Need to select a new mod -IPv5 any good

Hey everybody. I need to select a new mod. After the problems with the segelie 213 I reached out to my vendor and they are going to take care of me. Yay!!!

That being said I need to select the correct dual 18650 mod. Outside of the batteries the only other thing I want is tc for ss316.

I saw an in depth review of the ipv5. It looked like it was good. It’s the same reviewer that took apart the segelie.

I think I remember maybe @Pro_Vapes might have said it was good.

All in all I just want one that will hold up. Any suggestions.

A friend of mine on another forum bought 4 of them in preparation of Vapocolypse. She’s using one and just rants and raves about it, myself I like the Smok H Priv

I like the bar all the way down one side as a fire button. I’ve got an X Cube 2 and it’s one tough mod. Been dropped more times than I care to admit. The thing just keeps chugging along.

I also have the 213
Love the look and in power great
TC not good I tried 326l coils it was not working
I think I am going to get the ipv6
Looks like same as 213 on bottom load of batteries
Don’t think theyou are released yet
My friend has ipv5 it works but he doesn’t do tc

Yeah I thought about the ipv6…but yeah can’t wait. Will be shipping my mod back to the online store tomorrow for a refund. Plus I don’t think I’ll be an early adopter anymore. Lol.

where are you in your vape? as in what wattage? what kinds of builds? TC? home vaping? out and about vaping? i could maybe make a suggestion or two…
BTW: the IPV5 is pretty great, especially at or under $40

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The wife and I both love our iPV5s. They are what we use on a daily basis. I have thought about picking up a couple more as backups.

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I’m still new to building. The segelie was supposed to be my first true real working tc mod.

I’ll probably settle on ss316 coils. I have Clapton, and weaved 316l on the way to try. I will try at some point try Ti.

Ohm preferance from 0.25 to 0.7. Watts 50-65w

If your budget would stretch a bit i would highly recommend the vt133 dna from Hcigar. Far superior temp control, with the dna200 chip
I have the ipv5 and it’s a good mod. The preset for ss is for 304 but it does have a tcr slot for inputting your own numbers.
Ni,ti,ss(304),sx(for the sx tank) and tcr along with regular power mode.

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Yeah, doesn’t have a DNA200 for $55??

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I don’t own one so I can’t say either way. I strictly use Evolv DNA Mods. They perform best for me.


Totally agree :+1:


Oh boy. Tough decisions. Uggg. I really wish segelei didn’t screw their stuff up. I really think there was a fair amount of promise.

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They did. Currently out of stock. I’m in chat with Avery at right now. He says he’s not heard of any price change once they get them back in stock. If you head over to their website you can use the Notify Me link to be emailed once they have them again.PS - Avery just told me they have the TFV8 for $29.25. They also have the Noisy Cricket on sale for $13.75. Decided while I was there to grab that new SMOK tank and also got the Ijoy Tornado

I ordered one of the Hotcig DNA200s last week. Wish I had ordered 4. Drawback is battery life. It uses a LiPo pack that is actually 1/2 the mod - it splits apart. However, you can purchase extra packs for $20. So for $75 you can get a new DNA200 mod with extra battery which is nearly $100 off what other DNA200 mods are selling for.

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today is a sad day. I sent my mod back to eciggity and am forced to use my ipvd2. I’m finding it really doesn’t push out the same power as a dual battery mod…to heat up a dual Clapton coil. All is so sad.

Thankfully I still have three crown tanks with coils. But I’m finding I really like my builds better on a dual 18650 mod.

I’m thinking for a price for a reputable dna200 dual bat mod I can buy two ipv5’s…that way if one goes doa I have another one handy.

Now I just gotta wait for them to process the return.

Love the top display…but it bugs the everlovin’ $#@! outta me that they put the display “upside down”.

I mean, theoretically, the whole point of putting it on top (at least in my mind) is so that you can monitor the device while using it. If the tank’s closest to your mouth, the display’s 180deg. faced out. >< Totally negates having it on top IMO.
Great idea that didn’t get fleshed far enough out.

most mods have the ability to invert screen…does this one not have that? i would be very surprised.


I jus got the Disguiser yesterday and it vapes like freight train, but the thing is so dadgum big around that after vaping on it for the afternoon and evening my arthritis in my hand is freaking killing me. A case of be careful what you wish for you might get it. Gonna have to give this a few days and see if it keeps bothering me. If so I’ll have to find a smaller mod. I guess the Wismec Reuleaux RX200S Mod is out of the question since they are shaped the same and I’m thinking about the same size


Yeah and I think there is a start of negative feedback coming out regarding the durability of the 510 connection on the reulex.

I’ve seen a couple reviews that had that ability and thought it was pretty cool! Had no idea it was common though!

Wish my Spark 90 had that function!


I wish Innokin would put a 160 or 200 watt mod in the VTR case, that still is my favorite mod of all time.