Need some help with Mods/Tanks

Hi guys! Im new to the here and would like to start mixing my own juices!

So I have finally got off the cigs! Its been 18 days now, I used an Aspire Nautilus 2s tank with 0.7ohm coils on an OBS cube battery and have been vaping on a variety of 50/50 juices at 12mg nic.
I find 12mg too much! After every vape I get that horrible nic taste in my mouth an that is the reason I have decided to start making my own juices.

Now I am not sure what to do in regards to a mod and tank because sweeter flavours that I do like tend to burn out my coil in less than a day! For example I was vaping on Nasty’s mango juice and that killed my coil by the end of the day! Any suggestions and tips on what I should do would be highly appreciated! Im not sure if I should change to DTL instead of MTL and go down the rebuildable coils option? I watched a few vids on youtube for RDA’s only issue is you have to drip every 4 or so puffs and the RTA’s are apparently complicated and you have to get it right otherwise they will leak!

I am not so new to vaping, I have spent hundreds on vape devices over the years from MTL to DTL devices and I found for me MTL helped me to quit! Now that I have quit I just need something that will last me a good while, and I need a fix or something cheaper in terms of coils! I don’t mind changing over to DTL now that I’ve quit the cigs!

Will also need a good reliable mod with good battery life if I do change over to DTL because I do vape quite a lot! I was a 25/30 a day smoker!

Sorry about the long post and thanks in advance!

Hope everyones well and keeping safe!

Also just so people know I am from the UK



How many watt do use with the 0,7ohm coil.


Hi, use it at 20 watts


@Faisal_Rehman good morning I’m also from the uk i was a 40 a day smoker i went over to mtl on 18mg but soon changed to sub om device and started on 3mg which for me works better than the 18mg mtl


This is not bad to start off on as its cheap and then you can advance to a better one


@Englishguy Hi, good to hear! Hope you are well!
What set up are you using? I was thinking to make the change to sub ohm!
That aspire setup will be no good for me I’ve tried mods like that before but unfortunately the battery life is just too little, I need something that will last me the whole day.
Any suggestions?


Congratulations!! Well done!
Welcome to ELR!

My best suggestion for your first steps is to keep things simple. One or two flavor recipes, and possibly consider supplementing with One Shots.

The One Shots (which I understand are pretty commonly available in the UK) would serve two purposes. One, they’ll give you “instant access” to a more complex mix than what you’ll be able to do (with regular success) on your own. Two, they’ll give you something to fall back on, should a mix not turn out to your satisfaction (which is likely to happen often in the early stages).

Doing both of these things will get you comfortable in handling the base components (PG, VG, and nic). I do not recommend buying pre-mix, as it is more likely to give you additional headaches while you begin your mixing journey. Buying your mixing components (PG, VG, and nic) separately will also allow you to alter the size ratios far more easily (whether it’s the amount of nic, or the level of PG to VG).

The best thing about buying components separately is that you can mix things that are NOT sold commonly. If you want to mix 10mg nic, you can. Or 7mg or 9mg…etc.

Certain styles of atomizers (atties) prefer different PG/VG ratios, due to wicking limitations.

It doesn’t matter whether you like MTL or DTL, you just need to find what works best for you!
Once you do, you’ve got a solid footing. Keeping those devices loaded with the flavors you crave are what will keep you off the smokes!
Even when you get the inevitable craving that you momentarily ‘fear won’t pass’… Just keep going back to that favorite mix, and power through it!
The craving WILL pass!! :wink:

This can also be the fault of an inferior quality of nicotine. OR, perhaps good nic that has started to oxidize. Regardless, now that you are starting to mix your own, YOU have control over it AND the ability to rectify it! :tada:

Very common with “retail brands” (finished liquids), thanks (generally) to the heavy handed use of sucralose (for example: Super Sweet by Capella). While you will probably be inclined to continue to have an affinity towards sweet liquids, you can always cut back on the amount (compared to the retail stuff), and eventually, omit it altogether, or switch to a non-sucralose sweetener. :wink:

Not at all! It was a great post, and you included info that many forget to mention, or don’t know to ask. Nicely done!

Lastly, get ready to settle into a lot of reading here on ELR. I strongly recommend you begin with the Beginner’s section, as, even though you’ve been vaping a while, there’s a LOT about mixing to pickup in those pages (as well as the rest of ELR of course)!!

Pleasure to have you here, and I hope you enjoy your time spent.


Looks like you have had some good advice.

For mods and tanks I would recommend watching some reviews and also see what you can actually buy. Here in the US many of our popular vendors stock is very limited compared to just 8 months ago when you could buy just about anything.

That said…I would recommend that you do some shopping around and see what you can get your hands on. Then go watch those specific reviews to make an informed decision.

As to rebuild or not. It’s up to you. Many people will say it’s easy and all that blah blah stuff. Well it is, but just like mixing you just need to do your homework. It’s hard at the beginning but gets much easier after a little bit. And I can’t stress enough…read posts and watch videos, the more you do the easier it is to start and easier to get over the beginner bumps.

As for switching to DTL…you don’t need to if you enjoy MTL. You can get rta’s that have a tighter draw. But make sure you pay attention to reviews when they say restricted lung hit vs a truer mtl.

As for mods…yup you need to see what stock is available. If you may want to try some DTL you may want a dual battery mod. They have gotten much smaller compared to what could be purchase 4 years ago. Heck…most of the time my mtl rta sits on a dual battery mod…batteries last a week (because it gets very limited use daily).

As for rda’s…I would recommend trying one out. I never thought I would have been an rda person…but now I use one 95% of the time and use my rta for driving and social engagements.


@Sprkslfly Hi, firstly thanks very much for such a detailed response! Appreciate your time.
I was thinking the same about the one shots! I found a site called darkstar which seems to be pretty good and have everything I need to start mixing.
Yes I think I will start off by trying a 9mg, I’ve done some research but yes need to do loads more! I will definitely have a read through the beginner pages on here!
Thank you very much for your help👍


@Chrispdx Hi! I have been watching loads of reviews, its all I do nowadays lol

Im thinking to go with the geekvape aegis x mod still not sure on a tank yet! Im thinking an RTA because I’m always out

Thanks for your help👍


I’m a MTL freak only, but i only use sub tanks and with low wattage, airflow and nicotine.

Years ago i was using Nautilus, but when I changed for sub stuff I got much more taste and a whole new world og equipment I can use.

Right now I’m using the SMOK TF tank and Vaporesso Luxe 220w touch screen.
I use 2 or 3mg nicotine in it and very low airflow and on 42watt.
Excellent MTL gear

And then a pic of some of the tank I use daily


You have had a few great advices there. So I’ll just chime in with a few thought.

If you’re often outside, I would suggest you get a single coil RTA, so you wont need to charge your batteries as often. The aegis legend is good because it’s a dual battery mod, and that could keep you running for a day paired with a single coil RTA. The best one right now is IMHO the aromamizer lite. Some might have different opinion on this, though.

If you’re looking for one shot, chefs flavours is a UK based company that sells those, among other flavours. Might be a good option. And they have a discount code. I’m sorry, I dont know the code.


Im using the geek vape aegis 200w with a vandy vape pyro tank on it. I vape at 80w but it take two 18650 batteries and i go through four to six of them in a day


Chefs code is


I would recommend to cut the chase and get a regulated Mech squonk mod with two RDA’s. Wotofo Elder Dragon single coil RDA for DTL, and the Wotofo Sting MTL RDA.

Get a 4 or 6 bay external battery charger that accepts 18650 and 21700 batteries.
Dont fear battery life. A single 18650 sqonker and one fully charged spare battery(carry it only in a battery case), will last you the day. You could also look into 21700 battery squonk regulated Mod.

You should buy prebuilt coils to start(the Wotofo coils are really good and have lasted me 3 weeks!!! each), but start learning to build your own as time permits.

The Wotofo RDA’s come with prebuilt coils, cotton, and a coil leg length gauge tool making them very economical. Unlike many of the Tank/RDA accessories that are provided with, the Wotofo accessories are top quality.

For around $100 to $150 USD (I don’t think pounds or Euros) you can get a single 18659 squonk mod, 2 18650 batteries, the 2 Wotofo RDA’s, and a charger and cotton. Buy the batteries from a Mooch recommended battery supplier so you are sure to get authentic batteries and don’t forget a battery case to carry spares in. Than after a pay check or more buy wire and a wire wrapping tool kit.

Wotofo Elder Dragon DTL RDA

Wotofo Sting MTL RDA


Thank you very much guys! Really appreciate all the advice! I think I’m either going to go the RDA squonking route or get an RTA…

Looks like I’ll have to get a few batteries to help me get through the day

Need to make a decision quick!

Il also check out chefs flavours! Thanks for sharing that site and thanks for the code!

You guys are top!

Love the friendly people on this forum​:+1::+1:


If I had to do it all over again, I would skip the RTA and go with a MESH RDA / Squonk set up. But that’s just my opinion and I’m sure there’s plenty of rta users that disagree. I also have multiple tank setups in daily rotation, FreeMax Mesh Pro’s mostly. I went right to DTL after heavy smoking for 42 yrs, so I may be the exception. For my daily carries I usually have about 3 setups with me and extra batteries in cases. Most important is to find what works good for You! Also when I buy mods I don’t usually get the “kits” (unless it a super deal) I preferred to stick with atty’s I like on top. :sunglasses:


Helluva great post @Sprkslfly.


Hello Faisal, welcome to ELR :blush:
Have you considered a pod or aio device? For instance (not a recommendation as I haven’t tried one myself) the Smok RPM80 Pro takes external batteries so you can carry spares for when you’re out, takes different stock coils but also an RBA so you can make your own coils. It seems you get a restricted DL hit with it, but you can also close down the airflow to MTL if you want. You can also get 5ml pods for them which, with a low wattage stock coil, should last quite a while.
Just a thought…


@Faisal_Rehman i use fogstar for my batteries and if you sign up to there newsletter on a friday they email you a discount code to use on a friday you get sent a new code every friday