New Canadian Vaping Laws Coming

Looks like the Canadian government is looking to pass new laws on Vaping.

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Man why do they assume that because it is candy flavoured kids will want it?

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Because the illusion of putting children in harms way is just what Big T and Big P wants the general public to think.

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Sorry Canada :unamused:

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The full details are here:

I gave it a quick read-through this morning. On the plus side: they make a very clear distinction between tobacco products and vaping products. It will rename the Tobacco Act, turning it into the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act. There’s a bunch of references in there to product testing for safety… but no details on what the standards are. No one’s going to argue about the no sales to children bit - reputable retailers have been doing that for years! Nicotine will now be officially legal in e-juice as well.

Cons: Flavour banning (Confectionery, dessert, cannabis, soft drink, and energy drink are specified) so it doesn’t appeal to children; banning images that may appeal to children (so… pretty much most images on e-juice bottles); no advertising of health benefit by comparison to tobacco - so ads can’t say it’s healthier than smoking. If I’m reading it right, it seems to be working towards the same sorts of advertising restrictions that are in place for tobacco. It seems like shipping, particularly cross-border, will be more of a problem with the new rules.

All in all, it seems to be far more permissive than the FDA deeming regulations, though it will still have an impact.

There’s a lot of legal jargon in there, and it refers back to the current Tobacco Act too many times to easily follow this early in the morning. Any lawyers/people fluent in legal-ese want to give it a more detailed reading?


Seems that our government is at least working with vaping advocate groups in forming new laws. Maybe our government might listen to vapers.

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Our government isnt going to listen anymore federally than they have in the various provinces im just thankful that I know how to mix so at least when they mess it all up on us I wont have to vape something disgusting or go back to smoking… its a crying shame that they are doing this and nothing good is about to come out of it I dont care what the CVA says…

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So I just saw on the news today that the federal government is having public consultations on the “future of tobacco control”. There’s a bunch of questions in there about harm reduction and vapour products. The date to respond by is April 13th. I suggest that everyone take the opportunity to let the government know what they think!

this is something ive always felt was a good thing , its kind of like the vape company that made something that lpoked like a kids drink , to ban the images that relate more to children shouldnt bother anyone , they did finally get rid of joe camel