Need recipe for the greek Kokos caramels

Please i need the recipe for the greek kokos caramels. can you help me?

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Hi @gus8511q

Without having actually tried them, I can’t give you a definitive answer.

In the UK we have Werther’s caramels and @Boogenshizzle has a recipe for those, which might give you a starting point?

Pop over to the recipe side and do a search for ‘caramel’ - have a look through some of the recipes that look as if they might work for you.

Good luck - those caramels look yum! :grin:


i would go mostly with something like this … i know koko’s very well :slight_smile: though there isn’t a recipe for this… BUT if i wanted to make a recipe like them i would try something like this :slight_smile:

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Just for info, having read @bluenose63 flavour testing notes, and looked at the description on Inawera, this concentrate could be winner winner chicken dinner:

Who would like to try a sweetness with guts?
Did you consider what can be with a combination of sugar, butter and milk? In Poland we use to say: krówki (little cows). They are candies from which anyone can’t stop eating: older ones and younger.
It’s sweet, milky and good.
For such flavours it’s worthy to get up from a bed early and on a cloudly day. They’ll make you smiling, even if you’re the last bumer.

The translation from Polish to English made me smile (last sentence)


I have heard Caramel (Solub Arome) is VERY GOOD. Then I found out there are many kind of them… So, witch one??!