, press fast 3 times the power button, navigate in the options with the +/- buttons to change it :slight_smile: that’s all…

this option works more like a preheat… you’re not actually working in wattage mode…

some devices just use a wattage setting in TCR just to preheat the coil or something…
Cuboid has it (at least the 150w one i had), my rx300 has it too…
some others like my vaporesso tarot pro 160w, kbox mini platinum or my other mods don’t… it’s a really nice feature to have if you are using high mass wires, like fused claptons for example…

my rx mods vape better in normal tcss mode than they do setting the tcr to 092 for me. I have a .15ohm build in there at 125w and 450 - 470f in my boreas using the latest stock firmware version. I tried arcticfox firmware and couldn’t get a good vape at all.

Yeah, I have 2 Fuchai mods. I use them in watts mode only but I do use the preheat. If I’m vaping at 60 watts I will set it to start out at 80 watts for .75-1 second and then it stops to 60. I knew when I bought the second one that it wasnt good for TC, but I like how small the mod is for a 2 battery mod amd I’ve never had the battery door problem with either of them.

For me, temperature control is important for a few of my recipes that are delicate. I have tried about every temp control device there is and I have a really bias opinion and only one temp control method and chip/board that I will use.

For myself, I only use TI wire with DNA temp control and I have no ties with Evolve. The rest of the temp control devices on the market are a waste of time for me and the DNA does it all for me.

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