New and Improved Batch Collector v1 (BETA)

After a lot of messing around I have finally coded a new and improved version of my Batch Collector v1


Note: Unpack contents to its own folder and run batchCollectorv1sq.exe

Now includes:

  • Auto Save (Edit on the Batch View)
  • Vapocolypse Calculator
  • SQLite Database (standalone)
  • Minor Error Checking
  • Improved functionality all round


  • Auto Steep Timer (lets you know when your batch is steeped)
  • More error checking
  • Installer package
  • Minor Clean up

Let me know if you use it and what i can do to improve it.


Vapocolypse. You are killing me with this.:joy:


Interested in checking this out.

Feel free, all feedback much appreciated :smile:

I don’t use nicotine but will I be able to use this just for the steep timer?

The steep timer is a TODO, still havent got around to it unfortunately

I could make a separate Steep Timer application i suppose… Not really sure how it would notify you though…

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ok cool no worries. Thanks man.

Simple enough to setup and email notification or even a text notification. I do that for many “monitoring” applications I have built.


How can I download this, link is broken and I need software to keep track of e-liquid batches I’ve created.

It is no longer available, I might take a look at this again if I get time

AHH drats.well I suppose il just have to use the old pen to paper method.
Thanks Grubby

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Is there a good link for this?