New E Cigarette may help fight cancer

New E Cigarette may help fight cancer

I found this on Reddit… submitted 26 days ago by CloudmakerTech

I repaired this link… Thanks to @daath!


I want tomato nicotine! :smile:


Gee, this news is great. Could go a long way and getting the FDA and the ANTZ off the vape industries backs. Looks hopeful.

Me too.

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Wow. The page got pulled?

Yup i see it got pulled. They can’t have anything good out there. Unreal

It can still be read on the google cache :smile:


Does anyone know why it was pulled? A hoax?

Who knows? Maybe contact them? I couldn’t find any other source that wrote it like that…

OK it’s safe to say smoking cause cancer or is it linked to it .so from my own experience is mine stopped just from stop smoking and using a safer alternative to smoking don’t know but it’s the first time since I started get parts cut off me it’s been in intermission this long

big deal for me


I don’t know I bought it and it is good. Maybe a bit strong but very smooth.

Did you reply to me in the wrong thread?

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Maybe sorry.

Ezvape Canada makes their nic through extraction from tomatoes. Was not able to get either link to work so don’t know what you guys are talking about

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