Need to lower nic mg of my base

Hello guys, my eliquid supplier is a bit out of stock and the only liquid base he has available is 1000ml of 6mg.
I want to lower its mg to 3mg. How much of 0 nic base do I need to do so?
I think that id have to mix 1000ml of 0 nic to this 1000ml of 6mg to half it and make it 3mg. Am I right?


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Wah Gwaan @Invisible_Rasta

Essentially what you’re going to be doing is Diluting your 6mg base down, so by adding flavourings and VG you can accomplish this.


@Invisible_Rasta you are correct. 1000ml of 6mg base, mixed with 1000ml of 0mg base will yield a finished 3mg base.

Keep in mind that once you start adding flavorings TO your newly created 3mg base, it will dip below that.


what would happen if i only added 500ml of 0nic to the 1000ml 6mg base?


4.5mg final base @Invisible_Rasta.

Welcome to ELR by the way.


4.5mg seems a good base to start with… so with 20% of falvorings it will be how much?


how big is your bottle? These are all things you can enter into your calculator.


It would be 6- 1.5= 4.5.
Why dilute your 6mg/ml when all you have to do is reconfigure the calculator? Set the calculator for the 6mg/ml nic. Then set it for the amount of nic you vape at.


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It can easily land at 3mg,

Snap 2022-12-23 at 10.02.14


yes but it requires me to buy more juice cause i dont have any. thats why i was asking how much i needed


Ideally @Invisible_Rasta, as mentioned above, you should leave your NIC base level as high as possible, that way you use LESS of it, in the mix. Why ?? There’s more flexibility of flavor use, and customizing your final PG/VG ratios.


well the website i buy it from sells the kit with the base + nicokits and when all mixed its 6mg. i wanted it lower


@Invisible_Rasta you can do that. What website do you order from ?


I have been buying from this website and this is the base i use. ▷ Oil4Vap Fast4Vap Pack Base 70Vg/30Pdo 1000Ml 6Mg
I have been buying premade aroma liquids to then mix them myself as I find it a little cheaper. I havent tried to DIY cause there is too many recepies on the site and its hard for me to know what to try.


Understood @Invisible_Rasta. As far as the recipes, we’ll help you with that. What profiles do you like ?


I will post here directly the descriptions of the liquids i vape mostly as it doesnt let me post more than 2 links.
The first one is my daily vape. It is mixed 15% so it makes it more affordable for me

Alquimia para Vapers Tormento

Sweet tobacco with notes of Vanillas, milk cream, and small touches of toasted nuts, coconut and chocolate, rounded with the touch of a secret ingredient that makes it a liquid with personality.

Just Juice Ice Citron & Coconut

We know you’re going to love this sweet and creamy perfection. Revitalize your senses with delicious fresh lemon rounded out with sweet coconut. Take a trip to vape heaven.

Aroma Nasty Juice Tobacco Series Bronze Blend

Do not try to miss this series of homemade tobacco. The vanilla candy will make you angry because of the intricacy of the taste, unctuous, creamy, rich, awesome!

Kings Crest Don Juan Reserve

Delicious chocolate cake topped with pecan nut butter, accompanied in perfect harmony with graham cracker cookie and a dollop of whipped vanilla cream.

Kings Crest Don Juan Cafe

Kings Crest, creators of the famous and acclaimed Don Juan Reserve, present this long awaited new version, with a creamy mochaccino coffee flavor sprinkled with delicious shavings of crunchy chocolate.

Kings Crest Don Juan Churro

Kings Crest, creators of the famous and acclaimed Don Juan Reserve, present this new version, with a sweet churro flavor covered with chocolate.

Kings Crest Don Juan Tabaco Dulce

After its great success, Kings Crest is renewed with something different, a tabaquil aroma with a touch of honey that will surprise anyone who tastes it, you will not regret it!

PachaMama Peach Papaya Coconut Cream

Have you ever eaten a tropical fruit salad? Have you ever wished you could wrap it up and take away the creamy, fruity goodness? Now you can. Peaches, papaya and coconut cream in an e-liquid that you will place on the top of your shelf!

Bali Fruits Pear Mango Guava

A sweet and creamy blend of a variety of vanilla, ending in a combination of aromas that you will never forget.

Chefs Flavours Mexican Fried Ice Cream

An inhale of sweet vanilla ice cream and an exhale of cereal with hints of cinnamon and almond, bringing all the flavors together with the added taste of coconut.


this is about what i have been vaping the past year and im super happy with all of them.