NET extraction process with the homogenizer

It all started last year when the Game Changer came out and it was enlightening, so I started to talk around about building one myself.

Talking to a fellow mixer that is an engineer that works with steel machinery and electronics, I explained the aim of the project, what it should do, we both agreed that had to be food grade stainless steel, high speed, extremely low tolerances (talking about microns between the stator and rotor)
He started the project straight away, pushed it even forward designing an all in one homogenizer.

After a few test we realized he made an extremely good instrument, with a 25000rpm motor direct drive, driven by a PWM controller, couldn’t ask for more, it worked perfectly oil and VG didn’t separate and things like that.

One morning I woke up and found out that my brain did the night shift!

We got the speed, we got the blades, we got extremely low tolerances, we’re forcing the liquid through the holes, what pressure is that at? Oh sh** it’s high pressure, we are actually sending the liquid into a cavitation with that much pressure.

Pressure? Cavitation? Tobacco ultrasound extraction is a cavitation process, why not try it!
I needed an expert with tobacco extraction made with ultrasonic so we could also compare the two.
I had an old friend that is a dedicated expert that only works with rare tobaccos and extraction, so I pulled him in and we started to do a few test with the homogenizer and compared the results with the ultrasonic extraction.

The results were amazing, not only it was comparable, but sometimes even better ( probably we retain the volatiles better, with ultrasonic you get a lot of heat and loose some volatiles, like it or not…).
Ultrasonic soon has become a thing of the past, the process is long, tedious, have to keep everything cool and need some cooling system, lots of cleaning, we make our own NET with the homogenizer in matter of minutes. the long process is the filtration, but you’d have to do it anyway.B
ut not only NET… think about coffee, teas and any natural pesticide free dried “thing”

From my point of view, a success!

For those who want to learn more about the process (bear in mind the Giorgio is not a tuber and goes deep into details) we made a video but had to split it into three parts.

Part 1 and 2 are already out, I burnt in the subtitles in English (YT doesn’t really do a good job on translating and it’s technical, so it’s even worst) part 3 will be out soon.

I’ll put the links below for those who want to learn more about it:

Part 1: Estrazione del tabacco con l’omogeneizzatore Parte 1 Natural Extracted Tobaccos with the homogenizer - YouTube

Part 2: Estrazione del tabacco con l’omogeneizzatore Parte 2 Natural Extracted Tobaccos with the homogenizer - YouTube

I have to thank Fabiano for the engineering and Giorgio for the lessons on NET ultrasonic extraction. Dan @anon36682625 for pushing the limits and I think I followed his steps and pushed it even forward, thanks mate!

Please let ,me know your thoughts below!


For clarification only:

  1. Unable to keep up is somewhat a misnomer. I contracted the Covid virus and then continued to suffer from "Long Covid " or what is also known as becoming a “Longhauler” in Covid terms. The effects continue sometimes for months or longer and are debilitating. As a complication I eventually suffered a stroke and am now physically incapacitated but have made progress towards at least partial recovery. I have only shared this info with friends up to this point.

  2. In my many writings on homogenizers and how they function, I have always described cavitation as occurring in combination with the shear effect, hydraulic pressure, and centrifugal forces which produces the end product. These are high shear mixers which can homogenize, emulsify, dissolve, reduce particle size, and disperse. Homogenization is an end result.

I began with careful examination and measurements of commercial equipment and after calculating the total column volume including rotor and exit port size and went on to calculate and experiment with volume flow through through various types and port configurations. I am fully aware and have in my possession numerous high end devices and know each high end makers rotor/stator clearance etc. I optimized the GC for e juice homogenization by using a liquid to liquid disintegrating configuration and increased the internal volume and pressure. A very long time was spent in the development phase. Based on the experience of multiple manufacturers, a direct drive system was entirely ruled out due to a long history of bent drive shafts and other problems, particularly when shearing solid and/or fibrous materials.

I wish you success in your project.


Not an hour ago, I blitzed a custard mix with the GC, still loving it.


@anon36682625 I’m sorry to hear this has happened to you. It sounds like you are fighting your way forward. From what I’ve heard it’s a fight and you have to stay in it to make progress. Keep your spirits up. It’s good you shared this, more energy coming your way to help boost your strength and will.


I apologize for that, I knew about your health problems, just didn’t want to go deep into that and keep your privacy, so I kept it generic, I’ll take that off.

Unfortunately what comes after Covid it’s something medias don’t talk about, a lot of my friends have suffered a lot of consequences, like tiredness, not been able to walk, bones aching and things like that, I’m so glad that you finally getting better!

Exactly! Knowing about it, probably my brain during the night time went into that direction :joy: :rofl:

It’s exactly one of the problems we faced after the first prototype, a “normal” high speed ball bearing couldn’t keep up with a 25000rpm motor, we used SKFs 72000 rpm food grade ball bearings, the shaft had to be perfect and without any tolerances so we had all the SS pieces made by one of those ultra precision CNC machine, it was the only way.

At today, since october last year of extracting fibrous material, it still works, not a failure, it withstood the time test.
In the end, ours is not a commercial product and never intended to be, it was just made because Fabiano accepted the challenge and he’s one of those that works with CFD software, Fusion 360 and CAM programming till late at night, well we all know the kind, I’m so glad I pulled him in our DIY comnmunity, thanks for been stubborn Fabiano.

I believe that NET can also be done with the GC due to how it was made and the tolerances it has, definitely not with a chinese or low end homogenizer it’s just not able to send the liquid into cavitation, not enough pressure, as Dan clearly explained above.

That’s why we made the video, we explained the whole process of extraction, the same process can be done with an ultrasound extractor, but it takes time, with the GC you could do it in minutes, it has to be a fine powder don’t forget.

For health sake bear in mind that not everything can be extracted… e.g. a pack of cigarettes… the tobacco or dried leaf has to be perfect and without any chemicals in it.
In the next part we’ll explain how to aggregate all the oils sugars and resins of our tobacco to have a perfectly clean and vapable concentrate.


Thanks Frank … for quoting me, I would just like to add some clarifications, for all the friends of the forum.

Me, Frank and Giorgio, thanks to this wonderful experience, we have created a team called H&V.
Our aim is to make people self-sufficient given the numerous bans that afflict the world of vaping.
This is why the whole homogenizer project is open source.
What we ask instead is an offer at a children’s hospital.
We are a fantastic group, all three with their own way of vaping and therefore very united.
We have started a new project, this too not for profit but always with a view to charity.
It is an atomizer … if you are interested follow us and you will know more.
Thank you all and sorry for my english.


Hi @Faby75 and welcome.
I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.


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Welcome @Faby75 …, great ideas…


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Ohh, that sounds way cool man. I can’t wait to see. Will you post updates on this thread?

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome @Faby75 it’s good to have you.


The H&V group (@Iv3shf + @Faby75 + @Giorgio4 ) will keep you updated for sure !!!
Thank you!!!
This will be the finished project !!!

His name is MOSSIE GOOFY !!


Yes Dan, i opened this one coz if you remember a few people asked about NET, and to avoid answering and derailing topics, I opened one so we can address to this one.


Your english is absolutely fine. Welcome to ELR.


As someone who was an English teacher for a decade, you have nothing to worry about with your English - perfectly clear to me.


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And, as promised here is Part 3, last and final of the Cohiba cigar extraction.

Estrazione del tabacco con l’omogeneizzatore Parte 3 Natural Extracted Tobaccos with the homogenizer - YouTube


Love that remote control with the homogensier.


To further add to the post, I believe the extraction can be done with the Game Changer as well.
I’ve seen people do it with the FSH2A (not a great result but he made it at the end) so the GC can only give a better result, minding to grind the tobacco to a fine powder without heating it.

While the chinese homogenizer is open in the bottom, which is not ideal, the GC pushing the PG/tobacco mix at high speed through the holes it cavitates and that is what we really need to do the extraction.

If you have one, try it, get some filters, some micronized talc (it’ll take wax oils and resins out) and test it,
I can safely say here because we know what we’re not talking about, if you don’t know, don’t do it, that by following the three videos and doing the same process, you can extract not only tobaccos, but coffee, teas, (must be without pesticides and odd things like that) and pure dried leafs that would be safe to vape (avoid dried fruits, coconut sort of worked) mind that using the micronized talc is a must!


Your project is really good!