NEW Capella Flavors Reviewed by SessionDrummer -- Testing Now!

That sounds like it could be my new fav. I wish capella would send me some. I been kinda trying to get my v1 cap to get more creamy like v2s exhale


Fresh Guava (CAP) 4% / 6% (12-25-23) – Decided to get into this one on Christmas Day. Fresh, seemed to be fairly accurate with this one. I think my FIRST two thoughts were “Fresh and Fizzy”. Now it wasn’t REALLY fizzy, but it had a nice almost tarty-ness to it, almost fermented, BUT, in a good way. I started out at 4%, and knew it needed a little more, and at 6% it was great for testing. You could really taste the juicy red-ish fleshy fruit, minus the seeds of course. Not candied by any means, and it tasted very natural. Sweetness was just about mid-level, and no florals, or off-notes could be found. About my only complaint would be wanting JUST a bit more out of it. It’s possible it could be pushed higher for solo’ing, but I left it at 6%. Authentic, somewhat juicy, and with just enough “zing” to round it out. A very good fruit showing from Capella in this new series, and with the only complaint being just a smidge relaxed, it felt fresh and tasty @ a 9.5/10.


Green Strawberry (CAP) 4% / 6% (12-25-23) – This one was an interesting flavor, and hard to fully flush out. I had assumed it would have been closer to FLV’s Alpine, but that was not the case. I did indeed, portray a nice, semi-juicy Strawberry, but with green, and white accents. It really did taste NOT red, if that is possible. There was a certain “smoothness” to it that I couldn’t nail down, and although it was NOT “candied” it was almost like it had a hard candy shell, like a Skittles. Hard to explain, but NOT candied. At 4% it was good, but 6% did make it better. Not overpowering at the higher weight, but fully present. Overall, it tasted very natural, and despite the “smooth candy shell”-ed-ness to it, it was just below mid level sweet, and also had some pectin like sharp accents on the finish. Not the most powerful SB, but a fairly unique one. Trying to compel people to buy “another strawberry” is hard, but this one’s unique-ness will help with that. Somewhat sweet, green, and white, with a candy coated shell smoothness is what this one was, WITH a little tart on the finish. No off-notes, florals or complaints. Not sure if it was strong enough to be the main SB or not, but a major player, yes. It felt good at 9.0/10.


Juicy Kiwi (CAP) 4% (12-26-23) – Alright, had my FIRST flavor in this new series where I STOPPED at 4%. Well started and THEN stopped LOL. OK, your personal preferences ARE going to come into play here. The elephant in the room for this flavor was COOLING. I can’t swear it had a cooling agent in it, but there was a perceivable cooling effect with this flavor, AND (as previously, always, …stated), I am NOT a fan of anything cooling. I could detect the cooling effect, and the somewhat chalky-ness that I always get with them, so for my tastes, it’s IN there (or here). The flavor wasn’t entirely juicy, and as far as a Kiwi, it didn’t portray it very well. There WAS some Kiwi in there, but it was a lighter, almost candied version of it, and it missed the mark on a lot of the “pizzazz” and “sparkle” that a real Kiwi has. I got mostly mid-body notes with this one, and much of the high end sparkle was missing. No off-notes at 4%, save whatever the cooling-ish effect/agent(s) were. Sweetness was a few ticks below mid-level, and although it wasn’t terrible, it just really never took off for my tastes. Leaving this one squarely at a 5.5/10.


Sugary Cereal (CAP) 4% / 6% (12-26-23) – Mixing these up, to break up some of the fruits. Being a cereal junkie, I did want to get into this one. Right OUT of the gate, I liked this one, and it WAS a cereal. I could def. taste some Cereal 27’ish notes in there, but it also had a more generic cereal overtone. Somewhat sweetened, but still a few ticks below mid level. Now I didn’t get any distinct dairy or milk, but there was a certain richness to it, along with a nice almost smooth mouthfeel, that made me think of a dairy. Again, no overt dairy, but it almost tasted like it was in there, smoothing it out, and adding some depth. The cereal had some grains, and had SOME corn flakes undertones, but with the other cereal notes, it could easily be push/pulled into whatever you wanted. At 4% if was pretty good, but 6% was better. No off-notes, or sharp edges were present. While loving almost everything cereal, I tried to keep that in check before rating this one. I could/can see a lot of uses for this one, including the obvious cereal mixes, bue bakeries as well, so am going to rate it fairly high. While not quite a one-shot, it tasted like it was named, and it felt very good at a 9.8/10.


Luscious Strawberry (CAP) 4% / 6% (12-27-23) – I think that Cambridge’s definition of Luscious really worked in regards to this flavor. Granted, it IS getting harder to describe the “Next New Strawberry”, especially in relation to the crowded field of SB’s out there. This one presented as a fairly juicy red strawberry, that was nicely sweet. Sweetness was just about at mid-level, but it was in no way candied. It’s good to see Capella offer up yet another SB that was fairly different than their Sweet Strawberry. This one was smoother, and less candied/artificial than the aforementioned SSB, and it worked well. Far more natural tasting as well. It had some ripedness, but I wouldn’t classify it as a “ripe”. Juicy, red, and natural tasting were the three big take-aways. As with most of the other in this series, I started at 4%, but quickly moved it up to 6% where it improved. Into the second and third testers, I DID start to pick up on a little bit of jammy-ness, which stayed lower in the mix, but consistent till the end. Slight tarty-ness on the finish, and no off-notes could be found at either testing weight. All in, a very natural tasting red strawberry, with some smoothness, jammy-ness, and a kiss of tart on the finish. Despite owning too many Strawberries, it was hard to find fault with this one, or apply any real take-offs. Leaving it fresh, and jammy at a higher 9.7/10. Whether or not it was Luscious, will be up to you guys.


That cereal sounds amazing.


@SessionDrummer, I follow all of your tasting notes and really appreciate that you share them all here. One thing that I don’t understand is your reference to multiple testers. For example,

Can you please clarify this for me?


@CCS thank you very much, and I’d be happy to explain.

Often times, some flavors, even after steeping, need a chance to “break in” in the tank. I’ve had numerous flavors, where it can take quite a bit of time, before I can get a real taste of it. Because of that, I run multiple “tankfuls”, or “testers”. So, when I’m referencing multiple testers, it just means multiple tankfuls.

In reference to the part of the review you quoted, I started to get some nice jammy notes, and they didn’t just appear, and then disappear, they came on, and stayed present throughout all of the remaining tankfuls.

Typically I mix up 10ml testers, so with the 3ml SteamCrave RDTA, I can run at least 3 tankfuls +.


Have you ever tried testing with both rda dripping and the steamcrave. Reason i ask is because i use both steamcrave and RDAs and even though the steamcrave is basically a rda and also very flavorfull i noticed i get 2 different tastes a lot of the tine. Some flavors just taste different to me when using them in both. I like some of my juices better in the steamcrave and then some better dripping. I am using the same coils in both the steamcrave and my rda too which is weird.


Ditto. It depends on the mix but some flavors come thru better on a RTA and other flavors come thru better on a RDA.


If you only knew @STR8V8PING. With the exception of the Elder Dragon, and MAYBE 1 or 2 others, I’ve never been able to get saturated flavor like I do from the SC RDTA v.1. Believe me, I have tried, and tried. To be able to test dripping OMG. Pop cap, pull cotton, easy.

Now, I completely agree, that you WILL indeed get (most times) different results, from different equipment. 100% agreed. But think about that for a second. Think about the mechanics of my reviews then. Potentially two different reviews (loosely speaking), for each flavor ? Maybe not two entirely separate, but if I did get different notes, nuances, profiles, I’d have to note them all in one (hopefully) review.

The bigger issue for me, would be I have done SOO many reviews using the exact same setup, anyone can directly compare my results. Same setup, same wire, same cotton.

Absolutely they can, and do.

I can literally all be in the airflow sometimes, and specifically not the amount, but where it hits the coils. Then you have the chimney and/or domed cap, or not. Hell yes they can taste different.

At some point, a LONG time ago, I made a decision, well a COUPLE of decisions about HOW I was going to do this, keep all the results valid, and across a level playing field. I actually struggled to decide on WHAT I was going to use, and had 6 test juices, 2 custards, 2 bakeries, and 2 fruits, and I tested them across everything I owned, and even bought MORE, and tested some more.

For my tastes, (minus the ED and at least 1 other), the SC RDTA v.1 won out. I KNEW, that it was going to be TORTOUROUS having to thread/de-thread, clean, pull/re-wick, over, and over, and over. I thought about it for a LONG time, before I finally commited to the setup.

You want to talk about OCD, I still run ONLY (except for the gifts, thanks guys/gals), Koh Gen Do cotton LOL. The cool thing is, you can go back to my FIRST reviews, maybe 2017 or earlier, and find an Apple Pie I tested, and directly compare those results, to one I test tomorrow. Now my changing tastes, hehe, I can’t tweak that out of the equation.

You’ll notice, that I don’t review like Concrete River does, with paragraphs, massive amounts of info, pairings, and much much more. I LOVE his reviews, but I couldn’t do that, with what I had planned. Simple setup, reproducible results, and more info, than just a sentence or two of scribblings.


@STR8V8PING I think if I tested FAR LESS flavors, I could test ALL kinds of deep into the granular level.



Yea if it works for you and you been doing it that way why change now. You must have got really fast at rewicking the SC. It takes me like 15 min lol.

I had a very hard time finding a rda and coil setuo to give me full flavor. I tried a handfull of rdas and bunch of different coils but finally found 1 setup that is perfect. 100 percent flavor, easy and repeatable coil install with simple wicking and perfect airflow. That is the dead rabbit solo with coil clout alien v3 coil cut to 5.5mm and 13feet amazon cotton. It just dont get better then this imo. Like you with the SC I will never SFT on anything else but that setup.


Hey! How are u?

I’m glad our analyzes were very similar! I really like this new flavor and I’m doing some interesting things with Zesty.

Lately I’ve been vaping very exotic things that almost no one dares to do, I can leave some recipes here, but don’t be scared by some flavors and their percentages.

As here in Brazil it’s summer, I’m making herbal and citrus recipes to cool off a little, my god it’s very, very hot!

Recipes that are practically mine every day:

Cactus Lemon Ice:

4% Cactus INW
2.5 Lemon lime CAP
2.5 Lemon tahity Cold pressed FA
0.5 Zesty Lemon CAP
1% Polar Blast and 1% WS23
0.5% Super Sweet

This recipe is simple, but it is very delicious and refreshing for summer. You may be scared with such high use of cactus, but it is on purpose. It is the star of the recipe, herbal, juicy and mouth-filling. The lemons work very well to support the recipe and add a little citrus to combine with the cactus. And finally, the icing on the cake, Zesty Lemon. At a low % just to complete the recipe and bring that touch of freshness from the lemon peel.

Other All day:

3.0 % Cucumber CAP
2.5 % Lemon lime CAP
2.5 % Lemon Tahity Cold Pressed FA
1.5 % Cactus INW
0.8 % Lime Wedge FLV
0.25 % Zesty Lemon CAP
1% Polar Blast and WS23
0.5 % Super Sweet CAP

Now Fresh Guava I’m doing some testing, this flavor really excited me. I completely agree with your precise description of the flavor and see a lot of potential for making refreshing recipes. I haven’t delved into it yet, but I have some possible combinations with red fruits and cactus. I’ll be back soon with some recipes, as soon as the lemon vibe wears off.


@SessionDrummer where would one find this product, I do not see it on BCF or FJ? Is this a new product that hasn’t been released?


@TimWV according to Allan (France) they have already been released for some time. I’ll reach out to see if he has any additional information. Thanks for asking …


Well, hehe, I"m fast, BUT, sometimes I cuss JUST a little hehe.

Yes, yes, and MORE yes. Same here.

That Sir, is the MAGIC. After all the “errors”, i.e. “Trial and Error”, there’s nothing MORE satisfying, than when, it finally CLICKS.


Taking a short break (OF COURSE !!!) from the Capellas, as yesterday (Happy BIrthday !!!), I got the VID again.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, 2023, can’t be over SOON enough for me, my brothers and sisters.


Awww man, sorry to hear that D. I hope you feel better soon! I agree this year can’t come to and end soon enough!