Need recommendations for RTAs

I have been vaping for 3 1/2 years and have come to the conclusion that many of the products that I have purchased, particularly Mods, are typical garbage from China. In fairness, I have never spent more than $40 for a Mod, but I have purchased so many that have failed within a month or two of usage.

A few of the best that I have used are the eLeaf Pico, PicoX and my current mod, the Geek Vape Aegis Solo. I have only been using the Aegis for a month so I can’t vouch for its longevity yet.

What are some of the best RTA’s that you have had experience with over time. No leaking, good flavor, good quality, etc? I have had great experience with the Augvape Merlin, but I am looking for something larger like 24-25mm with a large capacity.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!


Great question.Im looking for a good RTA also. Im trying to stock up before march.


For mods I’ve had great longevity with older Smoant products going back to Battlestar (2), Cylon (3), and Charon Mini (2). All of these have lasted a very long time and continue to be workhorses. However, they went what I think was a wrong direction with bells and whistles and flashing lights with the more recent models.

For RTA’s I have a lot of single coil Kylin’s and variations that I guess I’ll be using for a long time. They’re easy to build on and deliver good flavor.


Take a look at the Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 (30mm), and the Steam Crave Ragnar (35mm). There is also a Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3(25mm), but I can’t vouch for that one only because I don’t have that one (yet).

They are beautifully machined and although they cost more than a lot of other ones they are worth it and will last your lifetime of vaping. They are also like a Swiss Army knife with multiple configurations and parts between the older versions and the newest versions are interchangeable.

Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3


Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2


Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar



I have the steam crave aromamizer supreme v3 for 2-3 weeks now, and it’s a very flavorful rta. Been using it as a single coil rta and thinking of getting a backup.


I support that! I really enjoy Aromamizer Supreme, V2 is the one I like the most, I recently received the V3, and although it is very good, I like the V2 more.


I also like Dead Rabbit, for its simplicity and ease of cleaning, but I think the Aromamizer gives better flavor …


If you like the Augvape line you might want to try the Intake Dual. It’s a top vent that has plenty of air flow with great flavor. It’s 24-25 mm foot print will fit most mods without overhang. I like mine more than my Zeus for flavor and with the top vent it is pretty much guaranteed not to leak. Good luck in your search.


The Steamcrave Aromamizer Plus V2 is pretty much all I use now. I’ve got 2 with one more on order that will serve as a backup. I still use my Billow V2 from time to time, but the Plus is just So. Damn. Easy. I personally prefer the Velocity deck over the postless-Just line the top of the coil up with the top of the posts and the coils are perfectly positioned for the airflow. Wicking is a breeze, whether you’re building horizontally or vertically. With a 6 ml capacity it stays full unless I’m chain-vaping and the juice flow control makes for some of the easiest and cleanest fill ups. Honestly, once I got my hands on two I stopped looking for new RTA’s.


If you can master the wicking, the Profile Unity is hard to beat IMO. I’m surprised I love it as much as I do considering some of the other RTAs I own. It’s been my goto for months.


The Armamizer Lite is another really solid option for single coil. It vapes better than the single coil deck for the Supreme V3 in my opinion. Most Chinese stores have dropped their prices on it as well. I have six of them and I’m only one person lol. I tend to do that with my favorites. Just ask my eight Ammit 25’s…

I got an Augvape Druga last week. The airflow isn’t as open but the flavor is great. I ordered the other two colors of that one yesterday.


Whhops, I misread. This post is about the Supreme V2-

I was late to the party on that one but it’s pretty awesome. I noticed they (were 25mm and) were only $19 on some site, so I ordered two of them. I had no idea how awesome they were.


@CraigC, I can’t agree with @JiM210 more.


I think the Intake Dual is a solid choice especially with with the top airflow. The Supreme V2 is also a solid choice. Flavorwise for a single coil there is the Intake, which is quite restricted, but also leakproof and the supreme lite V1.5, which has recently got a price drop. The lite still requires some work from my side to get the wicking right, the flavor is spot on.


Hey @CraigC , the Merlin is MTL isn’t it? Are you wanting to stay MTL or go to DL? I notice most suggestions are DL…


still using my intake, both single and mostly the duel.


I have a lot of very nice atties both DTL and MTL but I don’t think any of them are available any longer. Huge problem with this industry. By the time a good product is recognized it is out of production. I tried to purchase a SteamCrave lite V1.5 from Steamcrave and per the latest with PayPal there is no option for payment form the U.S.


Maggie at Steam Crave says that there will be a method of payment on there website soon. I ended up ordering my latest Steam Crave items from Fasttech and Cigabuy. There are quite a few online vape suppliers that sell Steam Crave products.


I just checked and they have credit card checkout option up on there site.


What happens in march?