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New Chef's Flavour Website, what do you think?


Chef’s Flavor went thru a major upgrade of their online store over the last weekend - the new store is much faster and search is easier (and smarter - you actually get the stuff you’re looking for)

it seems there are still few remaining wrinkles they are fixing, and i appreciate it’s a massive effort to upgrade an online store to expand business and offer a better experience, while trying to keep existing customers happy

wanted to quickly check what everyone thinks - for those who use (rather depend on :slight_smile: ) CF like me - how was your experience with the new store?
at one point in time, is it possible to get a special discount code for ELR members on CF? is this something other ELR friends would like to have?


New Chefs site is amazing. You should join their Facebook group for the permanent 10% off code they have there, not to mention that on average they have a 20-30% off each month for a few days


Well after waiting for international shipping to be working for over a week I checked today with one item in the cart and it appeared to be working fine - unfortunately now it is back to saying can’t ship to your location - it could be the contents of my cart but since there is no indication on which ones may be causing an issue (the is no indication what is a no fly flavour if chefs even have that). Even though the search works now it is an epic fail.


Aaaaah Chef’s.

Cap sweet guava description - Maximum used quantity: 57.1% matches up exactly with here. Hmmm, looks odd. Or the data was just scraped?

Flavourart concentrates with a single price do not show any bottle size.
TFA Honeysuckle STILL identified as ‘Honey suckle’
And why (what looks like their standard) be (concentrate name)(vendor), but not for TFA where it’s reversed.

Mind you, I use them mainly for their diacetyl laden FA’s as I don’t agree with FANA playing Big Brother.


The not taking two hours to load is a welcome upgrade. Site is about as useful and much better on mobile now, I think.


have you tried to pay with pay pal an see if order will go thru…i have not tried yet…i know with a CC it will say no international shipping …but not sure if transaction will complete with pay pal


I guess you would have to contact them to find out what the offending items are.
It would be nice if they would have that info when you checkout.


i agree…they should have a no fly symbol on stuff that can not fly…what funny tho is i have ordered a ton of flavors before an never got that warning…and i am sure not all were safe…lol…but again…they need to just add a symbol if its not flyable…


@AlanS, i always pay with PayPal - and i just made a new order today (my first on the new site) - no issues at all.

to @woftam, or international shipping, i exclusively use DHL - have no stomach left to venture with any other courier after many bad experiences when i started few years ago - what i do - and have been doing for sometime with my previous orders with them for the past 2 years - is to choose whatever default shipping option on the site, then in my order note ask them to ship with DHL express, and to bill me the extra balance separately. and they always do, which i truly appreciate - i pay a little more in shipping but i find it a reasonable price for the peace of mind.


@adary, what is facebook? :slight_smile:

the old codes they had before have now been disabled, and the new code on FB is not working (or maybe it did for few hours) – No, i want something special for ELR


I’ve been buying almost exclusively from them for over 2 years. They’ve been great. The new website is a massive improvement in speed and ease of use.

I’m a bit annoyed that I had to create a new account using the same email addy. It’s the loss of my past orders that bothers me, even though I have it all saved in emails. Also, on their FB page posted on the 31st was a code for 20% off. I tried it yesterday and it wasn’t working. I posted on their page, along with others, but no reply. Little shit like that is annoying and hard for me to forget.



Best to talk to Chefs then :slight_smile:


… hence this thread … checking if this is something ELR friends want. even better, if it’s someone who actually represents ELR - i’m a mere mortal :slight_smile:


Me too, but i’m happy with the existing discounts on chefs, and that’s pretty much my only source of flavors.


the old code on Chefs that was a standing code has been disabled…it was posted on the FB page…said they will post another but gave no time of when


I just went to place an order ,before they had a shipping option of 5 pounds untracked to USA…now its gone…its now 12.50 pounds


for Israel it depends on the size if your order. If you order below 40 pounds, you still have the 5 pound option (4.5 now actually). If you go over that, only the 12.5 option is available.


well i dont think 12 flavors is over 40 pounds…lol…i will hold off on order an check back when they get stuff more together there…


I guess it’s different for every destination


well i just posted to FB…and was told the untracked shipping is gone now…so i dont know